September month and Weekly Guidance: August 28th, 2017: Dream big and take big action. The Universe wants to rise to meet you!

Weekly Guidance: Dream big and take big action.

Feeling better now that Saturn is stationed direct in Sagittarius?

I know I am. Now that Saturn is moving direct in Sagittarius again, I feel like things can flow again with getting too weird or out there with random crazies. I also feel that things are up to me again, not simply the Universe. As if by consciously putting myself out there in the Universe I can get some results toward my intentions that I can actually bank on. Focus, aim, and inner healing are the theme of the week, not just this Saturn period.

Everyone is feeling more free, so remember to keep your on and off duty boundaries, as the "Be vigilant" card from the Messenger Oracle deck reminds us. It's not our job to guide people through every second of their live and decisions. Sometimes just letting people know we have faith in them is really all that is needed. We have to take care of us first, get our stuff done first, and give from our excess. And the Universe is counting on us to take of our stuff, our mission, this week.

Thursday and Sunday are Master 22 days, so we're going to have cosmic support to get things DONE! Mama Earth (the Mawu card) and the tarot card "the world" remind us this can be an awesome week, nourishing, moving toward blossoming if we can release our fear of getting bitten in the ass or the crazy idea that we can heal everyone else.  These are the patterns we need to free ourselves from, so we feel fully supported and justified in taking care of ourselves.

"The Ghostlands" card from the Enchanted Map deck asks us to stop comparing NOW to the past. We are never really reliving a past pattern, as each moment is a new and different place and time. Our glory days aren't only in the past either, we need to taking Inspired and creative action to make those kinds moments are of our present lives. What you are experiencing nostalgia for are the things that we are being called to bring into our current lives, not from the direct past experience, but from where we're currently at. 


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Some crystals to help you focus your energy this week could be:

Malachite (to keep us grounded, inspired action), Sodalite (to help boost our voice as we finish up Merc retro), and Blue Topaz (for helping you tune into the energies coming through).


Useful internal work for the week:

Take a real good look at whats working and why that seems to be. We're almost out of Merc retro, only one week and a few days, we're going to be able to solidify plans quickly now. Make sure you're recording what you are doing, making note of how smoothly you can turn some of your eclipse inspirations and opportunities into a regular and positive thing for you.



Cards drawn for this week:

Mawu: Mother Earth: You are called upon to help with Environmentalism.


Be Vigilant

The world

Thought of the week

Dream big and take big action. The Universe wants to rise to meet you!

Dream big and take big action. The Universe wants to rise to meet you! Click To Tweet

September Guidance:

This month of integration is going be like a soulful Homecoming. Now that the dust has settled on the big Eclipse action we might be asking what on Earth it all meant, what all that hoopla was about. Well it was more than a simple string of bad luck or chaos. And we've got all September to begin to take part what did happen. And as some of our retrograde go direct over this next month, all those changes we wanted to see happen are going to come to the forefront. Eclipses aren't necessarily about beginning new things, but the second half of Mercury retrograde is. And this is where we currently are. 

All the ideas and inspiration can now begin to to be put into motion. You have all month to play around and find out what works, but what you focus on this week and next week are going to an extra dose of manifestation power!!



Cards drawn for the month:

AEracura: Blossoming: You are just getting started, have patience with yourself and the process, and don't give up.


September Guidance

What does this mean for the lightworker Soulpreneur, the biz goddess?


This might be a week for:

  • Either moving forward, slow and steady, or finally making some decisions about how to move forward slow and steady.
  • Pay attention to new things seem to be working for you or helping you gain more traction. These are clues as to where we need to invest more time and attention over the coming month.
  • Some Core Desired Feeling or Energetic key work might be good this week, as the past comes up to remind us of the good times. Just remember to not compare the past to now, we are looking how we can weave in some new energies into what we are doing now, that might have served us well in the past.

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Dream big and take big action. The Universe wants to rise to meet you!



Weekly Guidance: June 26th, 2017: Be the source of all you wish for your life


So how was solstice for you??

