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What if you could be a founding member of a community where you’ll explore your Divine soul self in a safe space and get access to all these benefits?

A framework that's all about YOU, not me.

No one's abilities are exactly like anyone else's. Learning to work with your unique process shouldn't be cookie cutter. And it shouldn't be about someone's unique proven method of extracting ancient secrets out of their butt. When you strip away the dogma, and look at how people live with these abilities and what they do with them you get the real core of what it means to live in alignment with your intuition.

New moon Guidance slings and Howl at the full moon monthly calls

Learning about your unique intuitive process doesn't have to be a serious and solitary pursuit. In fact, it's best done in groups with like-minded, fun loving wild women like you, so you can draw from their experience and wisdom and also die laughing.

Once a month Q&A's

Had an interesting dream, meditation experience, personal experience, or slew of signs? Join this call to get some perspective on what it could mean and how to discern that for yourself!

A library of courses, resources, inspiration, and more!

From full on frameworks to help you discover your own unique intuitive process, empathic skills, and developing your sense of discernment and wisdom to light language transmissions and meditations this community will help you stay focused on getting fully aligned with your intuitive self.

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Then the Queen of your Inner Realms Circle is just what you need! 

A community for experiencing flow and freedom with your deepest intuitive self. Like-minded wild witchy women, like you, who want to confidently co-create a magickal intuitive life.

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About Lindsay

With over 20 yrs working my intuitive abilities, doing readings on and offline, certifications, doing the hotline thing, and paranormal investigation experience, I’ve got a ton of practical experience to lead and draw from. 

But the more important part in my mind is that I’m not here to be your guru, nor do I have all the answers. No one does. 

I’m a great guide, catalyst, and space holder. 

I love coffee, energy work, channeling, crystals, reading, experimentation, crafting, cards, sarcasm, anything supernatural, paranormal, or witchy.

I think Ouija boards are tools, not automatically cursed objects fresh from the factory. 

Oh, and I curse like a sailor some days. Sorry, not sorry.

Still with me?

Unleashed 5 day masterclass Unleash your soul self and your intuition so you can become the Queen of your inner realm

About Andrea

Let me tell ya, between my stepdad, the custody battle, and all the ghosts I saw in my childhood, I ending up marrying the first dude who seemed like he could protect me from the world. Because of my empathic abilities, I felt like I had morphed into one of those chameleon lizards. You know? The kind that blend into their environment so they don’t get caught.

I became the Queen of deflection: fixating on someone else at fault or feeling sorry for myself to the point of paralysis. Problem was, I just didn’t trust anything that came outta myself. I felt perpetually on guard against negativity and attacks, because I didn’t believe I could handle any conflict.

My divorce and my move to New York with my mom were what made me realize that I needed to stop second-guessing every little thing and start taking up the reigns of my life, like the Queen I wanted to be.

In my years of working in the classroom with Autistic Children, I learned that everyone comes to this life from their own unique perspective. There is no shame in having to figure out how you work, in fact it’s the most empowering journey you can take.

After my move, I HAD to figure myself out again, without all the influences that destroyed my confidence and self-trust. I started doing in-home pet setting, which now allows me to live a spiritual nomad lifestyle, the first step in my becoming! 

Real talk: the Universe is basically telling you to double down on yourself. Don’t stop tryin’, ever!

Here is what others think about working with me!

Wow!! Your sessions are really opening doors here to things I totally forgot! Things I never thought affected me are clearing on their own now. This is amazing! I have to say mine was amazing!! You are definitely blessed with this opportunity to work with Lindsay
I knew this all along but couldn’t bring myself to feel into it, own it and admit it out loud. I was a great excuse maker! I’ve taken responsibility for that, and I’m so joyed to report this past weekend I actually had a paying customer for a reading! I get paralyzed with fear and overwhelm, when I don’t grasp what I’m doing. You were sent to me, you have gone above the fear, I am behind you, learning. Not one person in my family ever really “made it” so to speak, I am the first to rise above the fear, I am the first to listen to the guidance and actually do something with it. I wouldn’t be shining if it wasn’t for all your loving, generous, patient help! You are an amazing woman!
it was the best experience I’ve ever had. I had so much weight on me before the reading and the worst migraines for weeks. But all during my reading I could feel the migraine melt away and the stress lift. I got the confirmation I needed about the path I was on and guidance on what I need to be doing to reach alignment. My gifts were confirmed along with frustration that I had been feeling. I feel renewed and optimistic after my reading today. Thank you so much Lindsay!!!!

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Isn't it time to stop living in doubt and start trusting yourself and your guides?

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