Get Brave with your Intuition!

Grab this packed mini-course to awaken your intuition because your higher self REALLY IS calling you to feel connection and confidence in your authentic self.

Awaken your inner Intuitive Queen today!

Awaken your Intuition mini self guided course

Have you ever...

  • Known who was called before you picked up?
  • Experienced deja vu?
  • Known things about people, places, times, or things you couldn’t possibly know?
  • Just knew or had a gut feeling someone was lying or there as something off about a situation?
  • Been caught in a tangle of coincidence you couldn’t quite grasp the meaning of?

Introducing the "Awaken your Intuition" mini course.

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This world has long been in a slumber, teaching us to ignore our intuition, our knowings, our power, our bodies, and our innate connection to Soul and Higher Wisdom. 

But the Divine Feminine is rising again and calling each of to claim our Divine Right to our inner wisdom and magick. 

To claim our connection to the ALL and the ONE, to the Stars, to the forests and oceans, to each other, to the world of energy we live enmeshed in. 

That innate and unique connection is called “Intuition”. It’s the deep relationship we each have with Soul,  Source, and our Desire. 

Here's the thing...

No one can activate your Intuition for you. It's always been a part of you, but one you have been taught to ignore or dismiss. 

It’s time to Awaken, Goddess!

Client Testimonials for my Readings


Wow!! Your sessions are really opening doors here to things I totally forgot! Things I never thought affected me are clearing on their own now. This is amazing! I have to say mine was amazing!! You are definitely blessed with this opportunity to work with Lindsay.

The Awaken your Intuition mini-course will help you:

You need a guide-mentor more interested in you than dogma or their ego!


Excellent, loving , caring, and helpful in many ways .....Lindsay is the most amazing, awesome, wise and has much knowledge And she will help you on your path and journey.

Can you do this on your own?


But why choose to stress out over wondering if what you’re doing is “right” or “enough”?

Train with the best

I'm Lindsay

I have been actively working with my intuition for over 20 yrs. Teaching for 10 yrs. I’ve done everything from paranormal investigations, to hotline readings, being an energy medicine practitioner, to creating a membership around claiming your inner intuitive queen. I live and breathe, magick, intuition, and energy.

More importantly, is that I live to help people come into alignment and acceptance with their abilities. Helping others to get to the thriving state, and beyond, to living their purpose, is one my greatest passions. 

Your Intuitive connection is never just one an done, it takes choice...

Which is why I have structured this around the concept of claiming your power, your self, and desire. At various stages of life, life challenges, and turning points, we all need to reclaim our dreams, our heart, our power, our ability to choose for ourselves. This mini-course is something you can come back to again and again, as your relationship to your Divine self evolves.

My work always gets to the heart of the matter...


I'm not used to going this deep! Oh man, I should have known bc my friend referred me, but, I'm added to Spiritual groups all the time & most are nonsense (sorry to anyone that offends, it's true tho)...this is a REAL! This is truly real amazing. No Nonsense here at all !

Here's a sneak peak into the Mini Course!

Awaken your Intuition core modules to claim your intuitive abilities
Awaken your Intuition mini course, Ritual Planner guide booklet

get access to the guided Activation that will keep you feeling centered, flowing, and confident and more....

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