Ready to step into a soul-centered business: for aspiring lightworkers, healers, creatives, sensitives, coaches, and change-makering women ready to take the next step in their mission

soul-centered business

The day has come when you finally “Got It! and you knew you wanted to launch a soul-centered business! Do you know how amazing you are just for believing you could help so many people???? I know the vision and magnitude of your dream is so grand, so awe-inspiring to you, that you feel you have run toward it because it promises an amazing, joy-filled, and abundant future. But for all that, you still aren’t quite sure HOW you’re going to do it.

Having the dream is the easy part. But that doesn’t mean you will automatically figure out how to run a business online. It took me years to understand that being soulful and wise, didn’t mean I would be able to figure out how to create a practical sales funnel for my business. I didn’t understand that just because I was guided, didn’t mean I didn’t also need real business help from someone who has been there, done that. I do believe you can learn everything you need to know without going to business school, in fact I think you can learn real strategy from the people who are out there in market making marketing and business practices actually work for them in their own creative ways. But there are so many things to figure out, and it can be difficult to find a good place to start learning!!

For instance, you’re not sure:

  • how to figure out your target market.

  • how to set up a website or social network page (facebook, g+, instagram).

  • how to figure out what you are selling and how to package it.

  • how to post and share things on social media that get response and followers, that really build your know, like, and trust factors which will win sales conversions.

  • how or when to make the transition from a “real job” to your new life, or how you will support yourself whilst building the biz of your soul filled dreams.

  • if you have the guts to handle criticism, get paid, or put yourself out there.

  • what to charge, or feel like you don’t deserve high rates.

  • how to make the sale without feeling sleazy or like you are burdening them.


Maybe you’ve gotten some of the pieces of the this sales puzzle together already, but feel frustrated and ready to quit because it hasn’t gotten you any further to living your dreams! If you’ve already started, then it’s time to stop stressing, beating yourself up, and doubting your dreams, and start getting some the joy, ease, and generosity back that you started out with. This program can help both the absolutely business newbie AND the “I’m still trying to figure things out” entrepreneur.



This coaching package is for you, if you want to start a soul-centered business by:

  • Building your own website and social media pages and groups. I can help you choose your platform, get to know the software, and help tailor your site and business pages to your unique message. I am a bit of tech junkie, and have been doing my site design and building since 2006.

  • Creating a plan for your business (and your transition from a company job to self employment) that is repeatable, effective, and completely aligned with you core desired feelings and Divine wisdom.

  • Stepping into role as a soul-centered leader, someone who can hold steady the helm of your ship so you can provide your clients the transformation they are seeking (even if it’s a creative business, like handmade jewelry).

  • Getting the hang of social media posting and strategy so you feel seen, heard, and confident enough to try out different strategies to find what works for reaching your ideal soul-mate clients.

  • Learn how to build a sales funnel and pages that are magnetized to sell to your ideal client and create systems to help make the whole marketing and sales issue easier, more authentic, and joyful.

  • Learn the mindset around relationship marketing how it can change your whole idea of business, so that you are getting paid for being you, while helping your soulmate-clients!



Together, step by step, over this 4 month intensive coaching package we’ll cover the basics to get you will get:

  • Confident in your business savvy, decision-making, and soul-centered leadership;

  • A basic website up and running (5 pages), which you will have complete control of and know how to use (optional for package upgrade);

  • Mindset training for tribe and network building from a soul-centered business approach;

  • Ready, grateful for the abundance and support that is coming your way because you will have the strong and wise soul-centered mindset need by all successful entrepreneurs.

  • A strong foundation for your business and new life.

  • A plan to grow with and build from for future success.

Don’t let stress, doubt, or fear hold you back or sabotage you from fully committing to your dreams!! Let me years of experience as a soul-based entrepreneur help guide you with confidence, clarity, and joy!! Start your soul-centered business journey with me by filling out an application! Once I review your application, we will have a free chat to talk about whether or not we are a successful fit!

Basic “Ready for a Soul-Centered Business” package is $700 for 4 months.

Premium “Ready for a Soul-Centered Business” package is $1200 for 4 month and a basic wordpress site with 5 pages. (See my web builder FAQ or use contact me with any questions!)

Payment plans can be arranged. If you need a payment plan, please mention it on your application so we make sure we talk about it!

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I only take on client whom I feel I can successfully work with, so not all our applications will be accepted for clients. But if you resonate with me and my work, you owe to yourself to see if we’re a fit, so you don’t have to wait for your dream life to start!