How to create an engaging blog post

blog post

Summary of lesson about making blog posts:

Blog posts are a piece of your business puzzle which will get you visibility, reach, traffic, authority, and can be quite rewarding as a personal business practice. Since we are talking about building a soul-centered business, this is the kind of business task where you can really shine. But you have a few decisions to make, how often will you create a post, what kind of post will it be, and how will let the world know you have a new post (or old one, evergreen content is good to cycle through). It’s probably best if you think of your blog as the home-base for all your content. For this lesson, you just need to figure out what kind of content you want to produce. Even if you decide to create other media than articles or essays, like videos or podcasts, a new blog post should be created to house each piece of media. This isn’t just busy work, this is a strategy.

The strategy behind blogging is that by having well put together content hosted on your pages, you will give your potentials leads and soulmate clients 24/7 access to your work! When you write a blog post, the topic and content should be focused around a central keyword. By keeping your posts keyword specific and relevant, you will make your content easy for search engines to find. This is called being Search engine optimized, or SEO for short. There are a few other tips about SEO that I cover in the video, but please remember that even if you put your videos and podcasts on your blog pages, you still need words, a teaser of sorts, for your pages to show up easily on Google. Google can’t scan your video for content, it searches your blog page for keywords.

The same could be said about blog posts!!

A blog post should be inspirational and have a call to action, but those two things should be mutually exclusive. Your call to action should focus on selling the idea of having your readers do something small such as liking your sites or pages, signing up for your newsletter, or sharing your content or pages. For being inspirational, I think the hardest part of our selling is getting people to feel that your service will truly help their problem. So the more we can inspire them to make small steps, the more they will us as trusted!

Don’t forget to watch the video for more in depth hints, tips, and tricks for creating your blog posts!! (see that was a call to action there and it wasn’t salesy!)