Defy Negativity Mini course

Defy Negativity course

Exhausted from having to deal with all the crap?

Not sure you can cope or how long you’ll last?

Weight of the world crushing you, instead of you crushing it?

Hiding from, fighting against, or trying to fix negativity is delaying your dreams and your happiness. 

And the longer you stay stuck in that never-ending battle the longer it will take to be able to raise your vibe once and for all.

I totally understand how gripping fear and negativity can be.

I know how jarring it can seem when it butts against our positive outlook and vibe.

But you can’t let your fear, defense mechanisms control your choices.

Low-vibe fear based thinking only gets low-vibe, fear-based solutions and results.

Hi! I’m Lindsay Baldassano! It’s nice to meet you!


I’m an empath, creative, intuitive, soul coach and guide, but that doesn’t mean the road to get there was easy. My storms, and there have more than my fair share, had left me drained, in constant anxiety and panic, and my health declining. I felt frayed at all my edges, constantly exhausted, and about to snap. But I realized that my anguish and breaking would be useless, the only person I was really hurting was myself. 

If I was going to be a life line for my daughter who was going through a healing crisis, a business diva, and keep the house and household together, breaking, falling apart, and hurting myself wasn’t an option.

I had to learn to defy negativity, so I would have the energy to rise, have the clarity and focus to find a better way, and the freedom to go after what really mattered to me.

And now I’m here to spread the good news that this is not out of your reach too. In fact, it’s part of your destiny!



What others are saying:

Emily S. Why is hindsight always 20/20!! Lol! I wish I knew this sooner, I could have saved myself and those around me so much heartache! Thank you so very much! This has been an epic course and come tax return time I will be looking into some more of your courses! I need to continue working on this.
 Andrea D.  I think I never realized I obsessed over things so much. All for nothing! I  got overwhelmed. Hit from all sides and lost sight. This course was a good reminder of everything I’ve been striving to bring into my life. I have so much more balance now!
 Kym B.  Because of this course, I’m actually feeling passion toward showing the Universe I’m present and ready to take consistent daily action, even if only for a few minutes. I have been posting my daily readings and what used to feel like a chore is actually fun now and my connection to the Etheric realm is getting stronger everyday. My creative juices are beginning to flow and I feel effervescent, like a woman feels a few days before she goes into labor. Thank You Lindsay for your love and guidance. I am Honored to be your student! 


 In this mini course you’ll the tools and lessons to stop the drain and release the hold negativity as on you. 

5 modules to:

  • Take you through the process of uncover the hidden wisdom behind your reaction to negativity.
  • Help you find a harmonious solution beyond fight, hiding, and always have to feel like you need to defend yourself against negativity.
  • Help you find and stay in your light even during the most stressful event and happenings.

Defy Negativity Workbook

Learn how to do Meditative Journaling: this is an amazing tool for both this course and just about other type of self-discovery, self-improvement journaling. This is a must have technique! You’ll get an audio meditation guide, intro into the practice, meditative journal prompts for defying negativity, and a set of quick instructions!

$15.00 for

the full course, workbook, and instructions on how to meditative journaling.



How do I schedule my sessions? Once payment is made I will get in touch with you to schedule our online session. All sessions will be over zoom, so you will be able to get on the call either through your computer or your phone. These sessions will be recorded so you can tap them whenever you need  a reminder or boost!
What if I need to reschedule? While I am a fairly flexible person, reschedules should be requested 24 hours before the session is set to begin. So if you find your week more crunched than you thought, just shoot me a message! I would rather you show up to your session present, ready, and not stressed for time so we can connect deeply. No notification, no refund! 
What if I don’t like my sessions and want a refund? If we cannot work together I will certainly refund the money. But these can be deep sessions and might hit a nerve. If you aren’t ready to tap into your inner truths, then this isn’t the session for you.
How long are unused sessions good for? Unused sessions are good for 3 months. I will send reminders if you have a session that you can still schedule, but the main session and the follow up really should be taken fairly close together in time for best results.