Email lists and newsletters


Newsletters are a lot more than just updates and upcoming events. In the online Soul-centered business world a newsletter or email is a personal way to speak to a potential soulmate client and to begin nurturing your relationship with them. You can being nurturing your relationship with a new lead by providing some kind of free content for them that is value packed and some of your best work. A lead generating free offer can be anything from a free video or video series, a free ebook or report, a free reading or chance for a reading, podcasts, a digital kit, a free session or chance for a free session. The thing is, it as to be juicy. It has be something that a large amount of your audience want to know, solve, or learn. I would suggest taking your best or your most frequently used piece of advice, teaching, or strategy and building a small freebie off of that. Remember this is at the top of your funnel, so it should be of interest to as many people as possible, a juicy hook into the rest of your message and material. For you, it should be something quick, easy, and inexpensive, if not free. For a healer a quick guide (or video or podcast set) about how to optimize a healing session or even a follow up freebie, how to make the most of your healing session aftercare. For a tarot reader, you can create a guide teaching people how to do a small ritual to help them decide what their question will be for their reading (because we all know, half the asking is in the question, right?!). For a coach, it could be a highly motivation short challenge delivered over email (more precisely an email drip, which is a series of automated emails that you can set to go out when you want then to, like 1 day after joining, 1 week after joining, etc… This way you can write  a 7 day challenge, and send one email lesson out a day automatically when someone signs up to your list.)

There has been a shift in how emails are used. It used to be that everyone put out a semi-periodic newsletter about their business to one large group of people. But there is more strategy involved now. Where you are at in the beginning, just work on doing membership drives (raffles, competitions, promotions) for your email list. Ideal you want to get to the first benchmark of about 500 people on your list. This takes time and dedication to doing membership drives, it’s not instant, but it will go faster if your free offer is really juicy. Once you have a good amount of people, and you have a few different products rolling you might want to start sending different emails to people interested in different products. This is called segmentation. As you get more advanced in your messaging and business, it becomes helpful to tailoring your messaging by what your soulmates are interested in learning more about.




For right now, we need to do three things with your newsletter:

  • Create some kind of short email drip for welcoming your new soulmate potentials,
  • Set up an automated email to go out when there is a new post on your website,
  • Figure out what you want to do with your regular newsletter.

All newsletters should contain all of these:

  • A personal message (a story, lesson, quick thoughts on something or a holiday,
  • A passive link to a promo, launch, or session page (just so they have a handy link right in their email box should they suddenly decided they need your services)
  • your physical address in the header (for legal anti-spam reasons)
  • an easy way to unsubscribe (for legal anti-spam reasons)

Optionally and to mix things up you can also include:

  • Exclusive content (video, a blog post, a tip sheet, special webinar or hangout time)
  • A special deal just for email soulmates
  • Surveys and quizzes
  • Basically anything you think will win over the know, likes, and trust.

Here’s the tech side of newsletters:

The ins and outs of your mailpoet plugin and list management

How to create a Mailpoet newsletter