Those amazing high vibes are going to continue for the week ahead and as we head into the last Super New Moon of 2017. A cold finally caught with me this week, and so I took the hint and took things slow. Dreams and potential have been filtering through for me. While not all of those potentials were things I would necessarily like to see come to pass for myself and my family, this month has been about getting into alignment with what is actually best for us. Considering the things that have been circling in my life and the lives of my family and friends, just about the only thing that's really holding us back from making life change is how we judged that choice in the past. Circumstances might just be shifting to places where we never thought we might go, and it's not all bad. Bad is a judgement we make, not a definite, objective quality.

The 8 of Pentacles came forward this week to remind us that sometimes we need to look at all possible solutions or choices before we will know what is actually best for our situation. Even if that might mean bankruptcy, loss of job or homes, going back to school, or illness. These are life resets, not good or bad. What we do with those circumstances is what will make those choices good or bad for us, we can't know that until we have chosen and began to walk that path. We can faith, and the 8 of pents tells us this, in ourselves, our gut, the feelings behind the dreams we are building, to make the choice that feels good for our long term growth.

The Messenger Oracle card, "Nurture what you love" is a definite indication to follow what feels good. While no one could say they would love losing a home or having to move, there might be some definite upsides that you need to keep your focus on. Is there a better, more aligned location for you to live in? Is there a way to find cheaper rent, so you could save more? Of course, moving here is just one example. But keeping our eye on the prize, like say a more sustainable lifestyle, one that feels like freedom and security, could what you really need and will keep you from getting too down about the details surrounding the changes that don't feel the best. The phrase "look for the silver lining" is more than a cliche, it's how the Universe works when we are manifesting change. 

The better and stronger we can reflect the changes we want to see happen, from a soul level, the easier they will manifest in our lives. You can't fake it. You actually need to be able to generate that level of feeling where you are right now. This week could be very supportive of that level of manifestation and change. Spark, from the Enchanted Map deck, and Sarasvarti, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck, are all about inspiration, creativity, and expression. Use the arts to explore your feelings this week, re-work your vision board, create an amulet to help to focus on the feelings behind your dreams, write a little ritual for New Moon to help you release what stands in your way from being in the gorgeous energy you want for your life. Neptune is egging our sense of spirituality to go deeper, spirituality and creativity have a wonderful synergy together that could create great strides in what you are look to bring into your life. 

Cards drawn

Sarasvati- express yourself through the creative arts

Nurture all that you Love

8 of Pentacles


Thought of the week

Be the source of all you wish for your life.

Be the source of all you wish for your life. Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the intuitive biz Goddess?

This week should be geared toward things like:

  • Researching programs or classes you would like to save for.
  • Making sure your systems actually support what you are trying to do and meet your ROI standards. Additional automation might be a real task for you this week.
  • Looking ahead, with new thoughts, to rest of the year and into next year.
  • Getting down to the nitty gritty of what you actually need to get clients and run your biz.


As we look toward what clients might need more focus on, you might find they need help around:

  • How to begin a life up-level and how to work dreams into a plan.
  • How to be more accountable and take bigger or more strategic action in their lives.
  • How to get back to spiritual and personal growth.
  • Choice discernment.


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Weekly guidance: Oct. 10th: Magick is afoot!

weekly guidance oct 10 release struggle

This week we get a taste of the super-moon 2016 season. This season is going to ask us to dig deep in a way we haven’t experienced since the beginning of the year. I have been missing this energy, as I usually find it easy to establish a good stride in the type of energy coming. The cards drawn for this week are pretty straightforward. There is magick afoot and it’s our job to stay in center and ride that cosmic wave. Our self-care and eye for sustainability (of energy and time) is the focus of this coming week and full moon. The moon-beamy energy and the energy of this month’s meteor showers is going being a watery, emotional, dream-like quality to our guidance and manifestations.

