May Cause Miracles: Day 3 Choose a new Perspective

fear is more difficult than love

On Day 3 Gabby talks about choosing to come from the mindset of “There is always a loving perspective.”

There is a lot to say about just this one day’s lesson. I think it actually took me months to have the breakthrough she is talking about in this chapter, where choosing the loving way is an actual option, and I don’t know how long it took to me to get back to the place where it was the automatic choice. And this is not to say I was angry or bitter. Most of the time I was choosing to be neutral in my emotional response, but not neutral in my judgment. It was my judgment that had to change I had to learn to feel past the initial knee jerk “good” or “bad” situational assessment. That meant learning how to loving hold fight or flight on pause until I got a more guided, more wise, perception of how things would play out. But once I began to actively choose love, my reactions once again changed.

The first block I ran into was the idea that choosing love, being openly loving, was all rainbows and wishy-washy enabling. It wasn’t that because we are talking about Divine love. What I saw through the lens of Divine Love was pain. And even in Divine Love, it’s not cool to throw around your emotions or push them off onto others, but when I’m in Divine Love I see clearly what is going on. I can see that’s it’s pain the other is responding to and that it’s not my pain at all…and even more, I didn’t have much to do, if anything at all, with the pain they are in. Even if had been words that triggered it in them, it was still their pain, not mine. I didn’t feel the guilt or inclination to take their pain on at all. But I did feel greater love, like a parent wishing they could soothe an anxious child.

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