Weekly Guidance: September 10th, 2017: Listen for spirit on a deeper level

weekly guidance sept 1017 listen for spirit on a deeper level

This week the planets are going to be giving us a bit of refresher on all the insights about who want to become and where we want to go that came to us during the Eclipse season. We are still in the shadow of Merc. retro so this isn't a perfectly green light situation, this is more a "get, get set...." week, where we further align to those new possibilities. 

The cards Coventina, Love without Condition, 7 of pents, reminds us of the bigger work that needs to come forward this week. With so much tragedy, trauma and drama this past week we all need to give ourselves and others space to release and recover.  Create sacred time and space can help people do just that. Even if it's simply dedicating a little more time this week to really deeply listening to someone while they do some releasing, we can still keep it sacred for ourselves by honoring our role as witness to those who are in suffering.

And, of course, when two or more are gathered, the magick of Spirit is present and greater healing can occur. 

This weekend is looking like a blissful balm to these past few weeks, so take advantage of the energies coming through this week. Stop and listen and love what you are hearing!

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Stars and cards weekly reading for 9-11-17

Some crystals to help you focus your energy this week could be:

Aquamarine (for clarity and soothing feelings),

Carnelian (to bring us into our joy and one-ness),

Fluorite (to help you strengthen your spirit "listening" and open your channels more).


Useful internal work for the week:

Gratitude. In the midst of all the clean up and settling out from the hurricanes, earthquakes, and other chaos this week is an excellent time to give BIG thanks for simply being alive, having homes or safe places to be, and for the chance to make things better. 

Taking inspired action this week, could well be in-line with the theme of this month, blossoming. With so much help needed in the world and especially the US right now, we could very well easily find a way to serve that is greatly fulfilling and serving the greater good. Pay attention to how you feel called to help this week!



Cards drawn for this week:

Coventina: Purification: It's time for cleaning and detoxification of your body and mind.

Love without condition


7 of pentacles

Thought of the week

Listen for Spirit on a deeper level!

Listen for Spirit on a deeper level! Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the lightworker Soulpreneur, the biz goddess?


This might be a week for:

  • Increasing your visibility through pro bono or free work.
  • Holding the light so we can see more just, fair, and balanced ways to help and help people heal from tragedy.
  • Doubling your self care, maybe tripling. There are going to be a lot of feels this week in the collective, A LOT. In addition to the people we come in direct or online contact with. Take care and let your heart lead, but do keep choosing peace and comfort for yourself and others this week.
  • Finding smarter ways to help more people. There is going to be a lot of people in need of help this week, and we can't help everyone, get burned out, and crash. We have to find ways to helping more people, more easily. If you can't help someone, try to tap other lightworkers who might have some empty slots! Getting people the help they need is what is important, not who helps them or putting them on your waiting list.

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listen for spirit on a deeper level



September month and Weekly Guidance: August 28th, 2017: Dream big and take big action. The Universe wants to rise to meet you!

Weekly Guidance: Dream big and take big action.

Feeling better now that Saturn is stationed direct in Sagittarius?

I know I am. Now that Saturn is moving direct in Sagittarius again, I feel like things can flow again with getting too weird or out there with random crazies. I also feel that things are up to me again, not simply the Universe. As if by consciously putting myself out there in the Universe I can get some results toward my intentions that I can actually bank on. Focus, aim, and inner healing are the theme of the week, not just this Saturn period.

Everyone is feeling more free, so remember to keep your on and off duty boundaries, as the "Be vigilant" card from the Messenger Oracle deck reminds us. It's not our job to guide people through every second of their live and decisions. Sometimes just letting people know we have faith in them is really all that is needed. We have to take care of us first, get our stuff done first, and give from our excess. And the Universe is counting on us to take of our stuff, our mission, this week.

Thursday and Sunday are Master 22 days, so we're going to have cosmic support to get things DONE! Mama Earth (the Mawu card) and the tarot card "the world" remind us this can be an awesome week, nourishing, moving toward blossoming if we can release our fear of getting bitten in the ass or the crazy idea that we can heal everyone else.  These are the patterns we need to free ourselves from, so we feel fully supported and justified in taking care of ourselves.

