Shineboost for Biz Goddesses

Are you a card reader, healer, or spiritual/transformational coach

who is a budding biz goddess    or     who is looking for your first sale?

Too often sensitives and intuitives come into business because they feel called to take on their soul service mission, without any  experience or know-how in selling or biz management.


That's like believing you can just up and take up a whole second career on top of doing or learning your healing process or modality!


It's time to get the caring, long-term support that is going to get head and heart in best place to be able to manifest that big dream!

Just because you had that initial inspiration, doesn't mean you are ready to or know how to....


 Stop Hiding your Shine and Value  Let money and attention flow easily to you  Start broadcasting your vibe and message at the right level  Use your Empathic abilities to create online relationships with your vibe tribe


These are all mindset, heart-set, and energy issues which no amount of technique, credentials, or funneling are going to fix.


In fact, it can make you feel more confused to take on steps  and techniques that you aren't ready for yet!

Having the right mindset, energy space, and heart-set when building or growing your business helps you stay centered in your confidence and personal power so you aren't....

  • obsessing over every number,
  • freaking over doing livestreams,
  • getting tongue-tied in your biz interactions,
  • and internalizing all that lack of know-how, as something wrong with you, every step along the way!


Boosting your Biz Shine helps you make impactful inspired action, consistently, so that you get you and your stuff out in front of the right people.

It's the difference between struggling with your business and flowing with your business.

The Shineboost Tribe is an online community that exists to get sensitive, spiritual entrepreneurs the compassionate, action-focused help they need to up-level their mindset and start rocking their...

 Abundance and Money Mind Set
 Marketing and content
 Tribe Gathering
 Systems and more!


Membership to the Shineboost Tribe for Biz Goddesses will get you...



Ready to boost your biz shine?

Monthly Subscription 




How do I cancel my monthly membership? You can cancel your membership by logging into and editing your recurring pre-approved payments.
How do I cancel my yearly membership and can I get a refund? Please email me for further instructions and to see how much of a refund is available. Refunds are usually based on the amount of time left on the membership, but other factors might apply. Yearly price bonuses, like sessions, if un-used will be forfeit.
How do I schedule my sessions? Once payment is made I will get in touch with you to schedule the first appointment. All sessions will be over zoom, so you will be able to get on the call either through your computer or your phone. These sessions will be recorded so you can have them!
What if I need to reschedule? While I am a fairly flexible person, reschedules should be requested 24 hours before the session is set to begin. So if you find your week more crunched than you thought, just shoot me a message! I would rather you show up to your session present, ready, and not stressed for time so we can connect deeply.
How long are unused sessions good for? Unused sessions are good for 3 months. I will send reminders if you have a session that you can still schedule, but the main session and the follow up really should be taken fairly close together in time for best results.