May Cause Miracles: Day 6 Expect Miracles

Fear blocks miracles




Today I am tired, but feeling relaxed and in center. My inner work stirred up some intense past memories last night that valerian and melatonin couldn’t quell alone. They had to run their course, until I knew I could allow them to slip away. I had to let them flow through, listen to what was being said and know that it was the past, not my future or my present. But this afternoon looks so completely different. And I cannot say enough about how important proper rest and nourishment are to personal growth. But that aside, today is feels so different because as I was reading Day 6, I had, what my coach call, “new thought”.

The reading for today was about learning to listen more closely to the mustard grain of hope that we have, to begin to awaken again to the possibility of miracles being, not just part of our lives, but part of natural state. When I looked toward my future and what I am seeking to build and create, instead of the old habitual thinking of having to bully forward, which exhausts me to think about, I found myself viewing my future from the present moment. From this center is the only place from which I can meet any of the tasks, fears, or wins. From this center is the place where I am meeting Divine Reality, co-creating, part of the miracle of now. In the present moment, I am the miracle. There is no hoping, expecting, or needing to believe. There is only presence with reality.


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