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the centered empath package

Centered Empath: Don't you wish your gifts came with an instruction booklet

If it did, maybe you wouldn’t…

  • suffer from negativity drain.
  • want to live in a secluded place, far from other people.
  • be hit so hard by life’s up and downs that you rarely feel like you’re making any headway.
  • Feel like you always have to fix everything and everyone.
  • experience everyone else’s emotions, on top of your own…talk about a double whammy!!!
Empathy is not something that can be compartmentalized. Emotional energy, your or others, influences all areas of your life, it’s like high-definition filters built into our senses that hone in on emotional energy. We can’t escape it, can’t control it, or turn it off. It’s part of who you are, your gift to the world, and you can learn how to thrive with it.
How would it be if your sensitivities didn’t hold you back in:
  • your work or business, your beliefs about your self-worth
  • your relationships, parenting, and feelings about being loved,
  • your very idea of how things “should be” in the world?

The Centered Empath mentoring package is like getting an instruction booklet for being an Empath who feels the call to help others.

This mentoring package is for you if you’re done with…

  • Trying to shield yourself 24/7 and want to find an easier, more free way to live.
  • Feeling small and victimized by other’s feelings and the world at large.
  • Anxiety, worry, and always giving yourself and your time away for others.
  • Feeling lost and disconnected, homesick for somewhere other than where you right now.

This course isn’t for the beginner. This package is for those who are ready to take their life and gifts to the next level. I don’t teach people to expand their gifts, that would be like adding the last straw to already overloaded camel. I teach relationship mastery with Soul, the source of your gifts, power, and purpose. Soul relationship mastery will help you fully integrate your gifts, release patterns that are causing you suffering (with your gifts and life in general), and fully and powerfully answer the call of your life purpose!

Learning to Thrive with Empath and live from your center can begin with work like:

  • Releasing patterns of people pleasing, recognize and release the feelings and belief of others, and recognize and release cross-purposes. Basically, everything that is NOT of your truest essence!
  • Discovering your process for flow, intuitive and physically, so you naturally dissolve patterns of drain from negativity and overwhelm.
  • Deeply rooting in self-worth and Divine self, so you keep your boundaries and intentions with ease, power and love.
  • Finding clarity on your true purpose and potential so you don’t have to feel rudderless or hit hard by life’s up and downs. You’ll know where you need to take things and have the inner compass to make each step in joy and faith.
  • A mind-set make over: The must-know mindset and understandings about your soul nature and your gift, the lack of which may have been preventing success and happiness.
  • Healing past hurt and blocks so you can have more energy, clarity, and joy in the present.
  • Unleashing your loving, natural confidence in self, and your connection to the Divine, so you can enter any situation and not be afraid of overwhelm or of hurt.


Why am I the mentor for you?

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I struggled for years with empathy, without even realizing that was the source of my struggle. I had gotten to the point where I was fairly convinced it was all me, that there was something intrinsically wrong with me. Even though I had turned my life around from being in anxiety and having panic attacks, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. But then a friend of mine transitioned from this life, and went instant whitelighter (lol, yes a charmed reference). Each of her friends who were a little witchy and magickally delicious, felt her presence and her guidance as she rearranged our lives. I ended with a brand new teacher, one who was able to basically complete all the inklings I had been running in circles with for years. My friend put me on the path of up-leveling everything I thought I knew about empath, the intuitive state, and the very nature of my soul. I am here to help the next wave of whitelighters, lightworkers, healers, readers, spiritual women come into being, to be a beacon to those who feel the call and want to answer it in a larger, more activated way.

I hold space for a safe and sane partnership of accountability, teaching, and guidance with my clients that is personalized to you and your path!

Don’t waste time cookie-cutter solutions based on old, fear-based thinking. Get the practical tips, earnest and sincere support, and high-level teachings you actually need to fully step into your soul’s purpose.

How we’ll work together:

  • 6 live 1-on-1 sessions, all tailor-fitted to your personal needs
  • 1 BONUS session
  • Email and Facebook support
  • Homework and integration practices

Personal guidance and instruction, 2 months of private, deep, personal transformation,

for just $1797!!




If you need a payment plan, let’s talk about it on a free chat!



I don’t know what I’d do without Lindsay! I grew up with a family that didn’t get me at all. Repressed and mocked me. I used my gift of empathy to belong to my own world, shielding myself from life. Protecting myself from those who didn’t understand. When I started working with Lindsay, I started to truly break free of that and come into myself. It was a process of letting go of insecurities. Breaking down my protective walls. Becoming confident. Losing the anxiety and constant worrying so that I could be me and not care so much of what others thought.I took a very brave step and went part time at my day job to build a life/fitness coaching business. –Andrea D.

In this private coaching package, we’ll take a deliciously deep and healing dive into:

Rooting into and living from your peaceful, joyful Soul Center
  • Clearing blocks to Soul level self will bring more energy and joy to your life
  • The nature and qualities of Soul Space and Speak for clearer communication and understanding
  • Understanding the true nature and destiny of your gift for clarity in life choices.
The  “Must Have” Practices for you
  • Learning to release the pattern of empathic overwhelm to keep you on an even keel, empowered, and ready to make better choices.
  • Daily and weekly practices to keep your vibration high and your flow open.
  • To manifest the opportunities and things you need for your growth and your purpose.
Creating a life of inspired action
  • Why is it we really get drained
  • Can’t do this alone: angels, guides, and higher self. Reasons/blocks to asking for more
  • The only ritual for connecting, grounding, and centering you will ever need.
Tuning into the bigger vision
  • Mastering your intuitive and spiritual process and cycles
  • The Universe is really a safe place
  • Taking guidance on, holding new energies, new potentials within self.


It’s time to stop letting your sensitivities control your life and dictate your choices, dearest soul, because the world needs you.

More than that, those beliefs, fears, and limitations, are the things that are keeping you from feeling good, staying flowing and in center, and manifesting of your dreams!!