A brief intro to energy medicine

raise-your-vibrational-energyFor much of my philosophy and method, I rely on the principles of energy medicine. I also take my practice beyond just the mind-body-emotional realm, into the realm of the peronal energy systems. While current science has just begun to chart and map the energy systems of the organs and body, they haven’t been able to make the leap of connecting the body’s bio-electric system to the spirituals realms. However, I make the intuitive leap that this bio-electric system points to the theory that we are all spiritual beings having a mortal experience. While not everyone accepts the ideas of the subtle energy system as fact, I present this information of those who resonate with this idea.

Here are some basic videos by Donna Eden, one of the people who have pioneered the field of energy medicine and the concept of the subtle energy system. She’s wonderful at making these ideas simple and practical! The first video is a demonstration of how she goes about testing chakra function and clearning, while the second video is a 5-min energy system tune up that can be preformed every day or every time you are feeling a bogged down, stuck, or feel like you need a re-alignment.