Weekly Guidance: August 21st, 2017: Learn to embody higher energies

Learn to embody higher energies.


Happy Eclipse and New Moon!! 

The Moon card came forward this week to remind us to go inward.  Solar eclipses happen during New Moons, and new moons are all about release and integration of shadow. And it's new moon in Leo. So we're going to get bold, bold enough to confront our past and move through it. Bold enough to let go of things we never thought we would be to release because they formed such a strong lesson point in our lives. But even good lessons sometimes need to be let go, so that we can begin taking in new lessons and deeper lessons.

As we roll into Tuesday (some parts of the world will still be in Eclipse energy) we'll have a master day after our revelations. While master days are typically days where we are being asked to stand for ourselves and our work, we're still in Mercury retrograde. So this might be an excellent day to try something new or trying things in a new ways. It might well very be a day when you can let go some bad past experiences and try something that felt like "failure"  or "hurt" before with new eyes and heart.

The Messenger Oracle card, "Respect your Boundaries" and the Enchanted Map deck "Come together", show that while things might be lifting, we still need to make sure we are leaving ourselves the time and space to finish the inner shifts we have begun. That might include some extra alone time, daily practice "work", and making appointments with uplifting friends and peers for some planning and dreaming time. We are still in an energy of being able to experiment with different changes, but as Saturn goes direct over the weekend we'll come a point where we'll be able to make more solid choices. And once we are really able to get some momentum going, we can be more ready for meeting the world as it is again.

Vesta rounds the reading for the week. The message "Your household situation is improving, either through a move or a healthy change in the occupants." isn't entirely literal. While relationships, authority, and trust might have brought some issues to the home-front, this season hasn't had the "homey" energy that we had in June and at the beginning of the year. But the message is certainly poignant, in that life in general is going to improve and flow easier, as the week goes on, as we begin to integrate and get real with all the changes and shifts this eclipse has brought for you. 

Remember to take some time for embracing the sacredness of your life and this time of year!


And here's part 2


Cards drawn

Vesta: Your household situation is improving either through a move or a healthy change in the occupants.

Coming Together

The Moon

Respect your Boundaries

Thought of the week

Learn to embody higher energies.

Learn to embody higher energies. Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the intuitive biz Goddess?

This week should be geared toward things like:

  • Building some new or improved action plans with your clients.
  • Refreshing your marketing plans and opportunities to "get out there in the spotlight".
  • New product ideas or ways to serve your following might hit you out of the blue.
  • Since we're not out of Merc Retro yet, we still have two weeks to go, this is the time to make sure your clients are being realistic about their new plans, ideas, and changes. It's at time to help your clients research and experiment with trying new things out. Don't commit to action plans and huge investments of time and money now unless flexibility is part of the desire for the project or idea. If something more stable is desired, wait until after Merc goes direct in early September to solidify plans.

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Learn to embody higher energies.


Weekly Guidance: March 13th 2017: Attune to a Higher Vision


As the shadow of the eclipses fade from our consciousness, we are transitioning into a week where we’re asked to be the light. With Venus and Jupiter in retrograde…and yes, it’s Jupiter, not Saturn (if you caught the mistake in my video!!), the month ahead is one that will be pivotal to those Goddesses on the entrepreneurial path. The current retrogrades are going to help align our outward success and leadership role closer to what we love and live for. Our relationships are going be asked to adjust, including the relationships we have to work, tasks, and how we feel about those things.

This week guidance may come through about how we can improve our walk and bring it further into alignment. From the cards drawn, a special message about the balance between your higher vision and your inspired action might hit you, probably mid-week. Don’t make it personal. Could have, would have, and should have mean nothing. The Universe isn’t seeking to berate about how you might be playing it small, not quite walking your talk, or simply not listening. Any feelings along those lines this week, should only be taken a gentle nudge back in the right direction!

Instead of beating yourself up, open to the feelings that you think you are missing!! You might be surprised at how fast they return once you turn your attention back to love. This place of Love is what will take you beyond any thoughts of self-doubt or recrimination!  Take a gander at the video for this week for a deeper look at the cards drawn!!


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Thought for the week:

Attune to a Higher Vision

Attune to a Higher Vision! Click To Tweet


Attune to a Higher Vision

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