Memories of good times past will serve a message from spirit to ask to look at what we are making time for in our new eclipse-influenced patterns and lifestyle. Relationships seem to be coming into focus, as we will see clearly how to round out our new lifestyle with more connection and space around our doings. The call for more being instead of doing is going to be a common theme. Spirit messages will flow toward us like spring melt rising the river banks and we need to stay on top of the soul and spirit communication coming through right now, lest we take it for granted. If you follow my work, the best way to stay on of such things is through relaxation and self-care. To care for self is to care for Soul.

This month and week will have a great deal of priority sorting to do. The hectic motions of the full moon and October will have us thinking about the “how” of sustainability for long term plans. Don’t be tempted to jump into the future or compare your place in your path with another’s place. We cannot move forward with our plans and destiny without passing through this moment and place in time. Make no mistake that we are being called to adjust, put quality over quantity. But this is not meant to be a message to stop what we are doing, it is not meant as discouragement. Time is our side, even if might not be passing as you expected it to. Keep slow and steady, and enjoy the ebbs and flows this week has to offer! Don’t sweat the small stuff and shift your focus inward to appreciate how far you’ve come!!


Weekly Guidance:


Weekly Guidance: Oct. 10th: Magick is afoot, listen for its rhythm. Dance in the flow! Click To Tweet


magick is afoot, listen for its rhythm. Dance in the flow!

Weekly Guidance: Oct 3rd: Love in action

Weekly guidance oct 3rd Love in action


On behalf of the Divine and all the guardians and guides, love, this week I ask you to not take things personally!!

This is going to be a week where we will confront a lot of shadow work revolving around our relationships and our self-worth. Depending on what blocks and strange flows you have in your reality and energy system, it might seem like a week of fighting, a week of having your value challenged, or a week where doing your normal routine of getting out there won’t seem enough. This is the Universe trying to send you a message, but it’s not a message about why you deserve to fail. Instead, it’s a message of where you need to apply copious amounts of self-love and compassion. Now that we have that cleared up, I also want to say that what will come up this week is also meant to change our thinking.

I didn’t say to rethink your commitment. We’ve worked really hard over the last two month to hone and clarify what we are committed to. Venus and Mars are going to showing us the areas that need to be brought into alignment so that our commitment to our work and higher purpose can flow even stronger. This isn’t’ a test either. It’s a week where the energies are going to give the direct consequences and result that our thinking is producing. In each moment and exchange, we have the ability to create the reality we want. It’s a matter of changing our thinking around “obstacles”.

This week, we need to heed the internal compass we have been building up over the eclipse season. This internal compass is the vision or sense of how things are supposed to feel. If reality isn’t measuring up to what you envisioned, then it’s time to change your thinking around what you are doing. If you experience this, it’s time to dig a little deeper into our expectations of ourselves and others. Quality of mind and the emotion we put behind our efforts is the real key to our manifestation. We need to be centered enough to hold our center and come from an already incredible place. We cannot wait until something or some time is more perfect. We need to keep our desired feelings in the forefront of our mind and create reality from there. The quality of our thinking defines our success, and this week will provide opportunities to see where we need to change the quality of our thinking. Use your dreams as the reference point for your internal compass.

So if this week, you get feeling a little insecure or worried. Stop. Don’t engage in triggered feelings. Instead get curious about how to shift your quality of mind, because you are most likely in a mental state isn’t going to serve you well.


Reflection for the week of Love in Action:

weekly guidance love in action are you in a quality of mind you can trust

Are you in a quality of mind you can trust? Click To Tweet

Vlog: Opening to the perfect moment!

