How to follow your Desire and Compromise

Friends Talking over CoffeeThis week I have been preaching about DESIRES. And yes it feels like I have been preaching like a Baptist minister. I’ve been light up, enraptured, and dancing a jig with my feelings in order to break it down for you and get your fire lit! I fully recognize not everyone is going to understand or even care. Some might even think I’m down right looney. But that’s okay. That dance with my desires has been so worth it. It has shown me what is important to me, what I would LOVE to talk about for the rest of life. It has shown me some boundaries, some my core essence. Compromise is necessarily, just not always comfortable, so here are some tips to getting through some of the compromise without loosing too much of yourself.

 First of all, compromise is about a meeting of ideas and actions, and is not when some surrenders their point of view, responsibility, or ability to act. A compromise, is part persuasion, part splitting hairs, but it’s something that happens everyday and we should meet it with confidence, that we are at least as right and worth as the other people in the situation, if not more.

 When heads and hearts begin to clash, always start with the bigger picture. The bigger picture is something you should all be able to agree on. So let’s take a work example, it’s time to begin a new ad campaign at work. Your co-workers think there is no reason to change what they are doing, but you think the company should work in a little online social marketing. You can easily get agreement on the fact that an ad campaign should seek the audience where they are, and then maybe you can pull out some numbers on online ad engagement to show that there is an audience to meet online. Have a few well-tested ideas for how to get that engagement lined up for other to consider and get excited about. Help them generate ideas on how your social engagement plan is going to help them meet their concerns, like having access to reports on what people like or don’t like, a wider base for the campaigns message reach (because of combing online and real world ads), and so forth, to show them how integral your idea is to their success.

To sum that up:

  • Get agreement on your general aim or goal.
  • Show or demonstrate how your particular idea is going to help get to the general goal.
  • Have some concrete examples people can buy into.
  • Try to show how your particular aim is going to support the particular goals of the others AND the general goal.

Go ahead, play around with these very general rules! I’d can’t wait to hear your desirous results!!

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