Who do I coach–FAQ

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Do I accept all potential clients as regular paying clients?

Short answer: No.

Long answer:

I hope that didn’t upset you too much! But it’s true. I don’t accept everyone as a regular client. And it has absolutely nothing to do with whether I like you or not! I could LOVE you and still not chose to work with you.

When I chose to work with a client on a regular basis, I chose to do so because I think we can have a successful coaching relationship. I want you do be successful in your achieving desires and spiritual growth. If we don’t fit as coach and client, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you, but it could mean that I like you so much as a person that my feelings could get in the way of keeping you accountable…which is after all, is part of what you would be paying for when you hire a coach. If I don’t accept you as a regular client it could mean I just know someone who would be a PERFECT fit for you as coach, while I realize I am not. It’s not about my ego or my pocket book. This whole process is about you getting what you feel you need.  It’s about you getting the kind of help you need to ignite your life!


Am I being selective?

Short answer: Yes.

Long Answer:

I want success for both my clients and myself. Everyone needs to come from their place of power in order truly be able to help themselves and then others as well. I simply want my relationship with a client to be a win-win situation for both us!


Well then, who do I work with?

My clients come from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, ages, and genders. What they all have in common is:

  • They can accept, or at least be open to, an energetic model of how the world works.
  • They sincerely want the best for themselves and then by extension their world.
  • My clients are active participants in their life and also our coaching relationship, they co-create their world and life.
  • My clients, generally speaking, feel that spirituality is important to their well being and over all life.
  • They are people who want and need to get in touch with their own power in order to overcome their challenges and create a fulfilling life for themselves, that also benefits their world.

My sessions, classes, and groups are geared toward helping people find resolution and empowerment with these types of problems:

  • Feeling that you lost your way
  • Needing a breakthrough point in your life
  • Feeling cursed or as if you have black cloud over your head and heart
  • Having difficulties with your sensitivities, empathy, or other abilities
  • Feeling like you should be opening to up to your abilities or spiritual life but don’t know where to begin
  • Having trouble staying centered and in your seat of power, making it hard to maintain a positive frame of heart-soul-energy
  • Feeling off, but can’t figure out how to feel better and on track
  • Suffering from anxiety, overload, stress, or depression

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