Your mission, your temple, and your soulmates

You are here because you want to be spiritual service to the world.

You are here because you have gifts and have learned how to work it for yourself, and maybe even earned a little money already doing so.

You are here because you are a healer of some sort, whether it’s through your handmade products bringing strength or when need, actual energy healing, some kind of coaching or transformation, or through your written words, you bring healing and freedom to others.

Your work is sacred and you are the high priestess of your own brand of magick and healing.

But being sensitive and being an entrepreneur doesn’t always seem to mix at first glance.

There are a quite a few specific blocks that sensitive business owners seem to have because of the way our sensitivities accent our reality. We may think we are not meant for the world of high earners and go-getters, but I want to bust a few myths and blocks we have to the real truth. Almost all of us have some sort of limited thinking that we are attached to, because it makes us feel “safe”, it sounds “logical” or past experience has taught us we “don’t work that way” or that we “aren’t good at that”.

I want to point out here that our intuitive and creative gifts that we learned to work feel like a natural extension of ourselves, even if we had learned about them through books and classes. But business sense doesn’t come like that. Business sense is something that has to be learned and experienced “in the real world”. That doesn’t mean intuition and business don’t mix, they most certainly can…Deepak Chopra isn’t an exception the rule, is an example of the rule. But let’s bust a few myths before we go too far into mindset shifts.

Myths about spiritual businesses:

  • If you go into business you’re selling out: absolutely false. You sell out only when you compromise your integrity. Earning income is not a breach of integrity. This has more to do with a few stereotypes that no longer apply in this day and age, some as recent as the hippies of 60’s and their anti-yuppie rhetoric, all the back to the persecution of the gypsy healers and intuitives in Western Europe.
  • I can’t charge for my service, it’s a spiritual gift: This might be oral tradition or downright low-vibe speech because I have yet to see this edict written anywhere. Not even the monks who took vows of poverty were left without healthcare, food, or shelter. Those monks joined rich organized religions who were able to help care and provide for them. There are some communities out there for new age, alt. religion people, but they are few and far between. Most times we are left to our own devices, as so we need to provide for ourselves. There is not one lick of shame in this,unless we compromise our own integrity or try to scam people.  Getting paid doesn’t have one thing to do with your ability to receive wisdom, healing, or anything spiritual. So you need to answer this question for yourself, on a deep and personal level, are you made less by accepting cash or credit card for your time, your services, your work?
  • I need to a perfect spiritual person, holy than thou 24/7: Absolutely not. Your clients are going to hire you because you are so much better than them that they will never catch up. People hire you because they trust you to provide results with integrity, they will hire you because you are you. That doesn’t mean you have to hold yourself to such high personal standards of meditation, non-judgmentalness,or acceptance of the holy IOU, that you are forever feeling you are getting shafted by life. These are hallmarks of chasing perfectionism and are not standards anyone should try and hold themselves to. A savvy soulprenuer will have defined working and non-working times, professional boundaries, and a payment system that works for them.
  • I have to wait for…..: It doesn’t even matter what the excuse is. Where there is a will, there is a way, and if we are under enough pressure, we’ll get it done.  About the only reason that actually matters, in this case, is if you need to finish some professional licensing or certification, like for massage therapy or counseling. The label of “coach”, “healer”, “guide”, and “mentor” can cover a lot of ground in the professional world without having to spend thousands in education. For first-time soulprenuers, if you are going to invest time and money in something, I say invest it in business training or coaching. I say this because most of us have standards, have been working our own process, and have a real and deep desire to serve ALREADY. What you’re lacking isn’t another certification, what you’re lacking is the hands-on, hands dirty work to make a payment and service process through which you get paid.

Some Business Myths busted:

  • I’ll have to pay more taxes, and I’m not good at details like that: True you’ll pay more taxes, but you’ll be taking in more than you will owe in taxes. Unless you fail to pay your taxes will the tax amount due be more than your earnings. And if you’re not good with the details of filing biz taxes, hire or barter for an accountant. Save your business related receipts, print out our paypal transactions for the year, and let someone else worry about. The deductions they might be able to find could pay for any cost you might have had in hiring them.
  • I’m not good with tech or social media: in today’s day and age, you don’t have to be good with either to run a business. While I know a startup with little to no funds might not be able to outsource a bunch of tasks, there are so many free resources out there that you could literally learn just about anything. Youtube how to’s and google searches your new friends.
  • It’s expensive: It can be. But it doesn’t have to be. The largest start-up expenses should be your business license if you decide to go that route, and your website (but a website can be done free). A sole proprietorship under your name or considering yourself a freelance consultant are free ways to start a business in an instant. Unless you have money rolling in or are considering hiring a real employee (not just a contractor to do graphics or a part-time virtual assistant) can you don’t need to worry about incorporating or any such higher-level business strategy. But if you think you have a million dollar name/logo, trademark that baby so others can’t steal it from you.
  • I could get sued or don’t I need a lawyer?:  You could use a lawyer. But having a “real” business doesn’t make you anymore liable than having the hobby business you’ve probably been operating already. You can be sued even if you only have a hobby or cottage business. Lawyers are also great for making sure your terms and conditions cover your butt, drawing up contracts, explaining any liabilities you might have, and filing any incorporation papers you might need.