Introduction to shifting hard emotions: Emotional Mastery series

There are so many ideas and myths out there about what emotional mastery looks and feels like, that I wanted to take the time to set some things straight. I'm starting with a little of my story. As we go through this series, we'll take a look at why emotional master is so important, what it really means, and how to begin working with your emotions on a whole new level.


In the space of one year my life had almost completely fallen to pieces. I’m not even exaggerating. I spent months on end on the point of breaking. My family was no longer what I thought it was. Forced lifestyle changes killed the business I had had. Court hearings, lawyers, money flying out the door. Then we lost our primary source of income.  I spent months in deep resentment, anger, gnashing my teeth at the world and the various sources of of my angst. I thought I had lost everything, basically, and I didn’t know who I was anymore. Very little got better on it's own with time.

There is a point where I realized all my internal feelings didn’t mean squat. Feeling all those feels so deeply every single time they came up didn’t change anything, or if it did change something, it didn’t change for the better. Acting from that pain place never got me the results I wanted or expected. But I still didn’t know how to heal from it, how to let go, how to find comfort and peace within myself from all that had gone askew. All I really knew was that staying in that active grieving/anger stage was going to kill me and everything I loved right along with it.


I realized that if I had any chance of creating a life I really wanted to stand up for at some point in the future, then I had to start getting a grip. I knew there was no way to simply stop feeling. The more I was able to simply sit still my pain feelings, the more guidance I heard about that feeling. But now I had two conflicting voices in my head. One voice for all the world sounded like “realistic”, if not pessimistic.The other voice sounded like “hope”. I so wanted to resist hope, I didn’t want to set myself for more pain. But I did tell hope, “Maybe. Probably not today, or even this week. But there will be movement on this at some point.”

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even fear and heavy emotions are sources of guidance and strength

Even fear and heavy emotions are sources of guidance and strength.

Even fear and heavy emotions are sources of guidance and strength. Click To Tweet

That "maybe: changed everything. The change wasn’t instant. It wasn’t all healing. But in retrospect, I see is that I was opening the door to deeper guidance. That sense of hope, it wasn’t just another opinion in my mind. It was Divine guidance, an intuitive hit, a precognition of how a potential could play out. I had resisted because I didn’t recognize it as Truth. I thought it was wishful thinking, based on my desire to have everything feel resolved and harmonious again. But it was long-term plan guidance, maybe not today. Things were heading in that direction, maybe not tomorrow, but I have to prepare myself to meet this potential.


I also resisted. I thought accepting the situation as it was, would mean that I accepted an outcome I didn't or wouldn't like. I now see perfectly how that was fear talking smack. That knowledge helps me to see how fear might be talking smack in my present. This isn’t about ignoring your feelings or burying them. It’s about being present with them and knowing that you still need to make choices. It’s about being able to say, “if my anger isn’t getting this situation better, what will? And what do I need in order move through this shit, cuz I want to be flowing, not stuck?”

myths about emotional mastery

Being sensitive doesn’t mean we are meant to suffer. Our emotions aren’t meant to weigh us down or rule our lives. They are sacred. They are guidance. But they aren’t the part of you that has to make the powerful, life-changing decisions you need to make in order to rise and grow.


It’s time to learn how to fierce and sensitive, true to your feelings, yet ready to create change.


As we continue in this series on Emotional mastery, we'll take a deeper look at how our deep feelings are actually the source of strength and personal magick in this life.

Weekly Guidance: June 12th, 2017: All change begins at home

As school is finishing up, the days get longer and warmer, and we're settling into a new pace the planets are going to give us some time and space to sort some shit out. There are some huge home energies coming through between Cancer easing into play this month, so a lot of the shit that has to get worked may only really be internal.  Internal to how to how you structure your day and time and internal to how you prioritize everything that has to get done. Where you focus will lie, of course, defines a lot of this. Over the next two weeks you'll have the space and cosmic support to ferret out how you want your summer and 2nd half of 2017 to look and feel like. 

The cards give the message for this week that if we can come home, do some reprioritizing, center back in on the themes and messages from your ancestral line (physical, spiritual, and chosen ancestors) the Universe will be more free to provide us the support we actually  need for things to balance out in a healthy, harmonious way. Meaning this week focus on your own shit and making the emotional changes you need, and let the Universe sweat the small stuff. This isn't the time to get all control-freak and try to micro-manage everything and everyone around you. 

