Weekly Guidance: August 21st, 2017: Learn to embody higher energies

Learn to embody higher energies.


Happy Eclipse and New Moon!! 

The Moon card came forward this week to remind us to go inward.  Solar eclipses happen during New Moons, and new moons are all about release and integration of shadow. And it's new moon in Leo. So we're going to get bold, bold enough to confront our past and move through it. Bold enough to let go of things we never thought we would be to release because they formed such a strong lesson point in our lives. But even good lessons sometimes need to be let go, so that we can begin taking in new lessons and deeper lessons.

As we roll into Tuesday (some parts of the world will still be in Eclipse energy) we'll have a master day after our revelations. While master days are typically days where we are being asked to stand for ourselves and our work, we're still in Mercury retrograde. So this might be an excellent day to try something new or trying things in a new ways. It might well very be a day when you can let go some bad past experiences and try something that felt like "failure"  or "hurt" before with new eyes and heart.

The Messenger Oracle card, "Respect your Boundaries" and the Enchanted Map deck "Come together", show that while things might be lifting, we still need to make sure we are leaving ourselves the time and space to finish the inner shifts we have begun. That might include some extra alone time, daily practice "work", and making appointments with uplifting friends and peers for some planning and dreaming time. We are still in an energy of being able to experiment with different changes, but as Saturn goes direct over the weekend we'll come a point where we'll be able to make more solid choices. And once we are really able to get some momentum going, we can be more ready for meeting the world as it is again.

Vesta rounds the reading for the week. The message "Your household situation is improving, either through a move or a healthy change in the occupants." isn't entirely literal. While relationships, authority, and trust might have brought some issues to the home-front, this season hasn't had the "homey" energy that we had in June and at the beginning of the year. But the message is certainly poignant, in that life in general is going to improve and flow easier, as the week goes on, as we begin to integrate and get real with all the changes and shifts this eclipse has brought for you. 

Remember to take some time for embracing the sacredness of your life and this time of year!


And here's part 2


Cards drawn

Vesta: Your household situation is improving either through a move or a healthy change in the occupants.

Coming Together

The Moon

Respect your Boundaries

Thought of the week

Learn to embody higher energies.

Learn to embody higher energies. Click To Tweet

What does this mean for the intuitive biz Goddess?

This week should be geared toward things like:

  • Building some new or improved action plans with your clients.
  • Refreshing your marketing plans and opportunities to "get out there in the spotlight".
  • New product ideas or ways to serve your following might hit you out of the blue.
  • Since we're not out of Merc Retro yet, we still have two weeks to go, this is the time to make sure your clients are being realistic about their new plans, ideas, and changes. It's at time to help your clients research and experiment with trying new things out. Don't commit to action plans and huge investments of time and money now unless flexibility is part of the desire for the project or idea. If something more stable is desired, wait until after Merc goes direct in early September to solidify plans.

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Learn to embody higher energies.


Weekly Guidance: June 26th, 2017: Be the source of all you wish for your life


So how was solstice for you??

Those amazing high vibes are going to continue for the week ahead and as we head into the last Super New Moon of 2017. A cold finally caught with me this week, and so I took the hint and took things slow. Dreams and potential have been filtering through for me. While not all of those potentials were things I would necessarily like to see come to pass for myself and my family, this month has been about getting into alignment with what is actually best for us. Considering the things that have been circling in my life and the lives of my family and friends, just about the only thing that's really holding us back from making life change is how we judged that choice in the past. Circumstances might just be shifting to places where we never thought we might go, and it's not all bad. Bad is a judgement we make, not a definite, objective quality.

The 8 of Pentacles came forward this week to remind us that sometimes we need to look at all possible solutions or choices before we will know what is actually best for our situation. Even if that might mean bankruptcy, loss of job or homes, going back to school, or illness. These are life resets, not good or bad. What we do with those circumstances is what will make those choices good or bad for us, we can't know that until we have chosen and began to walk that path. We can faith, and the 8 of pents tells us this, in ourselves, our gut, the feelings behind the dreams we are building, to make the choice that feels good for our long term growth.

The Messenger Oracle card, "Nurture what you love" is a definite indication to follow what feels good. While no one could say they would love losing a home or having to move, there might be some definite upsides that you need to keep your focus on. Is there a better, more aligned location for you to live in? Is there a way to find cheaper rent, so you could save more? Of course, moving here is just one example. But keeping our eye on the prize, like say a more sustainable lifestyle, one that feels like freedom and security, could what you really need and will keep you from getting too down about the details surrounding the changes that don't feel the best. The phrase "look for the silver lining" is more than a cliche, it's how the Universe works when we are manifesting change. 

