Weekly Guidance: April 10th, 2017: Trust the equilibrium of soul

With four planets in retrograde, a meteor shower over this last weekend, and mama moon coming into her fullness, we are flying high for the next few days. It might feel hard to get work done or stay with just one project, so take it easy. Work as you can, and when you can't stop and take stock. Record what is going through your mind-body this week, for a lesson is at hand about what you CAN do and how you are truly unstoppable.

Don't push your intuitive hits about your inner wellness and power away this week. Embrace them. Soul is always leading and showing us how to get back to our default nature, which is intrinsic wellness. Random crazy happenings or thoughts does not lessen your worth, your powerful potential, or your destiny. They are just things that sometimes happen. Trust your good feels this week and allow them to increase your sense of overall well-being!

Cards Drawn

Three of cups

Balancing Act

Seek the Lesson

Trust the equilibrium of soul!

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Trust the  equilibrium  of soul!

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