Whatever worries about the future you may at this point, it's time to make a deal with Universe. You keep your nose to the grind stone, show up, present, in your different time blocks for your various tasks and responsibilities, and thing will fall into alignment as they will. This can be a wicked powerful time for manifesting success, and setting yourself up for future success, but it's time to get the structures in place to make things easier for you and more flowing. 

Jupiter is direct now, and Neptune will be going retro on the 16th, so we're moving forward and beginning to see the bigger picture of where we're going and why it's really, actually important. This might require some emotional housekeeping around issues of our pride, we might find ourselves releasing masks we thought we needed to be success, but over all it's going to be a natural process of coming home to what you really love. 

Cards drawn

Maat- fairness

Hear the ancient ones

The World

Cleansing House

Thought of the week

All change begins at home.

All change begins at home. Click To Tweet

What does this mean for your biz?

This week should be geared toward things like:

  • Beginning your 6 mos biz review and review of your procedures and processes. Are they all actually needed?  Where can you weed out some of the "busy work" that isn't getting you ROI?
  • Tune into a higher perspective about why you are doing what you are doing to see if you get any guidance about future direction, products, and messaging for the next 6 mos.
  • Making time a space to really be present in your tasks, so you can feel into what still feels really juicy and what might need some vibe shifting.


As we look toward what clients might need more focus on, you might find they need help around:

  • The meaning of life and personal purpose.
  • How to get back in control of their lives and follow their passion, love, and good feelings.
  • How to back to spiritual and personal growth.


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What to do when you’re unsure: Spiritual discernment for biz goddesses part 3

Learning a little discernment around your empathic and intuitive signals can go a long way to helping stay in flow and in attunement with your inner biz priestess. In part 2 of this series, we talked all about what it might feel like to get an intuitive "maybe" signal. In this part, part 3, we'll dive a little deeper into what to do when you're maybes are stronger than your yes or no signals.


When you've gotten into a place where you have more "maybe" signals than direct "yes" or "no", the mind kicks in to rebel against being in the position of not knowing the answer.

The mind will tell you that you are:

Blocked Frustrated
Overwhelmed Writer's block
Confused Not clear

And while, yes, it does feel frustrating to be "blocked", those stories about why you can't simply move forward, make a choice, don't help you discern what to do next.

From an energetic perspective, a quandry of "maybe" signals can easily create a situation where we are paralyzed, overcome stagnant energy. The best cure for stagnant energy is to create movement!

The thing is "maybe" is not the problem we think it is. We have a tendency to jump to the conclusion that maybe means "no", simply because it's not an immediate yes. We shrink back because we’ve got some story or excuse about why it’s not an instant go, when we should be making the small choices we are sure about, and looking for patterns in the rest. We need to learn to work our own process for coming to intuitive clarity instead of stopping.

We have be open to potential in order to see it more clearly.  As entrepreneurs we can't afford to be afraid of the bigness of the vision before you, the work it might take, or the depth of the project. It all has to be completed in the moment, piece by piece, word by word. You owe it to yourself to take a step back and get back to being open, because maybe means there is potential waiting for you to more clearly tap into.

Getting many maybe's is actually part of your intuitive process. It doesn't mean your idea sucks, that you are a hack, or that you are worthless because you have no follow through. That state of unsurity only means you have yet to see the bigger picture. While it feels more natural to shrink away from the uncomfortable unknown, we can't shrink in the face of maybe's.  We have grow, grow our vision larger, our idea of who we are and what we are capable of.

Open to potential. Click To Tweet


The biggest tip I stand behind is that of paying attention to your own process. Understanding how you already work your intuitive and creative problems solving process can help you create rituals to keep you flowing.

  • What do you usually do to get clarity?
  • When do your best ideas seem to hit you?
  • What are you doing or even when during the day do your brightest a-ha moments dawn on you? 
  • Are there any patterns in this that you can learn to play with to create a more flowing connection to your intuitive guidance?

Thanks for following this series on Spiritual Discernment for the Soulful Biz!

You can click here to see Part 1: A Quick Guide to Intuitive Insights  and here to see Part 2: Why the IntuitiveYES sometimes leads to failure  to better refine your understanding of intuitive signals and how to interpret them more clearly.