The better and stronger we can reflect the changes we want to see happen, from a soul level, the easier they will manifest in our lives. You can't fake it. You actually need to be able to generate that level of feeling where you are right now. This week could be very supportive of that level of manifestation and change. Spark, from the Enchanted Map deck, and Sarasvarti, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck, are all about inspiration, creativity, and expression. Use the arts to explore your feelings this week, re-work your vision board, create an amulet to help to focus on the feelings behind your dreams, write a little ritual for New Moon to help you release what stands in your way from being in the gorgeous energy you want for your life. Neptune is egging our sense of spirituality to go deeper, spirituality and creativity have a wonderful synergy together that could create great strides in what you are look to bring into your life. 

Cards drawn

Sarasvati- express yourself through the creative arts

Nurture all that you Love

8 of Pentacles


Thought of the week

Be the source of all you wish for your life.

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What does this mean for the intuitive biz Goddess?

This week should be geared toward things like:

  • Researching programs or classes you would like to save for.
  • Making sure your systems actually support what you are trying to do and meet your ROI standards. Additional automation might be a real task for you this week.
  • Looking ahead, with new thoughts, to rest of the year and into next year.
  • Getting down to the nitty gritty of what you actually need to get clients and run your biz.


As we look toward what clients might need more focus on, you might find they need help around:

  • How to begin a life up-level and how to work dreams into a plan.
  • How to be more accountable and take bigger or more strategic action in their lives.
  • How to get back to spiritual and personal growth.
  • Choice discernment.


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Weekly Guidance: June 12th, 2017: All change begins at home

As school is finishing up, the days get longer and warmer, and we're settling into a new pace the planets are going to give us some time and space to sort some shit out. There are some huge home energies coming through between Cancer easing into play this month, so a lot of the shit that has to get worked may only really be internal.  Internal to how to how you structure your day and time and internal to how you prioritize everything that has to get done. Where you focus will lie, of course, defines a lot of this. Over the next two weeks you'll have the space and cosmic support to ferret out how you want your summer and 2nd half of 2017 to look and feel like. 

The cards give the message for this week that if we can come home, do some reprioritizing, center back in on the themes and messages from your ancestral line (physical, spiritual, and chosen ancestors) the Universe will be more free to provide us the support we actually  need for things to balance out in a healthy, harmonious way. Meaning this week focus on your own shit and making the emotional changes you need, and let the Universe sweat the small stuff. This isn't the time to get all control-freak and try to micro-manage everything and everyone around you. 

Whatever worries about the future you may at this point, it's time to make a deal with Universe. You keep your nose to the grind stone, show up, present, in your different time blocks for your various tasks and responsibilities, and thing will fall into alignment as they will. This can be a wicked powerful time for manifesting success, and setting yourself up for future success, but it's time to get the structures in place to make things easier for you and more flowing. 

Jupiter is direct now, and Neptune will be going retro on the 16th, so we're moving forward and beginning to see the bigger picture of where we're going and why it's really, actually important. This might require some emotional housekeeping around issues of our pride, we might find ourselves releasing masks we thought we needed to be success, but over all it's going to be a natural process of coming home to what you really love. 

Cards drawn

Maat- fairness

Hear the ancient ones

The World

Cleansing House

Thought of the week

All change begins at home.

All change begins at home. Click To Tweet

What does this mean for your biz?

This week should be geared toward things like:

  • Beginning your 6 mos biz review and review of your procedures and processes. Are they all actually needed?  Where can you weed out some of the "busy work" that isn't getting you ROI?
  • Tune into a higher perspective about why you are doing what you are doing to see if you get any guidance about future direction, products, and messaging for the next 6 mos.
  • Making time a space to really be present in your tasks, so you can feel into what still feels really juicy and what might need some vibe shifting.


As we look toward what clients might need more focus on, you might find they need help around:

  • The meaning of life and personal purpose.
  • How to get back in control of their lives and follow their passion, love, and good feelings.
  • How to back to spiritual and personal growth.


