The energy of self acceptance

1625628_10151864963252371_506911474_nThis week we have been talking about what’s keeping you from self acceptance. The one thing we haven’t talked about thus far is what it feels like to radically accept yourself. For me, radical self acceptance can vary from moment to moment, idea to idea. Sometimes it is a quiet whisper that everything really is okay and that I am in a good, safe place. Sometimes is absolutely primal, a force welling inside me, threatening to spill out into the world and change everything. Ya know, “I am woman, hear me roar!”

But my most solid way of knowing when I’m being self accepting or not, is how my energy feels. In both of the examples above, there is a sense that I am working on all levels of being and that my being is also working for and with something greater. It means I am at peace with all that has happened thus, allowing this moment and state of being to happen. It means I am not alone, and never, ever was, and there are literally hundreds of beings out there rooting for my progress, praying that I will step up when I know it’s my time to step up and do something that needs doing and that can only be done by me.

This state of being is not meant to be held on to for every moment of daily life. It is one of those minor miracles that is meant to sustain us through periods of life. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make time to try and tap into that ecstatic energy of the quintessential you! Whether it’s through music, drawing, painting, dancing, whether you are skilled and trained in it or not, MAKE that time and space to evoke your soul!

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