What would wonder woman do?

This is an awesome article about using the little thing in life to give you a boost or some added secret confidence. I know I use this type of trick to get myself into “my game zone”, whether it’s to go in front a judge, do some presenting, or get on a difficult phone call.
Sometimes I use gemstones, sometimes I like to think I’m Indiana Jones, sometimes I even put on lingerie!Wink
This is a great article, check it out, and then tell me what you like to draw upon to give you that little extra something!!


Collective Powers

W.W.W.D (or What Would wonder Woman do?) 

by Taylor Mitchell found on Evesproject.com

“The other day, I was online shopping and I saw a Wonder Woman t-shirt, and at first, I scrolled right past it. But the little niggle of those underoos came from the back of my mind, and I went back and bought that t-shirt. Because no matter how well I’m doing now, we all have our rough days, and we can all use a little Wonder Woman under our clothes.”


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