Guidance Week of June 27th-July 3rd 2016: Look for new insight

guidance june 17th 2016


What a wonderful message for this week. After all the busy energy of the beginning of June, the grand crosses and solstice, it will be nice to have a more quiet, more reflective week. When I made the draws for this week, the friendly dragon jumped out of the deck (his message: share your thoughts). This week’s guidance feels like specific instructions use the quiet energy of the week to make progress. Be sure to be mindful of your old habits and patterns. Keep a look out for them to be sure you aren’t falling back into those patterns, and that you are being open to new thoughts and perspective regarding “old patterns”. Our dragons adds, another layer to this guidance, share your thoughts. When or if you think you are falling back into old patterns and old wounds, use this week to explore this pattern and those feelings with others.

A slower pace does not mean it will not or cannot be a highly impactful week. In fact, the more time you have the deeper you can go into your understanding and knowing of how you have come to this point in time. The energy and guidance for this week supports a deeper dive. Go beneath the surface to come into awareness of how you have been holding back and playing small.

I also want to point out that we shouldn’t discount the power of sharing in this kind of reflection and in healing ourselves. We do not exist in a bubble, our auras are not containment systems for our core selves. Our gifts only work when we share. Even if we are not working with another person, our gifts work best and flow easiest when we are in a state of sharing with the Universe and the Divine. It is through sharing that the real magick happens.

Lesson to explore for this week:

When we open ourselves to sharing, we open ourselves back up to new insight and new potentials. Click To Tweet

With that loves, may this week be full of new insight into old patterns, wounds, and habits, so that you may learn to hold more light, for yourself and for the world!


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