"The Ghostlands" card from the Enchanted Map deck asks us to stop comparing NOW to the past. We are never really reliving a past pattern, as each moment is a new and different place and time. Our glory days aren't only in the past either, we need to taking Inspired and creative action to make those kinds moments are of our present lives. What you are experiencing nostalgia for are the things that we are being called to bring into our current lives, not from the direct past experience, but from where we're currently at. 


Don't forget to get the whole reading of my Monday FB livestream on replay!! 

Weekly reading and guidance

Some crystals to help you focus your energy this week could be:

Malachite (to keep us grounded, inspired action), Sodalite (to help boost our voice as we finish up Merc retro), and Blue Topaz (for helping you tune into the energies coming through).


Useful internal work for the week:

Take a real good look at whats working and why that seems to be. We're almost out of Merc retro, only one week and a few days, we're going to be able to solidify plans quickly now. Make sure you're recording what you are doing, making note of how smoothly you can turn some of your eclipse inspirations and opportunities into a regular and positive thing for you.



Cards drawn for this week:

Mawu: Mother Earth: You are called upon to help with Environmentalism.


Be Vigilant

The world

Thought of the week

Dream big and take big action. The Universe wants to rise to meet you!

Dream big and take big action. The Universe wants to rise to meet you! Click To Tweet

September Guidance:

This month of integration is going be like a soulful Homecoming. Now that the dust has settled on the big Eclipse action we might be asking what on Earth it all meant, what all that hoopla was about. Well it was more than a simple string of bad luck or chaos. And we've got all September to begin to take part what did happen. And as some of our retrograde go direct over this next month, all those changes we wanted to see happen are going to come to the forefront. Eclipses aren't necessarily about beginning new things, but the second half of Mercury retrograde is. And this is where we currently are. 

All the ideas and inspiration can now begin to to be put into motion. You have all month to play around and find out what works, but what you focus on this week and next week are going to an extra dose of manifestation power!!



Cards drawn for the month:

AEracura: Blossoming: You are just getting started, have patience with yourself and the process, and don't give up.


September Guidance

What does this mean for the lightworker Soulpreneur, the biz goddess?


This might be a week for:

  • Either moving forward, slow and steady, or finally making some decisions about how to move forward slow and steady.
  • Pay attention to new things seem to be working for you or helping you gain more traction. These are clues as to where we need to invest more time and attention over the coming month.
  • Some Core Desired Feeling or Energetic key work might be good this week, as the past comes up to remind us of the good times. Just remember to not compare the past to now, we are looking how we can weave in some new energies into what we are doing now, that might have served us well in the past.

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Dream big and take big action. The Universe wants to rise to meet you!



Weekly Guidance: Sept 26th: the dance of balance

weekly guidance: Sept 26th: dance of balance

This will be a week of seeming opposing forces, action and dreaming, forward movement and stability. We can no longer afford to view life as and/or. Instead, we need to learn to live from a place where all the forces come together into a sweet spot. It is through these opposing forces that we find balance, that sweet spot that touches upon all the ingredients we need to forge ahead on our path. A word on balance, before . When we talk about balance your mind might conjure up visions of perfectly done yoga poses or of you being a super mom and entrepreneur.

But balance isn’t something static. It’s not a “perfect” state of being all things at once. Balance is being able to maintain homeostasis in rhythm through opposing forces, like a ball going through push and pull forces. We don’t want to get caught in such heavy currents that we are frozen in place, we just need to find a healthy and sustainable rhythm that will keep our center flourishing and nourished.

Balance isn’t about being stuck in one place, it’s dancing amid the forces surrounding you.

What caught my attention about this reading is the Magickal Map Maker card. The meaning in the book for this card focuses on the players in our life. The author points out that we need to be aware of the vibe of others in our life. Also that there are times we need to choose a new vibe for ourselves through the people we play with and love. So, please so be aware of those who seem to be message bearers for you this week, it might very well be a sign that you need to let this person and message into your life more.


Guidance for week of Sept 26th: Guidance for week of Sept 26th: Balance isn't about being stuck in one place, it's dancing amid the forces surrounding you.. Click To Tweet


I want to point out here, that the Map Shifter is consciously arranging things in her life. She is watching the flow of things around her, so she will know where to shift or move to next. In this week of protecting the balance we have found (or are still finding), be aware of two things. The first is your balance as it is right now. How can you make this more pleasurable and sustainable?