Weekly Guidance: May 29th, 2017: Don’t fear the deep waters of Soul and feeling.

Last week was such a breath of fresh air! The past month I had to be very conscious of centering in, but now that the energy has more fully shifted toward Gemini, I feel myself coming back into easy alignment.  The Taurus energy of last month pushed me hard to get into alignment with my own value, and to be staunchly bullish in my knowing that even if I don't know everything (who does?) that my voice and light are can still help others.

This week will start a little rocky, but when Mercury enters Cancer on Thursday we're going to have a chance for our words and our feeling to feel alignment. This is going to start a month and a half long emotional detox for us, of course coming to climax at the end of the month when the Sun and Super New Moon also enter Cancer. While there might be some intense days ahead because emotions get stirred up so they can be detoxed, generally speaking this month is about coming home to our emotional center and core. So it's no wonder that the Home card came up from the Enchanted Map Deck.

With Justice and the Butterfly Maiden drawn for this week, we will be an introduction to this emotional detox energy. Seek it from the perspective of transformation and re-balance. Justice should also remind us that if it's happening for us, then a similar thing is happening to another...just perhaps in a different way or aspect. Judgement of others will not serve us this month. Instead this should be an inward journey to discover how to better walk our talk and follow our passion.

This month brings our Super New Moon cycle to a close and mama moon is guiding us strongly. As the month continues Neptune will go retrograde to help us delve more deeply in the realm of deep hidden waters. This week is going to start bringing this alignment home and the change of pace from outward shine to inward shine is going to be a welcome change!!

Cards drawn

Butterfly Maiden- Transformation

Follow the Moon



Thought of the week

Don't fear the deep waters of Soul and feeling. They are the source of your empowerment. 

Don't fear the deep waters of Soul and feeling. They are the source of your empowerment. Click To Tweet

What does this mean for your biz?

This week begins a month where a business Goddess and activated Lightworker can take stock of their offerings and their client relationships. 

How can they brought more in alignment with your Divine essence?

Who is really part of your tribe? Who are business allies?

How can you put relationships before sales in a balanced way?


As we look toward what clients might need more focus on, you might find them thinking about

  •  Making plans for the next few months. Support around planned growth and sustainable growth might bring you a bump in income.
  • Course correction or life transition support might also be trending.
  • On top of all this dreamy, emotional goodness this month, it's also the beginning of summer for a lot of people. So retreats, whether virtual or in-person will be a hot commodity. 


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Weekly Guidance: April 24th: Let it be

What wonderful energy this week has coming for us!! The Super New Moon will have us releasing everything that's been weighing us down over the last two weeks and ready to begin the work again. The energy will be high, so do pay extra special attention to your bodies needs at this time. If you need extra rest, take it. If you need a mental break, go for an outdoor adventure. If Spring cleaning hits big time and you feel the need to zen and tidy your mind and space, this is the week for that. Once we get through this final clearing of older energies, we will be prepared for the energies of rebirth.

This week don't worry about what happened in the past, not even last week. New thought and emotional seeds are being planted this week that we need to tend and nourish over the course of this year, but also into 2018. Record what is coming through, your feelings, your experiences this week, for they will have message that could bear fruit through out the year. Whatever "problem" you have been having, it's time to simply release it as something stopping you. Holding that "problem" energy holds the problem in place, while surrendering that energy will open things up. Let thing be as they are, for the only real problem we have is our perception of the situation. The answer is waiting for us to open to it!

And don't forget to leave a little offering to the Fey this week, as we are approaching Beltaine or May day. The veil is thinning between these two planes and the wild earth magick, creativity, and inspiration will be flowing strong. A little milk, butter, or even flower seeds can help you honor those energies coursing between our worlds this week and next.

Cards Drawn


4 of wands

Let the emotions flow

Thought for the week

There will be an answer, let it be.

There will be an answer, let it be. Click To Tweet

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Let it be

Are you doing the heart work? -Soul practices that matter series

Are you doing the heart work?


