Weekly Guidance: Feb. 27th, 17: Allow high-vibe energies to shift your expectations


As we move through this week the beautiful energy from the New Moon and Eclipse will begin to wane. As much as we can come to LOVE those times of high energy, once we manage to get in sync with them, they don’t last. They never will, and they aren’t meant to. Those periods of high energy and big dreams are meant to realign us and give us some fuel to sail through the slower moment and times. By the end of the week we’re going to be looking at the “real” world again, so take the time at the beginning of the week to create reminders for yourself for the weeks to come about your big why, your big vision, and any other strong guidance you received this past Eclipse season.

There might be a bit of a transition you have to go through, from high external light to having to be our own light again. That transition can you feeling a bit like “What just happened? Why do I feel so down today?”. But in reality, Loves, it’s not you. It’s more like living off a big bonus check or big tax refund for a time, and then having to go back to your regular budget. It might feel like a bit of a let down at first, but it’s not.  It’s just life going back to equilibrium.

At the beginning of the week we will have a wonderful energy to help us reorient our daily routines and actions to allow to carry our now clearer and bigger dreams forward with more ease, so make use of that 22 master day on Tuesday!! During this period, don’t just plan for the week ahead, plan for the long run and try to anticipate your emotional patterns. Your dream babies won’t come to life within a week, so plan how you will nourish and grow them over time, in a way is that nourishing for both you and your dreams. This isn’t just a week of planning and reflecting. The Wheel of Fortune was drawn, I believe, to remind us to take action. Even if it’s just talking something out with a close friend or your mastermind group, sometimes we have to “put out” or create our own ripples in order to begin attracting new and different things.

Allow high-vibe energies to shift your expectations! That’s their purpose!

Allow high-vibe energies to shift your expectations! That's their purpose! Click To Tweet

Allow high-vibe energies to shift your expectations! That's their purpose!

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