Boost your biz shine session

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You know you need to start getting out there more, start:

Doing Livestreams

Having Sales Conversations

Get your message and content together



There so much strategy out there you don’t know what to do next

Doubt keeps creeping in, stopping you from taking action

You find yourself freezing up or getting blocked up every time to try to take that next big step

Staying in that cycle of inspiration and doubt gets you:

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Increased loss in self-trust, as well as loss of trust in your intuition and creativity

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Strange results or no results at all

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Withdrawn and defensive with your audience and peers

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Feeling more and more drained of your innate confidence, light, and ability to make powerful decisions

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Your big beautiful vision is more than just strategy, sales, and endless content.

Your vision is your destiny, it’s what you were called here to do, but that doesn’t mean that you know what you need to know in order turn your dream into something profitable, sell-able, or even actionable.

Especially if you weren’t in retail or marketing before you tried your hand at entrepreneurship. 

I had to learn the hard way, and so I want to help you get back on track faster than I did.

I’ve owned and run home businesses for over 10 yrs, on and off line. But when I started my entrepreneurial journey, I knew nothing about how to make a business work. All I knew at the time was I like making things and I didn’t have enough space in my home for all the things wanted to make. And well, it seemed like a good way to pay for my crafting habit.

But I didn’t know a thing about marketing, promotions, selling online. And when, at first, my sales did not sky rocket…much less happen….I began to internalize my poor results.  Being a sensitive, an Empath and Intuitive, that whole internalizing pattern nearly crippled me and my business.

I jumped from strategy to strategy, idea to idea, looking for something to “save my business” and “finally make it” successful…or at least profitable.

What I didn’t realize back then was that it wasn’t necessarily about the strategy, technique, modality, or even the best sale I ever offered.

My success was tied my energy, my vibe, and my sense of self.

I wasn’t ever going to feel successful if I was desperate for the sale, constantly battling doubt, or afraid to have my ideal clients to see or hear me.

In order to go after my success as an Empathic Intuitive I had to raise my vibe, figure out the skills I actually needed to learn, and get and stay in my abundance and wealth creation mind and  heart-set. 

I had to boost my biz shine!

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People rave about my sessions, so why delay dreams any longer?

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Angela S.

The reading and personal time I received was such a Wonderful & positive experience!
I was informed of what I needed to hear and apply into my Life! I Definitely say, Book a session you won’t be dissapointed.
~Love & Light

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She was incredibly accurate with everything, getting the situation down perfectly, offering amazing advice as well. I have yet to know what will happen but everything she said was true so I have faith. Thank you, Lindsay!

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Lindsay is wonderful in private! She is amazing at describing situation and people involved I totally and highly recommend her for private!

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Helen, Singapore

What you said about being an empath has made me become brave to face my challenges. What you said about my dreams made me think clearly & it has opened a door for me to learn more about my gifts 😀

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Are you ready to release what holds you back from:

Raising your vibe to attract your tribe?

Being in the flow of wealth attraction and creation?

Deeply tapping into your creative genius and Empathic oneness, and to create soulful connection in your sessions, classes, and even marketing?



Let’s get you shining and back in-action today!

$99.97 for a 90 session

and recording of your session


How do I schedule my session(s)? Once payment is made I will get in touch with you (24-48 hours) to schedule the first appointment. All sessions will be over zoom, so you will be able to get on the call either through your computer or your phone. These sessions will be recorded so you can have them for future reference!
What if I need to reschedule? While I am a fairly flexible person, reschedules should be requested 24 hours before the session is set to begin. So if you find your week more crunched than you thought, just shoot me a message! I would rather you show up to your session present, ready, and not stressed for time so we can connect deeply.
What if I don’t like my sessions and want a refund? If we cannot work together I will certainly refund the money. But these can be deep sessions and might hit a nerve. If you aren’t ready to tap into your inner truths, then this isn’t the session for you.
How long are unused sessions good for? Unused sessions are good for 3 months. I will send reminders if you have a session that you can still schedule, but the main session and the follow up really should be taken fairly close together in time for best results.