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Weekly Guidance: Jan. 23rd 17: Focus on balance

weekly-guidance-jan-23-17: focus on balance

Balance is the word of the week. but not in the way you might be thinking. It’s not going to be about having time enough for everything. Rather it’s going to be a time where we can get clarity on where we are putting out too much or too little, whether we are getting back too much or too little. That fundamental flow of give and take affects everything from our relationship to ourselves and our enoughness, to our relationships with our loved ones.

This week, the spirits guided me to draw “share our thoughts” and “heal the ouch”. As we move out of the shadow of this past Merc retro period, some challenges or mindset shifts might get your attention. This isn’t a signal to stop what you are doing, but rather to focus on what’s going to help you flow. Stay tuned to your inner truth and let it shine this week, even if you have to get a little courageous and vulnerable.

There is also guidance to “ride the wave” and a two of wands thrown in to remind us to find and maintain a balanced flow. We have been in a two week period where there have been no retrogrades mixing things up for us. This period is about to end, and next week we’ll see an uptick in energy and activity. But for now, we are reminded to keep our nose to the grindstone and follow through with what we know has to be done. Even if we aren’t fully committed or have our new year’s plans settled out, it’s time to keep moving. Just keep it balanced, no over-extending, no doing things yourself because it’s easier than having to explain. Balance your in-breath and your out-breath, your in-flow of energy and your out-flow of energy.

This centered state of flow should be somewhere part of the goal destination we are growing towards. You can use the first new of the year to help you release any unbalanced flows or blocks keeping you from finding that sweet spot between impassioned and productive.

This will also be a great week coming for ferreting out what you really want from the next 11 months of this new beginning. Having the next step is the most important part, but this week you might get more than a hint about where your actions and intentions might be leading you! The key right now is follow through on what you DO know!

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.


Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love. -Rumi Click To Tweet

Find true balance. Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.

Weekly Guidance: Oct 3rd: Love in action

Weekly guidance oct 3rd Love in action


On behalf of the Divine and all the guardians and guides, love, this week I ask you to not take things personally!!

This is going to be a week where we will confront a lot of shadow work revolving around our relationships and our self-worth. Depending on what blocks and strange flows you have in your reality and energy system, it might seem like a week of fighting, a week of having your value challenged, or a week where doing your normal routine of getting out there won’t seem enough. This is the Universe trying to send you a message, but it’s not a message about why you deserve to fail. Instead, it’s a message of where you need to apply copious amounts of self-love and compassion. Now that we have that cleared up, I also want to say that what will come up this week is also meant to change our thinking.

I didn’t say to rethink your commitment. We’ve worked really hard over the last two month to hone and clarify what we are committed to. Venus and Mars are going to showing us the areas that need to be brought into alignment so that our commitment to our work and higher purpose can flow even stronger. This isn’t’ a test either. It’s a week where the energies are going to give the direct consequences and result that our thinking is producing. In each moment and exchange, we have the ability to create the reality we want. It’s a matter of changing our thinking around “obstacles”.

This week, we need to heed the internal compass we have been building up over the eclipse season. This internal compass is the vision or sense of how things are supposed to feel. If reality isn’t measuring up to what you envisioned, then it’s time to change your thinking around what you are doing. If you experience this, it’s time to dig a little deeper into our expectations of ourselves and others. Quality of mind and the emotion we put behind our efforts is the real key to our manifestation. We need to be centered enough to hold our center and come from an already incredible place. We cannot wait until something or some time is more perfect. We need to keep our desired feelings in the forefront of our mind and create reality from there. The quality of our thinking defines our success, and this week will provide opportunities to see where we need to change the quality of our thinking. Use your dreams as the reference point for your internal compass.

So if this week, you get feeling a little insecure or worried. Stop. Don’t engage in triggered feelings. Instead get curious about how to shift your quality of mind, because you are most likely in a mental state isn’t going to serve you well.


Reflection for the week of Love in Action:

weekly guidance love in action are you in a quality of mind you can trust

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Weekly Guidance: August 15th: Moony blessings to all!!

Weekly guidance august 18th moony blessings flow

As I come crashing into homeplate on finishing up this post on this week’s guidance, I just want to remind everyone to enjoy the ride.

This past week’s bombardment of inspiration and high vibes has everyone acting perhaps not as the would have, if it were a week ago. We are all sensitive, in degrees, so what is coming through to one of us can affect all of us. So if it seems like the world has gotten a little more crazy, wild, or interrupted, well, it has. We have all gotten something, some kind of inspiration or impetus, to shake things up and get back to what it was that really stirred us, moved us, made us feel more alive.

