If intense was part of your reality for the last two weeks, this week might seem like it's slowing down a bit. We are about half way through the current Merc. retro and different energies will be coming into play be the end of the week. If you still feel intensity through this week, then take it as a Divine sign that you are putting way too much pressure on yourself and you should focus on an easier way to get a similar result. Pluto is going retro at the end of this week and we're all going to get a little more inward.

Pluto has us looking at power and control in life. If you're the kind of person who has an innate need to control minutia this week might actually seem harder than previous weeks because everyone in some way is going to be reflecting on why they aren't where they want to be and make choices about how to get there. This next two week period is a realignment using everything we've learned about our truest self over Venus retro and now putting it into motion. Release your control over others and take the inward journey to unconditional inner security.

Over the next two weeks we're going to be building up toward an up-level or a revelation. As we get closer to Beltaine and May Day we're going to be building our sense of power and choice and letting go of everything that stands in our way toward having a better life. The more control dramas, addictions, or limitations we have in our lives, the more this retrograde can impact you. Take the time to do the inner work so you don't have to keep going through these patterns every time Pluto retros. Be kind to yourself, these will be deep and foundational changes you will be considering!!

We are clearing space out in your lives so that when the creative, fey, and inspirational message come during Beltaine season we can be ready to plant new ideas and direction. So we can be ready to take on the next step or phase in our lives. 

Cards Drawn

2 of pentacles


Love that you are different

Thought for the week

Letting go will make room for better things in your life

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letting go will make room for better things in your life
Weekly Guidance: April 17, 2017: Letting go will make room for better things in your life
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