Weekly Guidance: March 6, 2017: Act from the energy of what you love

weekly guidance for biz goddesses: march 6th 2107: act from the energy of what you love

I have a feeling this going to be a week where walking your talk is paramount to staying in sync with the energy coming through. Between a Grand Cross on Wed followed by a master 22 day, we’re looking at a week where our sense of personal integrity has some important messages for you. No don’t confuse seriousness with being responsible. You can have fun and be loving and being responsible. I’ve told all my kids this one piece of advice, 90% of being responsible is being responsive. Meaning it’s about answering the questions that are being asked to best of your ability and not over-promising.

We already have such big heart, compassion, sense of responsibility, and sense of integrity that we need to really sit with the realization this week, that not everyone is geared toward holding those higher vibes on the physical plane. What we have, our mojo, even if we drive ourselves nuts with it, really is a gift, our super secret power. It’s from this level that the world needs what we have to give. It’s not about over-giving, getting that one last certification, or trying to fit ourselves into the “professional” box. It’s about being to true to who we are, what we are experiencing and feeling, and letting our gifts model healthy ways of being for others…even if that means ranting a little in your social media posts to get other’s attention. Even the positivity mask is still a mask!!

Remember to stay true with what is actually jiving for this week, not ONLY the good feelings, but also what is giving you an energetic or love ROI (return on investment). If you’re not feeling the ROI, then there are some tweaks that need to make to what you are doing. Up love vibe and act from that place!


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May Cause Miracles: Day 8 Self Inflicted Fear

self inflicted fear causes us to judge harshly


In Day 8 Gabrielle speaks about the habit of turning to self inflicted fear when we allow ego and fear to run the show of our lives. As I have been coming deeper and deeper into the present moment on a daily and consistent basis, the interruption of fear has been so much more glaring. There had been a long (-ish) point in time where I didn’t know which thoughts were real, the dark, hopeless ones or the hopeful ones. Coming into understanding of my own true nature, of that presence which is ever constant behind all the drama and struggle that can often seem to occur in daily life has proved to me many time over that it had never been about hope or hopelessness. The struggle had been about coming to recognize the fear I was continually creating in myself.

What really began finally breaking the hold that fear had in me, was the realization that fear spoke nothing of what I knew of the Divine, in fact it spoke of the world as if the Divine did not exist or as it were wishful thinking. Even in the face of an intuitive hit, my fear would try to talk it’s way of our of having to make courageous choices. It would dredge up the past, as if that were real proof that my future would turn out the same…even after my circumstances had completely altered to the point where those past experiences couldn’t happen again. The glaringness of my myopic ego became clearer and clearer, as I felt and responded to my guidance. Fear had seemed so real, all the feeling rolling around in my stomach, the weight on my shoulders…the experience of it had been so captivating…but it was utterly created.

My fears did not exist outside my mind. And neither do yours. Click To Tweet

Don’t get me wrong, fear exists in all people. But it’s never, ever, really the same fear. It’s never the same, because only we can create our own hell states, our own triggers, our own fear, and our own judgments and ego-stories about how and how we turned out the way we did. The judgment we make when we let fear run our lives, creates our problems, our struggles, and our pain. But an instant of clarity, an ounce for self-forgiveness for having been fearful, set us straight again.

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May Cause Miralces: Day 7 A new perception or all about self-love

self-love helps you release the blocks to who you really are

Day 7 in May Cause Miracles is a recap and look forward day. I read the intro to next week, which was all about untangling some of the myth and some of the things to expect from focusing on self-love.  My journey to self-love had been guided by practicality before my most recent awaken stage. I followed maxims and addages like only give from your overflow and don’t make promises you can’t keep as if they were self loving all by themselves. I thought that the practice of these self defending idea were evidence of a person having great self-love. Yet, continually, I wouldn’t feel self-loving, only self-limiting.  Now it’s not my intent to tell you not to follow those kinds of wisdom. My point here is that they aren’t self-loving, unless you are actually self-loving.

I realize deep self-love can be a really scary or impossible sounding idea to some people. For some, in their unawakened lives, it is so much easier to find evidence of a thousand reasons to be self-loathe. Gabby makes a good point in this chapter, as she talks about how we are biased to ourselves. We can treat our loved ones so much better, and with a lot less judgment, than we treat ourselves. Ego has a funny way of making us believe that the rules that apply to everyone, for one reason or another, shouldn’t or don’t apply to us. We are more right, less forgivable, more deeply wounded, etc…, than anyone else or at least the other person in a given conflict. Ego tells us we need to believe these things because it’s trying to save us from more hurt, more pain. Yet the minute we think or believe we are separate or different from anyone else, that the rules of the Universe apply more or the rules are different, is when we have let ego run show.

Self-love has to come from within and it has to come first or else we will always be caught up in these special rules that are guiding our lives that ego says are true. Click To Tweet

When we begin to see that the world does NOT work any different for us than others, we can see how we’ve been holding back our true potential. If Bill Gates can be successful, so can we. No one gave him special permission to do this thing. If someone can forgive you, you can forgive yourself and others. If someone can change their mindset and situation, then so can you. The potential has always been there, but our ego has allowed us to believe that somehow the rules for our lives were different than other people. But that can’t be. We all live in the same Universe!!!

Coming into the Truth about self, is seeing how we have blocked ourselves from being just like everyone else, for better or for worse. How have we held ourselves apart, contributed to our own feelings of isolation and loneliness? And what energies and ideas have believed couldn’t never work for us, because we were too different?

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