2019 summer witchy look fashion

Summer 2019 Witchy Wear

2019 summer witchy look fashion

Click the pictures below to purchase these witchy fashion basics!

Auric Defender necklace: obsidian fluorite and amethyst

Auric Defender


Black cotton dress

Book of spells handbag

Galaxy Chiffon Scarf

Can be either shawl, cover up, head scarf, or bracelet.

Black open-toed, open heeled lace-up back heels

A magickal mix and match witchy outfit for any occasion! Every witchy chic needs a set of basics she can mix and match to show her magickal vibe whether on girls night, coven night, or at a wedding!  

For just under $125 you can get these classic witchy fashion basics to begin creating a glamor for your magickal life!

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