weekly guidance march 20 allow your heart to lead

Weekly Guidance: March 20th: Allow your heart to lead

Happy Spring and Equinox!!

As the light now finally equals the dark and is about to over take the presence of night in our lives, we are called to reflect on what it is we actually desire and how well our life aligns with our dreams.

This week will either be enlightening and supportive or this week will feel as if the world is about to come crashing down around your ears. The reflective nature of the energies this week may have us feeling somewhat disappointed, frustration, or even urgency because life doesn't match what we envision. There may even be the feeling of having to withdraw so we can focus on what our internal landscape. 

The key to the week ahead lies in your wholeheartedness, not your ability to control events or people. It is also in our ability to stay in tune with the people and events around us. The Bone collector this week came up to remind us that we are never "not enough" or "lacking". Our Divine selves exists to keep us connected to the unconditional love, support, comfort, and validation we could ever need. Even if those experience only exist in our internal world.

As we receive guidance as to where we need more work in our daily manifestation of our dreams (walking our talk, following our passion), we need to keep in mind that everyone we love and meet is going to through the same kind of reflection. Everyone has dreams...or at least once had. As we are taking the week to tune better to the spots that still feel a little tender, the Dragon from the messenger oracle deck asks to have patience with ourselves and others. As we draw to a close on the equinox later in the week, Mercury is preparing to go retrograde. Communication is especially important, as is finding the right words. There is always a way to speak to someone that is respectful and healing! So let your heart and sense of oneness lead you this week!

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Allow your heart to lead.

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