It’s only going to keep coming, until after the eclipse season comes to a close at the end of September.

This week’s drawing has an interesting story. I’ve been sharing with daughter what I’ve been doing with my business and social media. When she had a friend over for the weekend I had them each draw a card from the two oracle decks I use for this reading. They both drew the same card from two completely different decks. Neither knew this was a full moon week either.  When I first wrote my notes on the reading so I could complete this post, I thought it was the more gentle side of Mama Moon that would present itself. I was wrong.

This week feels more like Artemis is on the hunt. What have we been hiding shadow, the moon will illuminate and drag out into the open. Whether we’re ready for it or not. So if ever there was any question about your devotion or commitment to something larger than yourself, this is week to get ready to take a stand. What ever you were unclear on, it’s time to dedicate time to evoking clarity and guidance, in a very intentional and conscious way.

Stand in your power, for the moon does reveal these things about us NOT to make us feel hurt, broken, or incomplete. The moon asks us the re-integrate these pieces of us, so that we can be of light more, experience more wholeness. Even if your expression of big crazy love this week is a deep tenderness while facing a painful situation.

Bring your wild big crazy dreams to light and speak them to the Universe. For the universe is listening, waiting on our firm intent to create these dreams…even if all we can do right now is the first baby step.


Weekly guidance august 18th Love is callus to rise up, rise up with even bigger love

Guidance recap:


8/18/16 weekly guidance: This will be an intense week, where we need big love to guide us to rising.

8/18/16 weekly guidance: This will be an intense week, where we need big love to guide us to rising. Click To Tweet


What that bad day really means



Today was a bad day. I can feel the pressure building in my soul. I want to shrink back down to my smaller, less aware, less responsive, less loving self. Like the Edward Gorey’s little characters from Masterpiece theater, I can feel my emotions weeping, fainting, and plotting homicide and sabotage. The balance of the tea I just made myself isn’t quite right, my back hurts, and I’ve received news today that a very tough choice had finally been made. I’ve been working on my vibration, myself, tuning deeply to my soul for a month now, an intensive class of getting straight with myself and my life. And yet, I’m still experiencing bad days and challenging moments. I still have thoughts about running away from it all to an even more secluded cabin high on an even higher mountain (I live in a house in the woods on a mountain already).

But soul knows that’s not really true, none of it really. Soul knows I’m seeking comfort and that I’m afraid. Soul is like “Girl, you are such a drama queen! Now you’re just making shit up to be cranky about!

Being in clear and flowing connection to Divine, Spirit, and Soul doesn’t mean that things become “perfect” (whatever that is), it only puts us further in touch with who we are and what we’re meant to do in this life. To dig a bit deeper here, is also puts us in touch with who we were always meant to be. So that thing you think you are resisting and can stop your becoming process over. You can’t. You are already on the path, it is already a part of you. And where we start in the process isn’t always the best place, but this present moment is all you have. This is the only moment and place from which you can being to choose and build something different. It is not a bad day, it never was. It has just been a day where I am out of alignment, in fear, of who I am and who I am supposed to be.

We are so all so obsessed, each in our own ways, with progress, success, attainment, having and getting that we forget very easily that we never truly “own” anything. Not our circumstances, not our families, not our love, or even our passion. We only choose it in each and breath. We cannot lose what we never really owned, we can only lose our ideas about it and our judgments about it. Home can be wherever you are. Family can be together even they are not physically together. Your business and reputation can be rebuilt. We aren’t even guaranteed our next breath. We can only choose to love or choose to stay in pain. We can also love when we are in pain.

The Soul discomfort we experience on a bad day is a blessing in that it shows us where are out of alignment with Divine Love. It shows us where we need to dial up the volume on self compassion and love, and our deepest soul desires.That ruffle of doubt, fear, and the like, they aren’t signals to shrink. They are signals to expand, in love, in our sense of self, our very essence. They are they signals that are telling us to start digging deeper, dreaming bigger dreams for ourselves and our lives, and come into an understanding that we are yet more than we ever dared hope or dream.

How will you use these “discontent” feelings to plant some new seeds in your soul garden to nurture? 

