Month: April 2017

Your content plan

Why use the spaghetti against the wall method or post random memes, when strategy gets you more for less work?? A content plan can help you round out the types of content you are putting out, topics, forms (video, written, etc…), keeping up with the sales seasons, and help you work forward so that you …

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What is a brand?

So if your business process and products aren’t really your baby, then your brand HAS to be. Your brand, basically, is what people know of your business. It’s a kind of intangible quality based on your reputation, your imagery, your messaging, and your approach to your field. It’s intangible because no matter you try, you …

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Your Soulmate clients

Clients aren’t just some nameless, faceless strangers for the soul-centered entrepreneur. Your clients are your soulmates! So many times sensitive souls have a bit of an us-vs.-them complex with the rest of the world. We think that we need to have a high level of proof and trust to have a connection with another. At times, …

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Being unshakable in life and biz

Being unshakable in life and biz

This weekend was the weekend before I started my big launch. I had spent a good month creating and planning, and I was ready to lay it all out there. And then… I spent all weekend doing family stuff that came up, did one birthday dinner, had an unexpected new tarot client call for an …

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