Today I realized again how I was in the perfect moment. Just another day in the life of an intuitive, it just wasn’t the day I thought I would have. I thought maybe I’d get some work done, I’d have a client session, things would progress and then I would have dinner with my family. But those high energies of the last super new moon of year hit way high today. I’m working on a whole other level today, than I was yesterday. It certainly didn’t start out that way. It started out as grumpy that all my plans had gotten completely disrupted. But in that, I made a choice and a few minutes to listen more closely to the wisdom that was coming through. That inner knowing sprang forth so quickly and so completely today that for a while I felt I was running to catch up. And in even that, I listened closer. And then I became what was needed, and I saw how this was the day I needed to have, the perfect moment, the perfect timing. I don’t have a clear picture of what that means in the long term, but that isn’t needed. What’s needed is the openness to see that there is a bigger picture, a force shuffling things into place. And if I had stayed grumpy and resentful, I would have missed it. I would have completely overlooked the change that needed to happen in my own heart and mind.  But, Loves, the funny part is that this moment is not unlike all the others. Every moment has the potential to be this clear, this solid in knowing, this open to Divine timing and alignment. We simply need to choose it!

Focusing when there’s a thousand things on my plate: kicking overwhelm in the butt


At the beginning of this year, I should have been suffering massive overwhelm. I had been in the middle of a huge business mindset class, beginning to re-brand Super Secret Powers, keeping up with all the daily stuff, and traveling to an hour  (both ways) 3-4 days out of the week to visit a loved one in the hospital. My relationship to overwhelm before that time had been one of sulking resignation. Being sensitive, I took on my own overwhelm and the overwhelm and frustration around, making any period of overwhelm absolutely miserable for me and everyone around me. I always seemed to hit a chunk of overwhelm and slowly grind to halt and hating on the fact that, yet more thing, didn’t work out. It didn’t matter how excited I had been about doing something, the moment I hit a bit of friction in the journey to get something done I took it as a signal that it was’t going to work out. After years of stress and worry and craziness, I think I have finally nipped overwhelm in the butt!!!

Now overwhelm can be overwhelming and there are a few different ways one can feel overwhelm, so for this post let’s just talk about the ack of too many things and not enough time. You might hate me for this post, rail against me saying “that coach doesn’t understand my life, it’s complicated!” But bear with me, I didn’t think this mindset would work when I first heard it either. So let’s do this quick, like pulling a band aid off!

Overwhelm is a total and utter lie we tell ourselves when we are experiencing self doubt. Click To Tweet

It’s when we are saying:

  • I don’t think I can do this
  • I don’t know if I can handle this
  • How I am supposed to do all this

The thing all these statements have in common is that they are focused on some aspect of not knowing and doubt about enoughness. We experience these doubts when we aren’t sure we have enough, are enough, or can be enough do deal with life according to our expectations. It’s a clarity problem and it’s an expectations problem, and rarely doesn’t it say or mean anything about our intrinsic value (not matter what our wounded egos are freaking out about). Our intrinsic value has nothing to do with the things we are unclear about. We are not unlimited beings, we’re mortal after all, but we are Souls connected to Divine Source. For me this came to a huge realization that when it came to mindset and HOW I was capable of being, that I was only as limited as my mind (wounded ego or 8 yr old inner me) told me I was. I still had the same 24 hours, after all. Nothing about time had changed from one day to the next. Only my thinking had changed.

I believe that emotions are signals our soul uses to tell when we’re in center and of center, in sync with the world or out of sync. Overwhelm is certainly a signal of being out of center and out of sync. But I don’t think I was interpreting it the right way before, I think I was taking it way too personally (which is a hallmark trait of a sensitive person, btw). Overwhelm wasn’t/isn’t telling me or you that we need to stop what we’re doing, it’s asking to get more clear on the “why” of it all. I was committed to seeing these things through. In my case, I didn’t have the option of not doing these things. I spent the money for the class. I chose to make my loved one a big priority. I knew needed to make some changes to how I was going about business building. I was committed. If you’re not committed, then it’s to figure out what it is you CAN commit to and believe we can find a way through. If you are not committed to one end point or another, then no amount of good why’s is going to get you much further. Overwhelm asks to dig deeper, to go into some uncharted or maybe a little scary emotional waters. It asks us to explore our actual capabilities, not just what we think we are capable of. That takes a sense of committed to the adventure of the journey before us to navigate in a emotionally healthy way. One can play commitment leap frog to begin making progress, giving a little faith, a little attention to one small commitment, to see where it goes. But in order to overcome more weighty obstacles, one needs to build up the commitment steam and momentum before they give the big hill a go.