Is your Devotion and Practice joyful?

love is sustained by devotion

Devotion hadn’t been something I ever felt comfortable with. I’ve always thought of myself as free spirit. And devotion felt like an imposed structure. It felt blind, rigid, and stressful. It also felt like something I would do when I was on some kind of high, but probably wouldn’t make a whole bunch of sense or use a month later.

When I was coming out of my last maelstrom of life challenges and changes, I thought my biggest lesson would be finding my true self. I followed the signs I had asked the Universe for and found two programs I decided to invest in. Coming off the coattails of losing a dear friend, fellow light worker, and mentor to cancer, I knew I needed a lot of love and space to sort through the layers of grief I had begun to release.

The lesson that first assaulted my senses from the cumulative lessons pointed to how disconnected I had become from Source. Even in that state, I was still receiving guidance, psychic hits, and deep knowings. One can never be truly disconnected from the matrix and energy field of Source. But what I had begun to realize was just how many  mountains I was trying to move all on my own, just how large the chunk of guilt and shame were that I was trying to shoulder without help. I had gotten to the point where I didn’t want help. There didn’t seem to be a way I would accept it. I didn’t want others mucking around with things they couldn’t understand the depth of. I didn’t want to taint others with the level of heavy darkness I was carrying around.

Looking at it from I know now, I can say, WOW, that was true devotion!!

But it was totally the wrong kind of devotion. And it was utterly pointless of me to become my own scapegoat. All that weight served no one and nothing. It didn’t make people like me more. It didn’t make more acceptable. It didn’t even please them! The people around me even had the gall to complain I wasn’t my happy old self!!! Imagine that!  😉

So, when I finally saw what was happening, like any logical person, I stopped doing that. That carrying around of shit really sucked. I have now spent almost two months scraping the layers away, letting all the emotions and beliefs roll off my shoulders. With the help of frequent hot tubbing, a neck shiatsu massager I got for Christmas, and a gallon of Valor essential oil, I thought….(hahaha, no mind doesn’t speak that way) guidance niggled it’s way into my heart and soul that all this self care, all this centering into self and Soul Self, this was my highest calling.

This was my true devotion and practice.


I had recently been sooo devoted to being the one in the “Wrong”, so that others could feel good. Why wouldn’t it work, or be less truthful, for me be devoted to feeling the highest vibration of self I could, so that others could feel good…and me too.

How had it taken me all these years and stresses and worries to really realize, that my devotion and practice needed to come before ALL else. It’s the root of my work, my parenting, my relationships, my sense of vitality, willingness, value, and my joy. By committing to centering and raising my own vibe, I was committing to my own joy.

And I’m sure sitting here reading this, you aren’t on verge of tears like I am. Perhaps it was a “you had to be there moment”.

But, for at least this period in my life, I caught a genuine glimpse of what joyful devotion is.

It’s as clear as the question Eddy Izzard poses in one of his classic comedy skits, “Cake…or death?”

Well, DUH, I’m going to be in JOY!!!!

There is no real decision to make. There is only the continual practice and devotion to practice the embodiment of ME! Whether that takes the form of a physical practice, like yoga or za zen sitting, or if it means curling up in bed on a snow day, bears no consequence. Once a day for 45 min or continually through out the day doesn’t matter in the long run either. It is the commitment to practice, to practice embodying my Soul Essence that matters. It is the joyful willingness to keep saying YES to the present moment of ME that is the true devotion.

And from ME, that sacred and infinite center, all else will also come. And it will be joyful!

How will you cultivate and practice Joyful Devotion toward your life?

How to keep holiday goals while still keeping holiday spirit


This year Super Secret Powers is part of a Holiday Wellness Challenge, and so I want to give my spin on advice for keeping high vibe holiday goals. We all want the good life, where we look great, feel great, have an abundant bank account with funding for a spectacular holiday display, and to find ways to capture all the holiday magic and good cheer of this time of year. Those are admirable goals. But normally the human mind resists the kind of change need to make it all happen, especially in the beginning. It’s resists even more so when we are in stress, rush, and desperation states. We often experience these in the pursuit of a “perfect” holiday, where we are tempted with sugary goodness, sales galore, and last minutes gifts and parties. So before we plow ahead into this month’s wellness challenge, let’s take the discussion about goal setting and expectations a little deeper.

Soul level realization: We are never really searching for or aiming for the goal the goal that we set, nor the steps we will take. We are aiming to reach solve the big “why” behind our goals.