Heart work is one of the most crucial pieces of self work any empath or intuitive can add to their practices. But it’s often the case that we use meditation and practices to band aid our emotions without really every working with them. My work is focused on the benefits of working with emotions and emotional patterns so that we can release them, not avoid them, but truly heal them. My professional work is informed by my personal practices, so don’t believe for an instant that I am talking out my ass in some academic way or that I am trying to be holier than thou. Heart work needs to be talked about more. I met a woman at a psychic circle recently who was just beginning to open up. We had been paired up, and my message for her was to release what was holding her back. As we talked, she mentioned how emotional she kept getting when she thought about her awakening. I had to tell her is was a natural thing, that our body knows how to process and cleanse. I still feel a little taken back that people still need to be told it’s okay to feel and feel deeply. Feeling deeply is a spiritual gift!!!

Just about everyday I have to do some kind of heart work. I do have one specific thing I do all the time, because each day it seems like my heart is in a slightly different place. From what I hear from others who do consciousness practices, this is a common theme. The one consistent thing that happens is that I have to sit and really ask myself where I am things, life, my work, my plans, my relationships. This asking is what informs me what meditations, clearings, shifts that I need for the day. Of course, there are days when I spend most of the afternoon shifting to high vibe, working and re-working tender feelings. The process I use is deceptively simple.

Emotions are a form of guidance we get from our physical bodies about how centered we are or aren’t. Specifically, learning to identify what we are feeling, will guide us to know what kind of self love we need to work with in the present moment, to bring raise our vibe and bring us to center.

guidance behind feelings copy
This graphic is from my free masterclass: Love Letters from Soul: learning to thrive with empathy and intuition. You can get the masterclass free by signing up for my newsletter!!

Emotions are not there to hold us back or to hurt us. So often when we realize we are feeling down or upset, we allow our survival instinct (monkey mind, inner critic, it has many names) to go into full blown investigative mode. This voice within us, has the job of figuring out why we are in pain and what might be causing it. But survival instinct goes a little overboard when it comes to emotions, because usually there is no physical wound, no way to know if a pattern or situation is really over or not. This makes survival instinct a poor judge of emotional pain. It simply doesn’t really understand what the feeling is about. The feelings are there to guide us back to center.

In a typical day,

  1. I will begin by taking stock of where my energy is. Am I full of energy? Feeling depleted? Feeling scattered?
  2. If I’m not full of energy, I go a little deeper. Perhaps I realize my heart is feeling a little tender around myself worth. Maybe I’m feeling resistance to putting my work on the net that day because I’m not sure I’m actually reaching people. Perhaps I’m still feeling some emotional ripples from something my husband said the night before when he was talking about money. When I find the root of the feelings, I get a sense of “ah-ha”, or even “okay, I see. I got this now.”
  3. I then release what I need to release. If something someone said or projected made some emotional ripples in my world, I have to deal with my ripples. The other person probably didn’t even know I was getting emotional ripples, they were probably just talking something out or venting. So I spend time reassuring myself that I have money in the bank and that I have every opportunity and potential to attract money to me in this day. I get really deep into my knowing and sense that even if I cannot see all the ripples I create in others and out in to the world (from the love I put out), that in the world of energy we live, it cannot be otherwise. I get deeper into my knowing that as long as I stay open to the moment, to meeting the universe, willing to be an equal receiver and broadcaster, that the universe will have my back…it’s the law of attraction. Any other thoughts are just fear worrying over getting the results my fear mind wants. I love them, and tell them “it’s okay, that’s not whats really happening here. If we want a life of love and abundance, we have try higher vibe ways of being.”
  4. After grounding in what I know to be true, and letting soul inform me of anything I might have temporarily forgotten, I fill up on love. I ask for very specific things. If I am doubting my self worth, perhaps I might ask to be shown how I can help or have helped just one single person. If I am feeling very caught up in my feelings still, I ask to be given the opportunity to share, in a real way, what my feels feel like. Sharing usually helps relieve the feelings and can help other release similar feelings.
  5. Most days I will find something to relish in, to celebrate, to embrace with intent. Even if that thing is simply that I have to chance once more to make an impact in someone’s life. There are days when the only thing I can relish in is that I get to watch silly comedies to laugh with. And that’s okay. It’s being true to my experience.


Doing heart work isn’t about faking it. Doing heart work is about knowing where you are, and giving yourself the love that you need! Sometimes that love looks like: boldness, relief, activated, vulnerable, conviction, freedom…it can take many forms. Honor that and you honor your most Divine Self!