And it helped to get really really specific about what it is that we’re feeling lacking over. Is it really time? Or is it space to breathe and think? Is it about actually doing something, or is it a fear of getting frustrated and further into overwhelm? When we are in overwhelm we are not getting or giving ourselves the time and support we need in order to be in a good place to deal with the tasks ahead. The whole cycle of overwhelm is based on doubt, but then as we decline in feeling well, because we’re so stressed out, we take that some sort of sign.

Overwhelm was never meant to be a stop or slow sign. We don’t necessarily need to “do less” or even “simply”.

Overwhelm means we need to get clear on what actually matters. Click To Tweet

For me, during that really intense period back in January, I doubted that I pull it all off without getting sick, without stressing out, and without freaking out. I took the time to figure out what needed to improve to make my fears and doubt a non-issue. I was afraid of getting sick (and therefore being miserable) so I got more serious about my supplements and wellness routines (couldn’t have done any of it without my essential oils). So now I had the energy to tackle what I needed to tackle, but there were lingering doubts of how I wouldn’t let irritability or fear insert it’s control. I had to really sit back and set some large core desired feeling state goals for this time period. In all the traveling and reinvention of my business, I wanted it feel joyful and loving. I needed to be on the ball for the visits, for the class, for the homework, and for the dreaming into what my new messaging could be. I knew those were my focal points, but I knew I didn’t want to push way through them either. Sure some stuff got put on back burners and I was tired after long and full days, but with my wellness and feelings of security and joy in the forefront, that whole crazy period felt magickal. And it wasn’t the arrangement of appointments, the weather, the little actions that happened that made that time “good” or “bad”. What made the difference was that I recognized what I felt was missing, the things in me that doubt was speaking to, and built a better self care routine, to that I had the energy, emotional space, and clarity in order to keep moving forward.

There is also a lot to be said about acceptance in this. When I knew how I wanted to feel during this, I was able to drop the pity me kind of stories that might have put up resistance to being open and flexible. Staying in joy, also meant that I needed to untroubled, in a state of receptivity to the what the moment brings. And in that I also saw how each and every moment, the only place we actually LIVE from, is the perfect place to be, to begin from, to say YES to. It would only be my fears and self doubt that made me think that each moment is not part of the flow of all that is around me, that I was somehow out of sync. And that is the lie we all believe from time to time, that we are not part of the whole. When really all we need is to believe we are and find a way to support our direct knowing and experience of this infinite potential.



The calling of wanting more

laying in a field


Uncle Frank was a funny kind of guy who always felt the calling for a bigger and better life. He passed away this week and it’s got me thinking of the nature of wanting more and striving. Uncle Frank took some risky roads to “break the bank”, which is how described his goal to my dad one day while they were at the casino together. We knew what he meant, but never really understood why he even thought that was possible. Yet time after time his soul, and also maybe his ego, would rise again and ask him to try. In a way, I understand, “unlikely” doesn’t really mean impossible. It certainly makes me think of my own business pursuits. Will I ever coach my way to be interviewed by Oprah? It’s not really aim of mine, but it happened I certainly would embrace it.  The practical side, the side of me my parents fostered, says it’s unlikely.

But I know what feeling of rising to meet a circumstance, of wanting to beat the odds, of going after “more”. I know the urge to rise again, and again, the call of expanding further than ever simply because we feel the call to.

I have long been frustrated by my mother. She doesn’t know this call, or at least she won’t admit to it. And for years I would try to find that within her, a book left here or there, a gentle nudge. She has always been content with where she is, maybe a little stressed by the day to day of it, but content and not “in searching”.  Where as me, and Uncle Frank, always seemed to be searching. But today I see that with the exception of going to college, my mom succeeded in making all that she really ever wished for to come true. She is content, and has been content, because her searches for more have already come to fruition, not because she never had any. She’s living in the “gravy” mode, where everything else she does with her life now is gravy to be savored.

