Activities to open the chakras

chakra-lightbodyTalking about the subtle energy system is still a new topic for most people. While it’s something I love, I’ve been a Reiki master-teacher since 2008, I always start at square one when talking about it to make sure everyone is on the same page. When I first began, while I thought I had a holistic concept of energy, as I grew with it, I found that my ideas about energy where heavily leaning toward the realms of spirituality. I’m recovering from that.

 One of the biggest secrets to my radiance is that I live through my energy. I know the concept of energy can be a bit abstract. This is why I like to make a lot practical examples of how energy affects our everyday lives. I think a lot of people tend to over-spiritualize the idea of energy and chakras. They idea and concept of chakra and the energy body doesn’t have to be complex or esoteric!

 The word chakra is literally translated as spinning wheel or wheel of light. They are energy processors and convertors for our body and soul. Because they collect energy for us, they are natural points of radiance in our energy bodies. Here are some every day ways you can get in touch with your chakras so you can begin to more easily radiate your energy and soul!

Root chakra: Get in touch with what turns you on, dance, go for a walk in the park or woods.

Sacral chakra: Belly laugh, reminisce about your favorite childhood memories and share them with loved ones, go make love.

Solar Plexus: Do something that makes you feel brilliant, Do something you can change (like redecorating or spruce up wardrobe or look)

Heart: Do some volunteering.

Throat: Sing something that is meaningful to you, write or talk about something that is true for you.

Third eye: Imagine yourself surrounded by love, day dream about your desires

Crown: Pray with all your heart and soul, practice radical self acceptance, spend time in a place that feel sacred to you.

When you tap into the energy in your chakras you can begin to feel part of your soul’s radiance. If you can tap into more than one chakra, your life will begin to change as you will begin to see clearly where you have been living a life of low-power, low love, low hope, and so forth. Take a few minutes each day to try and tap into the power and desires of the chakras!

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