Guidance Week of May 23, 2016: unexpected visitors

guidance for week of may 23

Today Unexpected Visitors and Know you belong have been drawn as guidance for the week coming . This is a week where we may feel interrupted, but behind all the unexpected occurrences there is an ever-present truth. In that place we are all always in the perfect moment, because we are in the state of oneness with the world around us and the Universe. Our aim this week should be in keeping our focus on our one-ness, the place where there is no struggle in our path, only chances to learn more about ourselves and our Divine Selves.

The energy may be intense this week, and it may stir up some triggers, in others and yourself. But the intent of this energy is not to cause more struggle. It is always provided for us so that we can see beyond it, be part of some exchange that will bring in new thought to old thinking or “problems”. Set your focus on the Truth that you belong to this Universe, you are a player here and now for a reason, an set your aim on where you know you need to freshen up your thinking. This isn’t a week to take your foot off the petal, but it is a week to be aware of your surrounding, and seeing things anew.

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So for this week, be well loves. Remember that is only our ego that sees “problems”. Divine Love and Wisdom knows there is a larger pattern that is constantly influencing, guiding, and begging for our participation. There is no wrong moment when we are in our center and coming from Love, there is only oneness.


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