Essential Emotional Spring Cleaning–Super Spring Cleaning Challenge

Emotional Spring cleaning is about clearing the HEART and FEELINGS from the past and getting handle on the fears and worries you have today or for the future. This article is part of the Super Spring Cleaning Challenge, each week is mean to build off the last.  If you find this article, then know you can … Read moreEssential Emotional Spring Cleaning–Super Spring Cleaning Challenge

Emotional Spring Cleaning–meditations

This month I’m hosting a Super Spring Cleaning Challenge!  My power-up series, content, and newsletters will be geared toward making this Spring the one when you get your shit together and begin to doing the things you know you need to do for yourself! Each week we will look at a different aspect of spring cleaning, … Read moreEmotional Spring Cleaning–meditations

Don’t let fear of failure slash all your tires

Last thoughts on failure for this week’s power-up!  I read in a newsletter from Danielle Laporte that there is no use in completely letting go of everything thing you did to work toward a dream. Just because we failed to make something work a one way, doesn’t mean we can use the work that we … Read moreDon’t let fear of failure slash all your tires

Power-up series: Fear of failure 3

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This is a Power-up series video, 3/3 on the Fear of Failure

What stops you from trying something new, or trying for your dreams? Let’s explore this topic together in my video, where I will ask you some pretty powerful questions!
This is the wrap up video for the week, so don’t forget to watch the first two, if you haven’t been following the series!
And to quote Roosevelt and Francis Bacon ,

“You have nothing to fear, but fear itself!”

Are you ready to start moving forward toward your dreams?

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Don’t fear failing

This is a part of my weekly power up series. This week we will be looking at some ideas and myths around failing. Failing is one of my biggest fears. In some circumstances, I won’t even make a commitment to something if I think I won’t succeed in doing it. I won’t even try. I … Read moreDon’t fear failing

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