What would wonder woman do?

This is an awesome article about using the little thing in life to give you a boost or some added secret confidence. I know I use this type of trick to get myself into “my game zone”, whether it’s to go in front a judge, do some presenting, or get on a difficult phone call. … Read more What would wonder woman do?

The Super Secret Powers Playlist

Some days it takes more than a few nice thoughts to get powered up, sometimes you just to rock out and let it loose! Here’s the Super Secret Powers playlist to keep  you charged up throughout the day!  There should be a little something here for everyone, but if you want to hear something specific, just leave a message in the comments! Don’t go heavy on love songs, unless they are self-love songs or can be construed as talking about one’s higher power…this is about keeping you focused on what’s best for you and happy with that!!

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