Are you Ready to take back your power in your spiritual business?

You’ve changed your niche, your gone nuts over your branding, your launches feel like you’re setting yourself up for failure every damn time, and you just don’t know why no one seems to respond to anything you do online, your posts, your offers, and the heart and energy you put into it all.

You feel something is getting ready to shift and it HAS to because you are sick of feeling sick and tired and so up in your head that you manifest jack and shit, and the downward spiral continues.

Lightworker, Magick Bringer, it’s time get some clarity, clearing, and grounding!

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You know you were meant for more

You feel the magick, energy, sense the things unseen, hear the whispers on the wind, and catch glimpses of the grand plan in your everyday life.

But too often you…

  • Feeling at odds with your audience, either they get so quiet you feel like you are talking to a wall or you never get seem to get to the good, deeper stuff. All you know is that you are spending a lot of time trying to herd the cats into something you can work with.
  • Feeling disconnected from the real YOU because, you got lost in the process of building a unique business, jumping from one strategy to the next.
  • You have  a difficult time processing and releasing set backs, heart breaks, and challenging life choices.

Get the help you need.

Don’t let those feelings and circumstances delay you from moving toward the life and business you want to have.

You need guidance and healing meant just for you, and not some cookie cutter spiritual stereotype.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of needing to fix or heal yourself and your life, and point to the multitude of traumas and blockages you may have any given point in time. More often than not, what is really needed is to find someone who can hold compassionate healing space to facilitate you to bringing your power back into your present moment. 

When you feel hurt or scared, your energy contracts around you to try and protect you. If you spend too long running on fear and a contracted sense of self (and personal subtle energy), you can forget what more expansive, normally healthy energy states, like, trust, love, openness, and ease, can feel like when they are your power source for your life choices. 

Running your business from that contracted space only makes the problem worse.

I’m not here to tell you what what strategy is going to make a  million dollars. You HAVE to be able to choose the business strategies that makes sense for you. I’m here to help you expand your energies again, to breathe in a fuller breath, to find your sense of confidence, peace, and gusto again.  All “advice” given is offered in the spirit of invitation to play in new energies, as safely and sanely as you know presently know how. 

Healing is all about you coming back to you, the BIG You, the soul you. The YOU that lights up the room around you and fuels your joy and passion. The YOU that attracts just the right people at the just right time.

It's time to get your power back through

Energy Clearing Channeled messages Akashic Guidance Light Language Reiki

Whether your are currently awakening or feel stuck in your awakening, it can be easy to assume all the interruptions, challenges, or tests can leave you feeling like the Universe is against you. That maybe you are doing something wrong, or you still have so many blocks that life will never feel like it’s flowing for you.

This is exactly where my skills, guides, and abilities can help you! I am a channel, energy healer, ability mentor, and Soul Records practitioner. Sometimes even crossed over loved ones come through for validation. I offer you a full compliment of tools and techniques to help you begin getting your power, flow, and sense of self back, so you can rock your world again.

Let your mojo and confidence out again!

By calling your power back to the present moment, you will have the energy to sense your alignment clearer, feel confident in your ability to make choices for yourself again, and to enjoy the life you are building.

Get your energy and passion back!

By calling your power back to the present moment, you be able to feel your sense of direction and purpose again, which frees up your energy to focus on your passion and mission once more.

Client Love

The personal time I received was such a Wonderful & positive experience! I was informed of what I needed to hear and apply into my Life! I Definitely say, you won’t be disappointed. ~Love & Light


I knew this all along but couldn’t bring myself to feel into it, own it and admit it out loud. I was a great excuse maker! I’ve taken responsibility for that, and I’m so joyed to report this past weekend I actually had a paying customer for a reading! I get paralyzed with fear and overwhelm, when I don’t grasp what I’m doing. You were sent to me, you have gone above the fear, I am behind you, learning. Not one person in my family ever really “made it” so to speak, I am the first to rise above the fear, I am the first to listen to the guidance and actually do something with it. I wouldn’t be shining if it wasn’t for all your loving, generous, patient help! You are an amazing woman!


What happens during a Return to power Business edition session?

dare to believe in your magick, mojo, and spiritual gifts

In your session, we will first work on getting you calm and centered, so we can open your heart space. This space is very important to getting in flow with the creative forces you need to shift and grow your business. Once you are in a good space, we will open your records and you will be able to ask a question of the Master-Teachers and helpers.

There is no one way the guides give advice and healing to all people. Each session looks and feel different. But I am primarily a channel, so you will probably receive words, light language, even conversation with the Master-teachers. Simply by receiving the reading you will benefit from a healing and clearing of many crossed-purpose or outdated beliefs and blockages. But we will first focus on your energy and question-topic, so we can help allievate that stress.

Once 20-30 mins in the records are up, we will come back to normal consciousness and you may ask me a few questions about the reading and we can talk about implementation. It is very common for recipients of a reading to experience big shifts in their lives and circumstances, but our aim is to help you begin getting your energy and intuitive clarity straitened out and flowing better again, so that you can take on the big vision expansion and steady daily tasks all business owners need in order to nourish a business.  