Example: I want to lose weight because _____________________


Soul reasoning: Everything after “because” in the sentence above is something you find challenging or problematic. Our goals can be thought of as solutions, rather than simple achievements. Often we stop at only one or two solutions to our problem, as more than this seems complicated or harder to keep up with. Experts tells us that when looking to change our habits we should only work on 1-3 habits at a time. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. That can be 21 days of hell or 21 days of growth depending on your mind set.

You’re why is a thousand times more important than any single step or solution. It will never really be about loving healthy food or your exercise routine, if you aren’t really inclined to like that sort of thing naturally. Sure you will find things you like within the habits you are building, but it’s your big why that is going to give you the fuel and motivation that you need to push through and stick to it.

Get in touch with your WHY now!!

Using our weight loss example, here are some common big WHYs someone might identify with:

“I want to be more healthy.”

“I want to feel good about myself.”

“So I can keep up with the kids.”

“To give myself and my family the best life I can.”

“I hate being sick over the holidays.”

First of all, if your why’s don’t make you cry, well up, feel waves of peace, waves of release,  or something meaningful from the sheer awesomeness of what is before you, then you need consider your why. You need to let your why guide you as to what solution route you are going to take. If you want lose weight to keep up with the kids, it might be a good idea to go and do with the kids. Going to the gym alone might eat away at your big why. If weighing in at a weight loss program doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, why are you doing something that might go against your big WHY? Living from our way is going to empower everything you seek to change about your life.

It’s going to be extra powerful because it’s inline with you, it’s inline with your soul, your real needs, and your feelings! It’s going to raise your vibration and change the way you think about self improvement. You will love what you’re doing because you will know it is the right thing to do, beyond exercise endorphins, beyond juicing highs.  It will have a soul-deep resonance that will carry you forward.

What big why that is going to put the jingle in your holidays and holiday goals this year?


If you haven’t signed up yet, you can join the holiday challenge here

If you want to focus more on holiday and life plans and goals you can join my Desire Mapping Book Club here

The balance of receiving abundance

borrowed from http://heyamberrae.com/post/62077719480/flowwhen-you-are-completely-and-utterly-absorbed
borrowed from http://heyamberrae.com/post/62077719480/flowwhen-you-are-completely-and-utterly-absorbed

I had always thought abundance was a flow or force, something that simply comes into your life. But I recently stumbled on the idea that receiving abundance is more about keeping the equilibrium of giving and taking. I’ve been doing a lot of self-work this past month. I’m trying to recover from a summer than just absolutely rocked me from my core and challenged every dream and idea I had about my life. In a total effort to stop the madness, I stopped trying to give and I stopped trying recieve. I just wanted to be. I knew the heart pain would take it’s course. Nothing last forever. But I finally came up for air, around the time preceding the last set of eclipses, I was so bone dry empty I didn’t know where to begin.

Feeling like I was starting at square one, I retook the reigns of my push and pull energy and felt out where they were going. Not only did I need to reestablish a sense of security. I literally had to find the faith to open up again a little at a time. I had to receive again. Not spiritual wise. Those connections are hard wired. I’ve received the wisest wisdom in my darkest of times. But I needed to open to the world around me, the people, the activities, the potentials again.

I’ve always had trouble around receiving back from what I put out, because usually what I put out doesn’t feel like I gave anything. If I barely noticed I gave anything but some time, I could bare it, right? A month into opening to this new alignment I know I was only hurting myself by not receiving back. I’ve usually felt I had to be the rock for others in order to receive love, to do more, to feel more for them. Because what I have out of pure abundant giving couldn’t be enough, right? I’ve got lots of static around receiving, so I brought up a youtube meditation to get some flow and clarity around that state.

What I remembered, (because I’ve been in flow and abundance before, and I bet you have too) was that receiving had little to do with my own self worth or non-worth.  I could feel completely unworthy and still be part of the living web of energy and life around me. That life flow was still going to include me in it. And the other funny thing about receiving and abundance is that from the state calm okay, there is little difference between giving and getting, it’s in equilibrium. If I stop the flow to stop receiving, I stop giving too. Pride and ego may throw a bit of fit at the thought of getting back, but I know it will happen anyway because nature seeks to fill the void. Water and energy travels the paths of least resistance…to the empty places where there is no resistance. It seeks to fill.

Here’s what I listened to, hope it helps another: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6PZqX1mA74


Where are your hollows and depressions? What needs a good fill up in your life?

Ready, set, comment!!

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