Guidance for week of May 16th, 2016


The Guidance for this week is to take the time to know and then take the time and energy to make decisive action.

Signs point toward the education we need, not one of the air or masculine nature, but of the more intuitive nature, the marriage between what we perceive and Truth. This week be studious about your first reactions and impression, listen closely for the soft whispers of inner guidance and  higher self. When you see that you clear, you will know what needs to be done, and you will have the strong impulse to go and do. Wait for that call, that moment of balanced, guided action.

Don’t take for granted that this is the process and game of life. These moments are not random or hit or miss. They are the consistent process by which we engage the Universe, the wise and higher forces within ourselves and in Creation. In those moments, you are your truest and most powerful self. And that version of yourself is the one the world needs the most. Perhaps in this week of high engagement with the Universe and intuition, you can come to an understanding how to be that version of yourself on a more consistent basis, how you can commit to opening more and more to your powerful, present, enlightened self.

Astrologically speaking, this weeks appears to full of energies that will might have you feeling one step forward two, two steps back. But this is why the guidance from these cards is so fitting. When timing seems to be flowing against us, or in way we don’t quite understand, in terms of making choices, the best course of action is to hold action until you feel the impulse to go forward. In that moment we are in alignment with the Divine and the Universe and our actions will have a greater magnitude.

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