Soul Attuning Session for Empaths and Intuitives

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I’m Lindsay a soul relationship whisperer. Often my clients really need some soul mindset work and relationship building in order to work effectively… READ MORE


Soul attunement sessionHi Gorgeous Soul!!

You know you have gifts like Empath and Intuition for a reason, right? You want to serve the greater good, bring more light and love into the world, but maybe life has left you feeling….

  • Like you’ve lost a piece of yourself or disconnected from the essential you.
  • Overwhelmed, discouraged, or like giving up because it seems hard, too big, or too far away to get really motivated over.
  • Stuck or at an impasse with guidance, your dreams, what you feel you should be doing, that you don’t even know what can change to bring flow back.
  • Am I even on the right path?
Let me be real with you for a moment.
We were all born empathic and Intuitive. It’s our natural state of being. 
But over time on this physical plane we have come to seek our wholeness and sense of power and connection through external things.
 The power, peace, and true clarity you are seeking does not come from a tarot deck, an ancient ritual, a daily practice, yoga, another certification in this, that, or the other healing technique. It’s not in sacred herbs, crystals, a special secret teaching, or even further developing or opening your spiritual gifts.  It doesn’t come from the paranormal or spiritual experience you might have had. Nor do the answers lie in bullying yourself to “get real” or more serious. It’s not about being “too sensitive” and needing to grow a “thicker skin”. Those thoughts are fear or pain based, and know nothing of Divine Truth. Pain and fear only create and attract more pain and fear.


The answer you are seeking is YOU!!

You are already perfect and Divine in your becoming!


grouding is manifestation: the universe is responding to who you think you are

The thing is you might be disconnected from your soul self.

When this disconnect is new or just beginning, you can experience:

  • Disconnected or out of sync from those around you.
  • A little lost in the manifesting of your dreams, visions, and mission.
  • Procrastination on things you know should be a priority.
  • Self-sabotage and self doubt begins to creep in.
  • Begin to feel a little blocked, cloudy, or fuzzy with your intuition and guidance.

As time goes on, if left unresolved this disconnect can cause you to experience:

  • Feel blocked, cursed, under a spell, like a black cloud follows you everywhere, or that you simply weren’t meant for happiness.
  • Struggle with your gifts, they could feel like a burden or curse, or they don’t seem like they are useful. You might even be afraid of what you see, hear, know, sense, or experience.
  • Delay in getting your hopes, dreams, and plans off the ground and flowing in the right direction.
  • Needing to withdraw from social situations more and more because of feelings of fatigue and overwhelm.
  • Get caught in cycles of Stress and negativity, of overwhelm, burn out, and dark nights of the soul.


The longer you remain disconnected, overwhelmed, and un-centered on Soul, the harder it will be to believe that anything can change, that you can change.

Life will feel bad or hard, leaving you feeling even more blue, out of energy, out of sorts.

This state will delaying your dreams, make your manifestations go askew, and keep you from happiness.


 But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We weren’t meant to suffer or feel victimized by our gifts.


I am here to help!

In our 90 minute session we’ll explore what soul relationship blocks might need a make-over! 

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I’m Lindsay a soul relationship whisperer and attunement facilitator. One of my special talents is grounding high vibe energies into this plane so that others can more easily attune to and tap into them. Often my clients really need some soul mindset work and relationship building in order to work effectively (aka: no negativity drain, consistent connection with Soul and Source, working from a place of energy and love) with their gifts and really step into their soul purpose. This session will delve deeply into the blocks that are currently troubling you the most.
At the end of our session together, I promise you will feel clearer, more centered, and more in-tune with the Divine, your intuition, and your .

The types of soul relationship blocks and work we can explore are:

  • The root of your karmic, limiting, and fear-based beliefs about your value and self-worth as lightworker, healer, and change-bringer, you can see where you have left yourself under-powered, under-valued, and self-sabotaged.
  • Work on Soul-body integration for lasting transformation.
  • Tuning in, on a deep level, to your soul purpose and mission.
  • Blocks on manifesting your hopes, dreams, and vision for your life.
  • Go beyond basic grounding and centering to empower your soul connection on a daily basis.
  • Attachments to past struggle/pain/fear patterns that keep you from acting on guidance, light, and love.
  • The difference between the ego voice and the Soul voice, so you can begin to hear Divine wisdom more clearly and accurately. Knowledge is power, the better you understand this one simple lesson, the easier your gifts and your life with gifts becomes.
I offer a judgment-free, safe space and a grounded, bs-free attitude. With over 10 years experience with psychic readings, facilitating soul-level shifts and a life coach, I offer a unique, high vibe, spiritual tools and practical help and support for your soul relationship make-over. 

This session is NOT for those souls who:

  • Are happy to keep complaining about their situation, rather than find new solutions/guidance/mindset and lasting change. Venting or blowing off steam is one thing, and expected. But at some point drama just gets in the way of peace.
  • Are seeking someone else to “fix” you or make something better, this session will put you in touch your innate soul-level guidance
  • Can never seem to find the PERFECT spiritual guru, teacher, or reader. I am not perfect. I am Divinely human, I come with quirks, a sense of humor, and a big heart. But I do have edges and boundaries that I expect my soulmate clients to respect. My soulmate clients and I end up falling in love with each other, acceptance and respect goes both ways in this relationship!
  • Love to blame anyone or anything else for how you feel or how you live your life and how you feel. If you are seeking to break this pattern, this IS for you. But if you are happy with this pattern in your life, this session is NOT for you.
  • Are seeking to develop or expand their abilities without doing the internal self and soul work.

This session is truly for YOU, an amazing soul, ready to receive the clarity you need in order to begin further owning to your brilliant light and Soul relationship.

It would be my honor to help you!


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