Week Guidance, September 5th: Create the freedom, space, and energy you need

weekly guidance sept 5 wash away your burdens


This is not the week to take things personally, this is the week to charge up your sense of starting a new adventure. And like all new adventures there is a element of meeting the unknown in it. We may not know how everything will play out this coming week, but it’s time to lend a little faith and trust that things will go they way we actually need them to go. This isn’t the week to stress on whether all of our expectations will be met or whether we are accurately living out exactly what we saw in dreams and vision.

Dreams and visions are seeds for potential destinies and future paths. The real world version won’t necessarily look exactly like what we have been dreaming about. Getting those kinds of dream, vision, and guidance is a lot like being handed a blueprint. We have to build it, we have to add our own design flourishes, we have to add our own energy and preferences. So wash away any anxieties that might be keeping focusing on some perfectionist idea of how things need to be and ride the wave of energy and emotion this week.

When we are building our amazing lives to support the best version of ourselves we’ll need to hash some stuff out. Old routines and activities, even if they were a part of your daily practice, may not be able to support the energy and rhythm you need to keep right now. Don’t let that stop you, dive into life right now and look for the balance in the rhythm and the messages that will be coming forth.

At the end of this week, we’re heading toward a larger pull to let go and feel freedom. So loves, let the adventure that guides your week be in discovering exactly what you need in order to sustain this new rhythm and balance, and the goal in seeing how this will lead you to the next perfect step along your path!

how will you create the freedom, space, and energy you need to take the next step

How will you create the freedom, space, and energy you need to take the next step?

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