Website Builder add-on FAQ

This Website Builder option is only for those who have purchased the “Ready for a Soul-centered Business” package.

Here are some common questions for this upgrade!


Who will have access to my website?

My team and I will guide you live through an online conference, so you maintain complete control of your website and content. If there is an occasion where you need additional help, we will help you create a test user for us to help you through and when we are finished we will help you delete that user, so no one will have access to your site without your knowledge.


Where will my site be located?

At first your site will be located on our Go Daddy pro account. If you chose to keep your site on this account, we can work out a fantastic deal on website hosting. But we will also help you zip up and migrate your site to new hosting should you chose to go to a new web host. The export of your site content can be done by you at any time, so should you chose to cancel your hosting in the future, you can snag your website content to upload to a new host as long as your site remains active. Our focus is primarily on helping you get your business online, and we only offer website hosting as a convenience for you.


Can I move my site later to a new host?

Of course!! Your site will be your own creation!  We retain no guarantees or copyrights on your site or content. Our focus is to get your business up and running online, and we offer web hosting solely as an optional convenience. But migrating a wordpress site isn’t terribly complicated and there are oodles of documentation available from wordpress on this should you decide to move to a fresh wordpress on a new host (which is the recommended procedure for site migration).


What are the pages that are included in my package?

Home page

contact page

about page

sales page

blog/extra page


Are you going to write my content or sales copy?

Nope. I will help guide you to create it yourself, and NO YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PROFESSIONAL WRITER to do this. There is a process to creating these pages and refining your sales position and message. I will be guiding you through this process, so you will know exactly what you should be saying in order to share your message! My husband, who is my partner in this venture, and I like throw around catchy ideas and will certainly help you brainstorm and do some basic editing, but this all about you baby!! It’s time to let give your dream breath and life!!


I heard websites can be expensive, will there be any additional costs?


There are no additional costs required for my program. My focus in on teaching you to use free resources to get yourself started. At any point you have the option to hire your own graphics person or copyist to further improve the baseline we are building. It might be worth considering buying stock photos at some point to create a truly custom professional polished look, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Domain names and one year of hosting is included in this package. Domain names and hosting packages will need to be renewed on yearly basis.

Themes: there are thousands of wordpress themes out there both for free, for limited us, or to buy. I prefer to work with free stuff, but you could of course purchase a theme and we’ll help you install it.

Plug ins: There are thousands of plugin for wordpress which help extend and customize your website. Like themes there plugins for just about any use that are free, limited but free, and also to buy. And like themes, you are free to purchase any plugins you would like I we’d be happy to help you try to integrate into your site, but it’s always best to go with free first and then see what you really need to buy, if anything. On my site, I use exactly one paid for plugin.


Will you be posting to Social Media on my behalf?

Nope. I will be teaching you how to be visible and increase reach and exposure, but I’m not going to write or schedule your posts for you. I will teach you the process for figuring out a basic and tailored social media plan, and some some tools to help you along the way. I do like to re-post or share my client’s posts in order to help them gain more exposure, but this is done at my discretion.


Do you guarantee sales on my new site?

No. I can’t. I don’t know you yet!! I don’t know what you are planning on selling or where you are in your own sales process journey. But wherever you are at, I plan to help you shift toward making the commitment to continually improvement, not because something is wrong with you or site, but because you will be learning more and more about who you are, what you plan to offer, and what your soul mate clients really want and like. This mindset is half the battle in the sales process.

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