Ask Lindsay episode #1

In this episode of the Ask Lindsay series, Intuitive coach Lindsay answers questions about sensing the feelings of a spouse, about always staying positive, and about how to deal with living with argumentative roommates. Whether it’s romance, to career, to what to do when you’re in the dumps, Lindsay’s got the answer for the intuitive or sensitive living the not-so-sensitive world!


The Recap:

Yes, one can sense a spouses emotions, and even take on your spouses emotions and pains. But it depends on how and what you are receiving if it’s empathy or telepathy, emotions or thoughts, or a mix of both. But if people are arguing, and not giving you a peaceful place to live, IMHO, get out! And don’t make comparisons, they aren’t healthy when you don’t understand the full context of another’s person’s choices!!

Got it?

If you watched the video, then all that makes sense to you!

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