About your Soul-Powered Coach

Who am I? What am I all about?


Well…there is a long story and short story!

The Short Story:

I am a Life Purpose catalyst. I LOVE helping lightworkers, seekers, and witchy women get in touch with their purpose and power! Learning to answer your spiritual call isn’t a cake walk. Sure in this day and age we can actually take a class and get a certification in something we’re aligned with, YEAH modern learning!! But turning that learning into something with impact takes guts, strong foundations, and evolving vision. I am perfect for this job because you name it, I’ve probably been there or know something about it AND I’ve used my gifts to get me thriving. Sensitives and Intuitives seem to have a harder getting their gifts to work for them, it’s not anxiety, then it’s people pleasing and care-giving that drains you. It’s time to set some new boundaries, higher self-value, and bigger vibes around what you are capable of bring to your life and this world!

It’s time to RISE!!!

Other fun facts about Lindsay:


And now for the The Long Story (don’t worry, it’s worth it!!)

I’ve been on a spiritual path for all of my life, ever since I could remember. Everything everything had some other deeper layer and meaning to me, a walk in the woods, a trip to Disney, the fact that I felt strong inclinations that other did not, like meditation, magickal practices, and even divination. For the longest time it was own rebellion without a clue to learn anything and everything I could about alternative cultures and belief systems, trying them for a time, and cherishing what connections they brought me. It has taken me most of my life thus far to more fully realize just how sensitive and intuitive I always have been. All those inklings along the way fed my wanderlust and made it grow stronger. Well into my twenties, that wanderlust still strong, I followed every shiny thing out there for me. And it was all spiritual, all enlightening, even the challenges. It seemed most times than not that I had set myself up to live a whimsical and crazy blessed life. I moved to Russian, and in the span of two years, I had my daughter, immigrated my husband, and watched our new life go straight for the crapper. Long story short, I went through the divorce from Hell.

It was that idea and deep faith in the belief that I deserved to be safe, happy, and to pursue the path to an abundant life that spurred me forward.

And I did my best to not let the epic battles over custody, parental rights, daily life raising three kids (sometimes as a single parent), the financial mess of the 2008, and the tribulations of being a blended family crash consume me. The whole point of breaking free from my first and abusive marriage was to LIVE. And so as I felt safe in my life, I opened up and I started to create. I even started a crystal jewelry and metaphysical shop in 2006. But as the lessons in grounding and holding the line for myself and my daughter, and my new blended family intensified over ten years, so did PTSD and anxiety. I slowly reached the point where I understood just how strong I had been, how sensitive I was, and how little actual self care and love I had been giving myself. The path began with slowly with educating myself on the management of anxiety and panic.

But as the haze of fear lifted I had to ask myself, “Where had this free spirited soul gone?”

I felt like I had completely lost myself. My passion had become work, and my work was the really hard work for keeping it all together for everyone else! “Making things work” had been my motto from the beginning, but I was no where near manifesting the level of groundedness, presence, and radiance I needed to fully make my life and relationships thrive. My creativity and sheer inventiveness in the moment certainly held things together, but it didn’t push me to make the deeper shifts I needed to be in order to guide and lead my family or my business through the hurricanes of life. I had pushed the very essence of myself, my true creativity, my intuitive nature, my connection to Spirit, off into some dark corner, saying “I’ll take you out when I know I have the time and space you deserve.” I had been totally missing the point.

It wasn’t until my daughter had a crisis that everything I had been learning and leaning into feeling began clicking into place. Being only one part of her parenting and support equation, I knew there could only so much influence I would have, so I had to make that influence matter, every single ounce of it. I had to find my light, embrace my light, my power. I had and step into the present moment and be the light for her. And, of course, for myself. If had to do this for her, then I needed to do it for myself first so that I would have the support, guidance, clarity, motivation, and abundance of time, money, and energy that we both need to see her through her own healing journey. I had to learn to once and for all to put my own “oxygen mask” on before helping others. My oxygen mask was what I had been hiding away, my creativity, my intuitive nature, my connection to the Universe and the Divine. My very Soul. 

I needed to learn how to bring my radiance, my soul, fully into this world, in this present moment, more than I ever had before.

Once I understood who that ME was, the world opened up, problems and challenges melted away in joy, my energy and energy workings (yes, of course I’m a Reiki Master-teacher too!) magnified, and my own custom lens of pain and story became so starkly clear to me, that there was no way I was going back to being that hurt, sensitive person who was hiding behind “too nice”, “I’m not enough ________”, “don’t rock the boat”,  and “be grateful for what you have because you probably won’t get more”. I no longer saw my emotions, my sensitivity, my capability to feel love, support, and gratitude, and even my own humanity as something limited, tainted, or broken. I had raised my vibration, and that set me on a mission to help others raise their own vibration and sense of soul-self. 

Each of us has everything we need, right now. Your creativity, your intuition, and your relationship to the Divine is exactly what is needed, and it is your “oxygen mask”. You may feel like you have been struggling and muddling with your light, vibration, and relationship with the Divine. But what you have been really doing is following your destiny. You are the road to being the resilient, clear, confident, and energetic being you need to become more fully embrace the Lightworker, change-maker, and Inspiration you is already within you, waiting for your “YES”. Just keep saying YES!

If you aren’t sure how to say YES to Spirit and Soul Self, and let your light shine, then grab FREE access to the Inner Priestess Library!


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