May 2017 Reading for Biz Goddesses

Happy Beltaine!!


This month is going to have a gorgeous energy to it.

As we move toward the full moon on the 15th, we are going to be going deeper, bigger, and more whole-hearted. The full moon in Scorpio marks a climax to the recent retrograde energies, Venus and Mercury. We might not be shown simply the next step, but the plan for the next few years. The last few weeks of April we did a lot of clean out and detoxing of old energies and patterns, we made space to plant some new seeds. The cosmos is has been preparing us to receive the seeds it's about to drop...for all our lives.

With Saturn in retrograde and a few other special cosmic scenarios, this could feel like a month where everything serendipitiously comes together. If we're resistant to the changes coming, it might more feel like life is falling apart or things are simply falling away. But this is where our faith is required that if something is leaving our lives, that it's meant to leave, so that something better can fill our hearts and soul in better way.  This message is reflected also in the first card drawn for this month, the Gentle Gardener from the Enchanted Map Deck.

If you feel sluggish, sick, or emotional during the first week of May, you are still detoxing some of the energies Venus and Merc retro brought up for you. This will come to a climax on the full moon, May 15. For those who have been doing the deeper heart-work in April, it's going to time to move soon and things will feel like they are actually coming together.


The other card I drew this month was Judgement. This card has a double meaning this month. We can't spend the energies and time month crying over spilled milk or trying to hand to something that's not working. We cannot assume our expectations (or judgments of how a result should be) is the only way things have to happen in order for us to have success or get to our dreams.

We also shouldn't waste time judging ourselves for not being completely clear, past choices, or not being able to have all the answers just yet. Over this month we'll have a lot more answers, so this is a time to put faith not just in the Universe, but also faith that you are going through a process of realignment and visioning. We need to have discernment about what needs to stay and what needs to go according to the info we have in the current moment. But also a soft eye on our bigger goal. What in the immediate might seem like a diversion or getting off track, the surprises that come up might be soul's way of putting us on the best route to where we want to go.  

Synchronicities will abound this month, follow them, even if the reason isn't 100% clear up front! 

dare to be open

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