Setting up Social Media for your biz

The role social media plays in getting sales is pretty hazy. There are times and places where you can make a direct offer and get real business done. Usually one needs to plan to lead into a some kind of genuine offer. And other times, it’s down right hostile territory to try to sell on social media.

What the internet does not need more of is endless meme after meme, posting 50x’s a day or more, or using only posting other people’s material and never leaving your thoughts on it, especially not in this business. In this kind of business you are your best brand ambassador, and your opinion, daily rituals, achievements and thoughts are gold that no one else can reproduce. What do your soulmates on social media need? They need you being you, they need your words, your energy. They need you take your time and produce quality content worth engaging with!!  The quality I measure my posts by are by value and by vulnerability. By using those standards you put the social back in social media, and your focus on relationship building!

The Tech side of Social Media!!

Create your own Facebook Page

What to do with your Facebook page

Create a G+ business page