Being guided to create your messaging


We’re beginning to get a few key pieces into place to build from, so you have strong business position that will sustain growth. Let’s focus in and dig a little deeper into your sales messaging!

As sensitive people we are knowers, receivers of Truth and Wisdom, but we don’t have to be that all that when we are first building a business. I know there can be a tendency to want to jump to the “but how I can get paid now” lessons, but all of those lesson are have to be based in how we present ourselves and our energy out into the world. There are some pieces that require some vulnerability, and others that can pieced together quickly.

It’s time to dig out the worksheet that has your big why, the why that makes you cry, and start looking at from the perspective of a story. The story of your big why outlines a process of transformation you went through, something that deeply changed you. And this is the basis from which you can help your ideal soulmate clients. Remember to get centered and go back to centering if you get a little frustrated or fuzzy, let the wisdom come through you. And remember sometimes there is a bit of process behind getting to Wisdom, and that process is ritualizing relaxation, because it’s relaxation that brings Wisdom through the fastest and clearest.


As you look over your big why, use this worksheet to see the hero’s journey you took: your business story

Now take a look at this worksheet so you can create your first cornerstone, your magnet sales message: your marketing message

And we’ll flush that out into a mission statement and business vision in this worksheet: your mission statement

When you’ve got idea about the process which you went through, use this worksheet to help you brainstorm some program or class ideas (even if you have a physical product kind of biz this can be used as an online challenge for an email opt in drive, and also to help guide your blog content and sales page tone): your programs and content

You can start creating your About Me webpage from all this content. Feel free to take a look at some of the about pages of businesses you really like, to begin to understand what you liked about them, what made you buy something from them, etc… Here are some extra tips to help you build this page: your About page