Weekly Guidance: November 14th: Release and come to One-ness again


As the full moon comes into her wholeness, we are being guided to once again consider what we have been filling ourselves up on.  The beginning of this week might feel intense and perhaps even confrontational, but as the week flows toward Thanksgiving week (for us in the US) we will be showered with inspired and higher vibe messages.  This is an important release period for those in the US after our chaotic elections and the high emotions that have stuck around.

This release period isn’t so much as forgiving and forgetting our intense emotions of the past few weeks, but rather in taking stock and make sure we are deeply honoring and seeking to heal the heavier, darker emotions within us. Those emotions are guidance too, they are part of us and needed just as much as the higher vibe feelings of joy and gratitude. We can’t stay stuck in them. Learning what we need and need to do to transcend WITH those emotions is the real inner game of life. Our darker, shadow side, is only in shadow because we have tried to hide ior bury it, not because we are personally truly dark.

Our darkness is one of the things that connects us and provides a gateway to our one-ness. Each of us has similar struggles, experiences our own separation from the whole, isolation, and separateness of self from the rest. Trust the Divine timing and placement of this week and your personal flow, to help you see your connection and one-ness on a deeper level!


Inspired idea for this week:

Especially in our struggle with shadow, we are one with each other. We really are walking each other home.

Especially in our struggle with shadow, we are one with each other. We really are walking each other home. Click To Tweet

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