Guidance week: July 11th: Aware and nourished

guidance week july 11th: Aware and nourished


Theme of this busy week's guidance is to be aware of the world around and remember to nourish your soul. Unlike last month where we might have been called to go inward and seek center, this week is all about being light on our feet and doing what it takes to stay energized. Keeping forward momentum is one of the overall themes of July. But everything seems to be in motion already, and it's not advised to just sit back and watch the world go by.

The wizard of awareness asks us, not to simply be an observer, but to deepen our awareness of what is going on around us. Being aware of shifts and changes will keep us responsive and on our toes this week. The more aware we can get, the more solutions will seem to present themselves and tensions ease. The greatest awareness we can cultivate is that of Love. If we are aware of when we are love or when we are in fear, the world takes on this easy, magickal flow.

And this leads of perfectly, of course, into the card drawn from the Messengers deck, Nourish your Soul.  When we focus on Love we nourish all the parts of us that might have felt lacking, broken, or unlovable. Staying light and free flowing takes energy, but we can't hold on it, as if it would disappear.  We must remain open to what the flow brings us. Take each moment for what is, and find your nourishment in that.

Guidance summary:

Guidance: Week of July 11th: Be aware of where is love is lacking and make the shifts you need to get it flowing again. Click To Tweet

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