May Cause Miracles: Day 5 The F word- Self-Forgiveness

self-forgiveness means showing up for happiness


Today I vlogged my thoughts on Self-forgiveness from May Cause Miracles. I have to say, it felt so good to say those thoughts on forgiveness and my experience of Self-forgiveness from a Soul perspective out loud. There was so much ick this last month that could have seriously grounded me. Being an empath and intuitive, knowing things isn’t always my friend.  But being able to forgive myself and my own expectations on myself, meant I was able to fully to commit to what the moment brought me. No judgment of “good” or “bad” about what that moment contained could sway the peace I felt in sensing and knowing that I was where I needed to be.



What had really shocked me when I began to come into my soulful nature, was that what the Divine and my Guides and Guardians held me responsible for…and what they forgave me for. I had been holding myself up to such high expectations….those expectations had nothing whatsoever to do with how the Divine knew me. They had been purely ego. And being only ego, they melted away when Truth came to be realized. What are you holding yourself to, which may not be True about your nature?  What are you beating yourself up about, that might have nothing to do with you?  What innocent thing are you punishing yourself for?

Self-forgiveness means being able to show up for your happiness! Click To Tweet




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