You will get an email with a link to your session recordings and a chance to ask one related to the session follow up question a few days later. 

Even More Client Love

My Akashic record reading session with  Lindsay was absolutely amazing. She was able to give very detailed answers to my questions. The messages came through fluently. I am grateful for this opportunity

much love 🥰 

Erika K.

My Akashic Records session with Lindsay was beyond amazing.  I have been working on my spiritual development for a few years but have never had an Akashic Record reading.  I was looking for clarification of thoughts and experiences on my journey and Akashic Records is one thing I have not tried but curious about!  I was anxious about what I may discover but Lindsay’s presence is very calming.  At the very moment of grounding, I felt intense vibration energy.  I feel energy very intensely so I knew higher powers were with us. The moment the reading began, I knew it was coming from guides who knew me well.  It opened my eyes to things I didn’t put at the forefront of my healing.  It also confirmed many things that I have discovered and questioned in my quest.    Lindsay is an amazing Channel and I highly recommend her!  Thank you Lindsay Peters Baldassano   Kim M.

Wow!! Your sessions are really opening doors here to things I totally forgot! Things I never thought affected me are clearing on their own now. This is amazing! I have to say mine was amazing!! You are definitely blessed with this opportunity to work with Lindsay💜. -Andrea D. 

I had my akashic records read today by Lindsay Peters Baldassano and it was the best experience I’ve ever had. I had so much weight on me before the reading and the worst migraines for weeks. But all during my reading I could feel the migraine melt away and the stress lift. I got the confirmation I needed about the path I was on and guidance on what I need to be doing to reach alignment. My gifts were confirmed along with frustration that I had been feeling. I feel renewed and optimistic after my reading today. Thank you so much Lindsay!!!!

Who am I?

Like all beings, I am a multi-dimensional being of light, a bridge and channel between high consciousness and spiritual allies. More specifically, though, I am Sacred Awakenings certified practitioner for Akahsic work, a Reiki M-T, High dimensional energy worker, Channel, sometimes medium. I even do an occasional paranormal investigation. I'm also a mom of 3 older kids, a grandma, former archaeologist, history buff, Witch, an avid cruise go-er, who loves to laugh and have a good heart to heart. I can talk your ear off about all things metaphysical.

Have Questions?
No problem! Ask us anything

Working with the Akash, guides, and energy healing, can find Biblical support for some denominations. 

However, I personally am a Pagan Witch. So my personal work reflects those values and beliefs. 

It depends on the work that needs to be done, as defined by you. 

I am an excellent catalyst. So there are times when, yes, one session is all you need to get things rolling again. 

But with my versatility of skills and experiences, I can also be an excellent intuitive abilities personal couch or even an awakening mentor.

Any longer packages for sessions are completely up to your discretion and budget. I will never hound, cajole, or scare you into working with me.

After purchasing the session, you will re-directed to a page with the booking link. You will also get an email with the booking link in it. Be sure to check your spam folders!

You have up to 3 months from the time of purchase to book your session.

You will receive email reminders for any unused sessions you have paid for.

This is not a strategy session where you work someone else’s plan for your business. This session-package is to help get your energy right so you can have the intuitive clarity you need to make the decisions that will move the dial on your business efforts.

The business results will be all you, based in in the grounded spiritual healing and empowering we will work toward providing you. I will guarantee you will never feel better and more confident about the business you are creating and growing!

You will receive an email before your session with more tips to prepare for your session. 

But it’s good to be clear on what question or topic you would like to bring up in your session.

While that will be the focus on of our session, the Masters-Teachers and other Guides might need to address something you did not think to focus on. A lot of times, this will be related to your question or the root cause of what needs to be moved or healed at that moment in time.

You can email me one related to your session question after our session, within a week of the session. 

Any additional (not related questions) will require a new session.

Once we get on video together, I will start the recording.

From there I will help guide you into an open, clear, and receptive state. 

You can then ask your question or bring up your topic.

My guides, Masters-teachers, and other Guides will then offer channeled messages, healings, and whatever else is needed to move you toward a more whole and ready to move forward space. 

You can ask my guides directly for more clarity or follow up questions. I will keep the soul records and guide connection open for twenty minutes, so you can have a conversation about your topic.

Once the twenty minutes are up, I will close the records and let the connection to Guides go. We can then talk about what you received and any questions you might have.

Stuff happens. Kids get sick, repairmen have to make emergency calls. Sometimes you just aren’t in the right space to have your scheduled session.

I allow for 3 reschedules, so if something comes up, send me a message or email at least two hours before your session.

If you don’t notify me you need to reschedule, you will still get reminder emails about an unused session, but the no-show will count toward your 3 reschedules. 

What level of support and breakthrough are you ready for?

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Intensive Breakthrough package

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