It doesn’t always work on the first shot. There are certain ripples that take a few days to work with, some months and years. But the more I do it, the more I find I understand myself better. I also find that Soul’s messages get clearer. As work to clear out my heart from tenderness, confusion, stress, and so forth, I am creating more space in my daily experience for a more solid connection with soul to form. As I go through this short little exercise my relationship to emotion changes as well. I am caught up in it less, as I can recognize what is happening faster than I had before. The quicker I can become aware of my emotional ripples, generally speaking, the less I really have to suffer because of them.


Heart work Affirmation:

Honoring my emotional experiences, honors my Divine Self!

Honoring my emotional experiences, honors my Divine Self! Click To Tweet


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honoring your emotional experience, honors your Divine Self


Weekly Guidance: Sept. 12th: slow your roll and dig into Soul


This week’s guidance feels very clear, it’s all about soul integration. If you’ve been doing the inner work this eclipse season has asked of you, then this week should feel more like an internship than a trail by fire. I am saying it’s an internship because the work we do this week can very well count as moving toward our overall success. It’s not a test, it’s a chance for us to slow our roll, roll up our sleeves, and use the lessons and mind shifts we have been awakening to these last two months to move forward.

On the surface, it may seem like obstacles or weird situations may be thrown your way, but this is your chance to get more deeply into your center and apply some Love to the situation. When we are fully in our center, there really aren’t any problems, as we are used to thinking of them on a daily basis. From that perspective we are acting from love or not from love, from the light or from our shadow. This week is all about shifting and releasing, basically everything I’ve been writing about here at Super Secret Powers since the beginning of August!!

We are being asked to slow down a bit, not so much to make better choices, but to make choices from the best energy and space for us. This can be a week of big action, but we are being called to approach our actions and decisions this week from a very deep soul level. The stars will support this move, this rebirth of our soul selves, by giving the energy to release the habits, patterns, lifestyle choices, and so forth that no longer serve us. As we move toward the Full moon and eclipse over this week end, invest your trust in your light, your intuition, and your guidance. In the week coming, I sense that many who thrive this week will finally have  sense of initiation, of having “made it, or even finally having graduated!

Soul Level Reflection for this week

Weekly Reflection: Sept. 12: We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to created them. -Einstien

Weekly Reflection: Sept. 12: We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to created them. -Einstien Click To Tweet

Weekly Reflection: Sept. 12: We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to created them. -Einstien

Guidance Week of June 27th-July 3rd 2016: Look for new insight

guidance june 17th 2016


What a wonderful message for this week. After all the busy energy of the beginning of June, the grand crosses and solstice, it will be nice to have a more quiet, more reflective week. When I made the draws for this week, the friendly dragon jumped out of the deck (his message: share your thoughts). This week’s guidance feels like specific instructions use the quiet energy of the week to make progress. Be sure to be mindful of your old habits and patterns. Keep a look out for them to be sure you aren’t falling back into those patterns, and that you are being open to new thoughts and perspective regarding “old patterns”. Our dragons adds, another layer to this guidance, share your thoughts. When or if you think you are falling back into old patterns and old wounds, use this week to explore this pattern and those feelings with others.

A slower pace does not mean it will not or cannot be a highly impactful week. In fact, the more time you have the deeper you can go into your understanding and knowing of how you have come to this point in time. The energy and guidance for this week supports a deeper dive. Go beneath the surface to come into awareness of how you have been holding back and playing small.

I also want to point out that we shouldn’t discount the power of sharing in this kind of reflection and in healing ourselves. We do not exist in a bubble, our auras are not containment systems for our core selves. Our gifts only work when we share. Even if we are not working with another person, our gifts work best and flow easiest when we are in a state of sharing with the Universe and the Divine. It is through sharing that the real magick happens.

Lesson to explore for this week:

When we open ourselves to sharing, we open ourselves back up to new insight and new potentials. Click To Tweet

With that loves, may this week be full of new insight into old patterns, wounds, and habits, so that you may learn to hold more light, for yourself and for the world!


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Weekly Guidance for June 13th-19th: Ride the wave

guidance june 13th: ride the wave and greenman


Ok, I have to admit my guides and I had to do a little compromise for today’s guidance. if you follow astrology this week is supposed to contain a heck of a lot energy of all sorts and varieties. Neptune is going retrograde, for our yearly soul searching phase. We have a Master Day and we’re coming up again on a Grand Cross. Alignment couldn’t be more crucial this week. The first tarot card I drew for this week was “sad embrace”, I raised my eyebrow at my guides implying I didn’t want to be that negative, they had better find another way to get their message across. So while this message is all about the love, there is also an inherent warning in this week’s energy.