The second thing to be aware of, is as October comes upon us, we will see new inspiration and level of truth telling. These are the last two weeks of being in the shadow of this last Mercury retrograde. Our communication and expression can still be put to the “soul alignment test”during this time. If you feel you haven’t gotten past your blocks and hit upon the root truth to what you are experiencing in life right now, you have two weeks yet to do so!! The focus on balance this week could really lend itself to finding your new truth!

weekly guidance: sept. 26th: the dance of balance

Tell me in the comments below: What truths are you holding back??? What do you need to do in order to upgrade your idea of balance??

Weekly Guidance: Sept. 12th: slow your roll and dig into Soul


This week’s guidance feels very clear, it’s all about soul integration. If you’ve been doing the inner work this eclipse season has asked of you, then this week should feel more like an internship than a trail by fire. I am saying it’s an internship because the work we do this week can very well count as moving toward our overall success. It’s not a test, it’s a chance for us to slow our roll, roll up our sleeves, and use the lessons and mind shifts we have been awakening to these last two months to move forward.

On the surface, it may seem like obstacles or weird situations may be thrown your way, but this is your chance to get more deeply into your center and apply some Love to the situation. When we are fully in our center, there really aren’t any problems, as we are used to thinking of them on a daily basis. From that perspective we are acting from love or not from love, from the light or from our shadow. This week is all about shifting and releasing, basically everything I’ve been writing about here at Super Secret Powers since the beginning of August!!

We are being asked to slow down a bit, not so much to make better choices, but to make choices from the best energy and space for us. This can be a week of big action, but we are being called to approach our actions and decisions this week from a very deep soul level. The stars will support this move, this rebirth of our soul selves, by giving the energy to release the habits, patterns, lifestyle choices, and so forth that no longer serve us. As we move toward the Full moon and eclipse over this week end, invest your trust in your light, your intuition, and your guidance. In the week coming, I sense that many who thrive this week will finally have  sense of initiation, of having “made it, or even finally having graduated!

Soul Level Reflection for this week

Weekly Reflection: Sept. 12: We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to created them. -Einstien

Weekly Reflection: Sept. 12: We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to created them. -Einstien Click To Tweet

Weekly Reflection: Sept. 12: We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to created them. -Einstien

Weekly Guidance: August 22nd: Set your intentions early

Weekly guidance set your intentions early

Today we are introducing a new deck to my mix, the First Light Tarot is a neat combination of oracle deck and tarot deck, decorated with photos from the Hubble telescope. It’s awesome little deck for those who are considering it. But on to the reading….

The intensity of August and the Eclipse season continues to inspire us and keep us looking in a new direction. If you take the time to set your intentions clearly and early, based on the illumination you got over last week and the weekend, you will have created an energetic “talisman” to help guide you during the coming week.

This week is more a trial run than it is real life. We’re going to have a lot of ideas and inspiration for practical implementation thrown at us in regards to your new vision. This is the time to test out your thoughts and feelings about what you can create. Take the energy on, take to a big level, so that you can discover what will easily flow from your intentions and what needs more clarity and refinement to work.

weekly guidance: our intention creates our reality

Weekly Affirmation: Our intention creates our reality. -Wayne Dryer

Weekly Affirmation: Our intention creates our reality. -Wayne Dryer Click To Tweet


To focus on creating your energetic talisman or tuning your internal compass, charge your energy field up really high at the start of the week. Raise your vibe with your core desired feelings (the feelings you really to experience now and in the immediate future) so that those feelings can act as a magnet pulling resonant inspiration and opportunities your way for the rest of the week. You can also allow those feeling to guide you in making choices that feel resonant with your desired feelings.  Charge your system by getting real good and deep with what you feel, no holding back, as the closer we get to retrograde the fuzzier things can get in the realm of words and expression. Take time over the next few days to do some internal work, like the Desire Map, the Dreambook, or the Courageous Living Program!


guest oracle

We had a fabulous guest drawer today, who drew the Empress for herself. Andrea is the owner of Andrea’s Wellness Connection and is a Wellness and happiness coach currently getting her programs together.  She mixes coaching with product support of Itworks! and other suppliments

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