Meditation for manifestation

Too often, when you are trying to manifest something, your desires get in the way. You get so fixated on one idea or outcome that the very energy that is supposed to attract the things you want actually ends up creating more disharmony. And once we’re fixated, even your meditations serve to grow the disconnect between what you want and what is. 


Especially if you are manifesting a situation or thing that you currently don’t have or have never really had, it can be really tough to stay in the right energy, as there usually is so many seeming set backs. Without knowing the how of what you are trying to create, the process is always filled with experimentation and adventures in finding the right balance of mindset and faith. 


Those heavy feelings when you come up against an obstacle isnt the stop sign you might think it is those. In fact, those heavier feelings are usually the key to authentic and organic manifestation.

Your feelings are every bit a piece of guidance as your intuitive hits and downloads are.

Feelings are earth plane intuitive hits rather than Divine Love hits.  They are essential to the process of anchoring these potentials into the physical world.

Feelings are earth plane intuitive hits rather than Divine Love hits. They are essential to the process of anchoring these potentials into the physical world. Click To Tweet


Years ago I ran across this idea from Caroline Myss’ “Anatomy of the Spirit“, below you’ll see my riff on this idea. When Guidance comes to us, it needs to travel through our body, both the physical and the energetic (it’s all one system, right?) in order to manifest. As we ground guidance, each energy point in our body is a gateway through which we test the piece of guidance to see if it’s even an option.



Grounding guidance through your body

My take on the process of anchoring guidance or Divine Love, is this:

  • From Crown to root chakra we go through the process of beginning to believe this potential is within us and that it is possible, even necessary.
  • When the personalized Divine Love is brought into Earth it takes on more concrete energy, and a special kind of energy that will help give it weight and resonance in the physical world.
  • We take this transformed energy back into us, we can begin to see and understand the greater ramifications of giving birth in the physical world to such an idea, vision, or mission.
  • As this seed of destiny passes through each chakra on the way back up to birthing into our world, we begin to embody the energies needed for this task more and more. Each gateway will bring different healings/integrations/attunements to our sense of wholeness with this new version of us.
  • We when guidance is finally birthed in this world we are in a state of grace with the Divine. Clear, calm, fulfilled, but also ready to take on more guidance…perhaps even a bigger vision (because we’ve cleaned and cleared our energies and raised our vibe through the process of birthing guidance).



But sometimes we get stuck or stalled0 in this process. Looking at the infographic above and thinking of my own guidance that is waiting to see if it will be birthed, I can tell you what at level I am blocked. I need to do more work with my lower chakras, aligning my senses of safety, pleasure, and personal will with my big vision.

Not all guidance will be brought to this world in this way. There are times when guidance enters my system, not to be birthed in and of itself, but to help raise my vibe in a certain way to help the bigger guidance move through my system. It’s like getting Divine course correction. Each attitude, mood, or feeling I am experiencing is then extremely important guidance. My feelings guide me to know what kind of work I should be doing with my energy and mindset in order to birth or manifest my vision or dream.

In my example, I have to do a lot of work to release my fears and blocks about becoming overrun with stress and responsibility (becoming so uncentered I need to stop and rest) which are giving my lower chakra some trouble. But, of course, the Universe always has my back, and I can think of some present circumstances that are definitely going to help me work on some of those blocks!

Take a body test with me!

Take ten minutes or so and get into a quiet place. Let your mind and body relax and then evoke the energies of the last real big piece of guidance you got, but seem stuck with. Just sit quietly giving yourself love and observing what is going on your body when you think of the dream or vision you were given.

  • What place in your body are giving you feelings and sensations?
  • What energy centers seems to be growing or shrinking?
  • What fears or hurts come to mind? Where are those feelings located in your body?
  • What parts of your body are tense?


Having trouble clearing your mind?

It might not be you! It might be the ideas you learned about what meditation is and isn’t! 

Everyone has stregnths based on their spiritual gifts and how they are hard-wired which will make certain meditation styles easy and organic for them!

Discover your authentic meditation style today!

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