It was not that she never wanted more. She had. But once she began stepping into that something more and it became part of her past and her story, she grew to meet the dream. She became more than she had been before, for her it was becoming a mother.

In his last few days, my cousin reported, that Uncle Frank, after years of searching for this big life and dreams, had found what he wanted. For him it was to know he had succeeded and done well for his kids. In his last days, he saw for the first time that his kids were happy, they were cared for,they loved him for who he was. And in that understanding, that state of being “in love”, he even managed to let go of the long standing issues he had with this daughter-in-law. He become something more than he ever expected to be. Perhaps it was that he never felt like he was enough. But I think, it was not that he knew there was “more” out there, but that he knew HE could be something more, and simply didn’t understand how to get there. My mom’s path was more clear, there were established roads by which she could, and did, travel. Uncle Frank had to trail-blaze it.

He had spent many years in addiction while in pursuit of that calling to be more. He did find, if even for a few days before he went back home. In his life, there are more than a few choices that he learned were never worth repeating in his journey of becoming more. But what I see now is that it never is about our fear of failing or our fear of rejection, those are excuses our ego and pride make up to save face and stay comfortable. Our journey isn’t even about our “mistakes” or our failings as people. The journey is about becoming. It’s always about expanding into our dreams of being more. It takes expanding love, our sense of self love and worth and knowing how valuable our love, our passion, is. It takes a practice of filling up on source, on love, on faith, and growing into our fullest Divine selves! Even, and especially, if we have to trail-blaze it for ourselves, our family, and our friends.

How to keep holiday goals while still keeping holiday spirit


This year Super Secret Powers is part of a Holiday Wellness Challenge, and so I want to give my spin on advice for keeping high vibe holiday goals. We all want the good life, where we look great, feel great, have an abundant bank account with funding for a spectacular holiday display, and to find ways to capture all the holiday magic and good cheer of this time of year. Those are admirable goals. But normally the human mind resists the kind of change need to make it all happen, especially in the beginning. It’s resists even more so when we are in stress, rush, and desperation states. We often experience these in the pursuit of a “perfect” holiday, where we are tempted with sugary goodness, sales galore, and last minutes gifts and parties. So before we plow ahead into this month’s wellness challenge, let’s take the discussion about goal setting and expectations a little deeper.

Soul level realization: We are never really searching for or aiming for the goal the goal that we set, nor the steps we will take. We are aiming to reach solve the big “why” behind our goals.


Example: I want to lose weight because _____________________


Soul reasoning: Everything after “because” in the sentence above is something you find challenging or problematic. Our goals can be thought of as solutions, rather than simple achievements. Often we stop at only one or two solutions to our problem, as more than this seems complicated or harder to keep up with. Experts tells us that when looking to change our habits we should only work on 1-3 habits at a time. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. That can be 21 days of hell or 21 days of growth depending on your mind set.

You’re why is a thousand times more important than any single step or solution. It will never really be about loving healthy food or your exercise routine, if you aren’t really inclined to like that sort of thing naturally. Sure you will find things you like within the habits you are building, but it’s your big why that is going to give you the fuel and motivation that you need to push through and stick to it.

Get in touch with your WHY now!!

Using our weight loss example, here are some common big WHYs someone might identify with:

“I want to be more healthy.”

“I want to feel good about myself.”

“So I can keep up with the kids.”

“To give myself and my family the best life I can.”

“I hate being sick over the holidays.”

First of all, if your why’s don’t make you cry, well up, feel waves of peace, waves of release,  or something meaningful from the sheer awesomeness of what is before you, then you need consider your why. You need to let your why guide you as to what solution route you are going to take. If you want lose weight to keep up with the kids, it might be a good idea to go and do with the kids. Going to the gym alone might eat away at your big why. If weighing in at a weight loss program doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, why are you doing something that might go against your big WHY? Living from our way is going to empower everything you seek to change about your life.