If we don’t raise our energy this week, our feelings of “everything going wrong” and “when it rains it pours” might leave you feeling so far from alignment you could begin wondering who has it out for you. But loves, nothing could farther from the truth. The Universe isn’t out to punish or test you. This energy is trying to bring all the things we have buried, neglected, not paid attention to, to light. The sooner we can give response to these things the sooner things will smooth out again. So don’t let your fears of things worse consume you this week. Use this week to learn where your daily tasks, errands, and chores could use a review and upgrade, to make sure these problems don’t become chronic.

And do not punish yourselves over these things. The Universe and the Divine not require it, we are only doing it to ourselves. I was thrilled when I pulled the second tarot card, ride the wave, when as I asked for a re-do. Because these times, when it seems like things aren’t going our way, they aren’t there as proof of how wrong we are. They are only really showing us where we need more Love and punishing ourselves for not being perfect is the exact opposite of what is needed. If we are not stuck or caught in our “not enoughness” we can free up so much energy in our lives that we can actually create amazing momentum!!

Weekly Guidance recap: Ride the wave, loves! Don't let your thoughts of enoughness hinder you, just ride the wave! Click To Tweet

May Cause Miracles: Day 4 Gratitude is the Attitude and fear

feel gratitude for your over-protective fear parent

Today Gabby introduces her readers to a gratitude exercise and in the beginning it’s fairly routine for what you would expect from woo woo self-help book. The focus is on how things, no matter where you are in the moment, in the day, is full of things to be grateful for. But as she begins to talk about the evening exercise, her tone shifts. Each day’s topic is broken up into section, something to do in the morning, something to do in the afternoon, and something to do in the evening. What I have been writing here isn’t the full breath of what she asks, in these posts I’ve been talking about how I perceive the material, where I meet it, where I can add my experience to the topics. In the evening exercise of this day, Gabby asks us to consider how we can be grateful for our fears. Now there is so much I can write about this, so much of this I actually look to everyday already. But so much of it is deeply personal, and well…so innate, it appears multifaceted. One root fear as so many shades and twists, and they run into other fears or as Kate Courageous call them “psuedo-fears” (because real fear would be facing a tiger to falling from a building, but speaking in front of a crowd is a psuedo-fear, because there is nothing actually dangerous about doing it. The only danger in a psuedo-fear is the one ego and the mind create).

So, perhaps I will talk a little about the whole, instead of all the tiny pieces parts to fear or my fears. Going back to day 1, we need to remind ourselves that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, in short, it’s totally created by our mind and by our ego. It’s all very natural though, it’s part of our survival mechanisms. These fears are designed to keep us safe….even if there is nothing really it’s keeping us safe from. The long and short of it, is that Fear exists to keep us from feeling hurt. While we could pretty use a reminder to keep in respect and gratitude to, let’s say a boss, should it really inspire Fear, or ideas that we are lacking or not worthy? For the most part, we all have our trigger issues. Some sensitives will have many more trigger issues about self worth than most. And this is why I do what I do, sensitives more focus on self worth in order to begin to get lessons on a good boundaries and shielding.
Our emotions, our feelings, our fears, and our thinking are never working against us. They are part of our natural design, but we have to realize their proper function. Our relationship to Fear can be healthy, when we understand that this part of ourselves is absolutely overprotective of our most tender parts.

Fear is the over-protective father to our inner child. Click To Tweet

Is the reaction always appropriate, No. Most times it’s exaggerated. A good dose of fact seeking and reality from a coach or BFF can help us see past the initial fear reaction.

Is it for he most part right? Sometimes. When we allow it to speak about the actual details of what’s going on, it can inform us of things we need to look out for.

Is your Fear mean, horrible, and just plain old abusive? Sometimes. Sometimes our relationship to fear is highly unhealthy. Sometimes we allow fear to beat us up, so that we can struggle and rebel against it, so that we can sabotage our work. But we can love our Fear, like we have learned to love an over-protective parent. We can acknowledge the message without getting triggered into emotional defense, and send love and gratitude that this part of ourselves is so in love with us.

How can you love and be grateful for your over-protective inner parent right now?

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