Magickal Lead Magnets Mastered

Is your free offer magically delicious?

Learn how to use your woo-mojo to create a lead magnet that magickally

  • Grows your tribe
  • Increases sales
  • Up-levels your biz

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A High-Vibe Lead Magnet can:

Increase sales

A high-vibe free offer will present your solutions and services in a magnetic and irresistible package your tribe will be excited to get!


Grow tribe

A high-vibe free offer will convince your tribe that you are a go-to person for their problems!

Make sales easy

Discover how sales can feel easy, good, and natural when you have the right words and offers.!

Up-level biz

A high-vibe and well-positioned lead magnet is a piece in your soulful biz that creates sustainable success!

I want to grow my tribe and sales!!




It’s time to up-level your

biz vibe!

Being a spiritual and flowing person doesn’t mean that selling comes naturally. It has to be learned and most times soulful sales doesn’t fit into a regular business template, leaving you feeling a little flat, like a failure, or that you’re just never going to get this business thing. But creating your sales pieces, funnels, brand, and positioning doesn’t have to be a struggle!!

I’m Lindsay Baldassano. I live to serve blossoming Spiritual Biz Goddess by helping them learn to apply their spiritual gifts to their business strategy!

I NEED to create a lead magnet that feels like giving away candy!!

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