How to revitalize your spiritual practice with ease using these 7 tips

7 ways to know if your spiritual practice needs an upgrade


Your spiritual practice should not a static thing. For years my soul sister and I used to banter about what we called the “fall wall”. We had noticed that every fall there seemed to be some kind of life dilemma or challenge that came up..specifically in the fall. 

Thinking about this last fall and the one coming up, I realized that she and I had been experiencing the follow up from the Summer Eclipse season that Elizabeth Peru teaches about. Once I understood the specific type of magick and healing eclipses bring, a lot of realizations fell into place.

Eclipse magick is about creating co-creative change in your life. In order to help ease those eclipse changes and transitions, it’s a good idea to consider upgrading your spiritual practice

For many sensitivities and Intuitives getting into a personal spiritual practice can be the best thing to help you stabilize gifts and begin to gain momentum. But it can also be one of the hardest things to begin or keep up because it can feel like every few weeks you fall off the spiritual or meditation wagon.

Not all daily spiritual practices are equal, nor are they all meant to be a sole focus for long periods of time! But whether you practice reiki healing, soul searching journaling, spiritual meditation, or a few moments of mindfulness, over time you might find your practices falling a little flat or feeling hard to commit to.

Here 4 things to consider if your spiritual practice might have you feeling a little flat or ungrounded. You might need to change up your daily practices if:

  1. Your practice is not meeting your emotional needs: Thoughts and emotions are, by their very nature, fluid and changeable. We are never coming to our day from the same place we had in the past. A good spiritual practice will be adaptable to meet us from the place we came to Spirit. But if you cannot seem to get to the open and open-hearted space we should be aiming for, then it’s probably time to try something new.
  2. Your practice makes you feel like or believe that you need to be only certain way: A spiritual practice should be adaptable to where you are and what you need. If you have a goal that takes external action (like say building a business), then your practice might need to revolve around boning up on taking lots of small inspired action, it would be like building up your manifestation muscles and habits. If your goal is more of an inward journey, your practices might more revolve around energy cleansings and heart work. The point is that not every practice will be suitable to all the goals you might want to encompass in life. While generally we should aiming for an open-hearted feeling, how we get there and what we need to do to get there, even the time it takes to release something, makes each experience new and personalized to where you are actually coming from that day.
  3. Having a hard time making choices, following guidance, or choosing change: Soul always know what you need to choose, it’s the personal mind in the body gets confused. If you are experiencing hesitation, doubt, or confusion it could very well be that the practice you are doing isn’t giving the grounding you need to bring Soul Wisdom through and into inspired action.
  4. It feels cumbersome and like a lot of work: Spiritual work does not have to be hard work. Nor does it have to be time consuming. Simpler is often better and more effective. Do only that which you need to make the shift you need at that time. Otherwise you run risk of having your practices become more like trappings than tools of substance. There are certain things that everyday you might need, like giving yourself an energy boost or grounding into soul self, but don’t ever think that you need to reach the same emotional state every time, nor spend hours trying make yourself feel only one way.

Sometimes it’s not the practice that’s keeping you in rut. Sometimes it’s your own willingness to work with the Earthly guidance you get (aka: your feelings)! If it happens to be Sumertime (in the Northern hemisphere), this is especially true as Summers are frequently innudated with lots of emotional cosmic influences.


3 ways to tell if you need to sink deeper into your spiritual practices or take it a new level of commitment:

  1. Not satisfying, procrastination, or feeling resistance.
  2. You have guidance and inspiration, but can’t seem to focus or get it out.
  3. You are denying, burying, or avoiding your feelings.



If you find you or your practices need a bit of a boost, don’t to worry! We all go through it!

Finding you need to change things up to meet your current needs is not something you need heap self-judgment on yourself over!

Follow your heart! Allow it to guide you to the practices your Divine self really needs! And keep an eye out for this month’s blog post, as I will be talking more about the practices that are my go-to activities for staying in center!s