It’s going to be extra powerful because it’s inline with you, it’s inline with your soul, your real needs, and your feelings! It’s going to raise your vibration and change the way you think about self improvement. You will love what you’re doing because you will know it is the right thing to do, beyond exercise endorphins, beyond juicing highs.  It will have a soul-deep resonance that will carry you forward.

What big why that is going to put the jingle in your holidays and holiday goals this year?


If you haven’t signed up yet, you can join the holiday challenge here

If you want to focus more on holiday and life plans and goals you can join my Desire Mapping Book Club here

When the magic of the holidays isn’t so magical


As I’m writing this post, it’s a little over two weeks until Thanksgiving weekend, and a little less than two months till Christmas. I don’t have one present yet, haven’t set my plans for Thanksgiving, and already feel a little flummoxed about how to fit everything in! Most years I try to plan ahead, at least a little. I’ve picked up gifts throughout the year as I found interesting things for people I love and planned larger purchases on special sale days. I have a blended family, so we didn’t always get to spend the actual holiday days together, usually that meant we got to celebrate everything twice, at least! For years, to me, the holidays meant gearing up to be my most organized and thoughtful self.  Being sensitive and an empath, I knew not everyone put in as much energy, thought, and planning into having those specials as I did, but at the end of the day I usually felt okay that I did it. I appreciated it, even if others were less than appreciative.  I felt bound and determined to spread the holiday spirit even if I had shove my magic of the holidays glitter down their throats. The phrase “you’re going to be happy, whether you like it or not” comes to mind.  😉

Ouch, really? Is that any kind of magic to spread??

And while I still feel that compulsion to share, I know very well, and want to put out the reminder that the magic of the holidays isn’t about one day of the year, or gifts, or religion, or even family. It’s about us and the light we put forth. All circumstances come down to the light we, and others, chose to forth. This holiday season, I want to ask you

What kind of light will you put forth?

In spite of

  • all public places being wild with people of all sorts of energies, and maybe having issues with crowds
  • the rush of getting everything done in time
  • money concerns
  • non-stop christmas carols, tv programs, sales, and commercials driving one to the brink of mind numbing maddness
  • schedule  and routine interrupt, with no school, no work, and travel days
  • too much rich food and alcohol all at once, throwing digestive systems into disarray
  • too little sunlight
  • difficult and drama-filled family events, or no family to speak of to be with
  • still grieving or feeling down
  • getting burnt out and ill
  • not enough parking spaces, public bathrooms, or sales clerks EVER

how will you put the magic out there? How do you want to feel while holding this energy for others?

An Empath’s quick guide to keeping up with goals and resolutions




Being self-motivated and going after goals and dreams can be personally challenging. For an Empath, someone with heightened sensitivity to emotional energy, achieving goals can be a labyrinth full of guilt, sabotage, and defeat, more so for than for the average Joe or Jane. The majority of personal goals people attempt to meet are for some sort of betterment of self or life, like losing some weight, getting healthy, increasing income streams, budget management, and so forth. Mainstream goals feel a little more challenging for someone with heightened ability to read, understand, sense, or feel others. These types of goals need a self-confidence, self-worth, self-reliance, and stability which many empaths and sensitives struggle to create and keep up.

By nature of the ability or gift, someone with sensitives focuses outwardly, toward other people. Their sense of self-acceptance and worth, more times than not, end up getting tied to other people, other people’s opinions (criticisms), and the limits implied in those opinions. An Empath will likely take any set back, non-encouraging comments, non-support, and things like this, as extremely personal. Many empaths will default to the opinion that whatever someone else did or said to them was a direct result of something they did. In other words, sensitive people have the tendency to read into other’s comment and opinions and take those comments to heart. Even if the comments were not aimed at the Empath, even if the comments had nothing whatsoever to do with the Empath. It’s simply part of how we filter the world.

So how can an empath or sensitive get through the tougher parts of being self-motivated to reach your goal?

1. Spend just as much time focusing on filling up on self-worth and confidence, as you spend on actually moving toward your goal. Sensitives are more susceptible to the effects of negativity and often have it doubly hard dealing the inner critic we all have, AND the negativity of others. Make sure you are feeding your soul and emotional well-being, like an athlete before a marathon!

2.  Work on your boundaries and shields. You want to be able to objectively respond other’s low energy (without taking that emotion in), but still be able to relate to others in a safe way. It’s a balancing act, but one that will always pay off in the long run when you have some sort of sensitivity, whether you are an empath or general sensitive to energies and sensory input. You want to be able to release what negativity or stress you have or take in, while still being open to enjoying the abundance of the universe. You need to be able to say “no” when you need to, while also being compassionate.

3. Don’t expect support to simply find you. While, ideally speaking, our friends and loved ones should give us the support we need to move forward with our lives, real life doesn’t always work that. Most people are about as supportive as they need to be, to keep you happy with them. But our goals and concerns, aren’t always the goals or concerns of others. Maybe your spouse doesn’t notice if you lose a few pounds or change your hair. Their self-absorption is not your problem. In fact, it’s common. More common than many empaths are willing to admit.  This self-absorption doesn’t necessarily mean anything personal about you. Don’t beat up your significant other with guilt card because they are being who they are or interested in their own life.  They are being an averagely-empathic person, and not a super or hyper empathic person like your yourself. Go out and join goal groups or groups pertaining to your particular goal, where you can talk to others and talk about your challenges. Sometimes you need to create your own support opportunities. You can even create your own online group!

4. Make sure your goals or desired destination feelings are not tied to someone’s approval or reaction. If you want to feel sexy, that’s fabulous. But if you want to feel sexy so that you are more attractive to your spouse or boyfriend, so you can have more intimacy….then you’re going after two different goals and mixing things up. If you’ve felt frumpy and want to spice up how you feel, that is one whole goal within and of itself. It is a good goal, one that is achievable, realistic, and motivating.  But to have your goal success measured by whether or not a significant other recognizes your hard work is setting yourself up for failure or hurt. Never do for others what you won’t do for yourself! It’s your happiness, your health, your well-being on the line.

5. Never ever believe other’s goals and concerns are more important that your own. In almost all cases you, your safety, and your well-being come first. Just like it does when the flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on before assisting others in the case of an emergency. There can be compromises, like offering to help keep someone accountable to their goals, if they offer to help you. Always remember to balance your time and energy with what you are getting back from others. If your support relationship is out of balance, feeling good about helping someone isn’t truly a spontaneous and balanced good feeling, that feeling would be you putting the silver lining on an otherwise deficit-situation. It’s settling.

6. All the little steps along the way need to be aligned with the amazing feelings of our larger goal. Empaths are famous for putting the silver-lining on situations and giving people the benefit of the doubt. But they almost never naturally do this for themselves. Treat yourself like your own best friend and loudest cheerleader. The minute chasing your goal or dream feels like work or struggle, stop what you are doing and find the silver lining again, align yourself with the greater vision of what you are doing, find the bliss to help you get through and overcome resistance. By doing this you are filling yourself back up with confidence and good feelings, the endorphins might even kick in giving the natural endurance to move forward. That is something most empaths desperately need to add to their daily practice!

7.  Follow the bliss! So, today you didn’t get to the gym and now you’re feeling all guilty and worthless. It’s time to resort to your backup plan of turning up the music on some tunes that get you feeling high again and chair dance for an hour. By following the good feelings, you would killing two birds with one stone. You would get moving and active, while also empowering yourself. Backup plans need to high-powered for sensitives, they shouldn’t be based on the least you can do. If you’re resorting to a backup plan, you might already be feeling a little negativity creeping in!



Take a look at how you’ve been going about going after your dreams and goals, where can you work in these extra tips to help you on track and feeling amazing for doing so?

The last thing I have to tell you, is to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate. On a daily basis, most people don’t do enough of that. It is so important because while we might love the goal we are aiming, it is in the journey that we truly live our dreams. Once we have achieved the goal, we will make more, dream more, give ourselves more permission. The process will begin once more. So keep your journey light on your shoulders, powerful in your heart and mind, and full of joy!

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